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Studies have shown that weighing in daily significantly improves weight loss results and it helps prevent weight regain over the long term. Ita€™s a great tool to help visualize your progress, but a new study once again brings up the question of whether ita€™s more helpful to weigh yourself daily verses weekly. The researchers wanted to see if the feedback from the scale alone would effect results so they did not tell people how to diet or educate them on the biology of weight loss.
I have found over the years that most people do not understand the impact water weight has on the scale each day. My theory on why women do not benefit from daily weigh-ins as much as men is because they tend to be more susceptible to water weight gains, and the accompanying frustration of an unexpected jump on the scale causes them to think, a€?screw it anyway.a€? They then abandon their weight loss regimen for the day and and significantly sabotage their progress. So if this new study shows that it doesna€™t work as well for women and my own experience confirms it, why do I still think ita€™s a great strategy for everyone?
Generally people come to me when theya€™re ready to start losing weight which is why I have to be more sensitive with my recommendations about daily weigh-ins, but in general, I recommend the average person to start daily weigh-ins before they actually start theya€™re weight loss plan. I strongly recommend the app Happy Scales which allows you to weigh daily and see your moving average weight loss. A study undertaken at the University of California has revealed that losing weight could help improve cholesterol levels amongst a number of other benefits too. This study looked at how diets such as the Mediterranean Diet that uses a lot of healthy fats could help with weight loss, as well as its other benefits. Over the course of the one-year study, overweight and obese women were randomly placed into one of three groups.
At the conclusion of the study it was shown that all three groups saw a similar amount of weight loss.
Those who ate the diet rich in walnuts saw the biggest improvement in their cholesterol levels, with a noticeable reduction in lipoprotein (LDL) or bad cholesterol. It was suggested that those on the walnut diet saw these changes due to the polyunsaturated fatty acids that were consumed.
Those in the high fat and low carb group saw fewer benefits, which was claimed to be because they consumed monounsaturated fats instead.
Forget the Scales, Focus on Visceral Fat InsteadWith latest obesity figures from the NHS showing that 1 .. Clean Eating for Weight Loss and other Health BenefitsYou have likely heard the phrase “clean eating” plenty .. Stomach Botox Injections for Weight LossWhen you think about Botox you will probably think of .. Improve Your Eyesight Naturally  Discover this Rebuild Your Vision Naturally Program, a step-by-step guide to improve your vision. Of course when vision is improved, the quality of daily life increases, and, depression decreases. Seniors dread vision diseases, such as, age related macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma. Silverstone goes on to note that “vision impairment has been identified as a precursor of lowered morale and reduced self-esteem. Eye Drops: All natural and non-toxic, these different kinds of eye drops relieve a range of visual symptoms, including relief from dry or watery eyes, blurry vision, allergy eyes, computer eyestrain.
Announcement: 3 Ways to Easily Improve Vision NaturallyToday we are constantly using our eyes to stare at screens, big screens, small screens, even teeny screens. In an effort to improve existing hearing impairment, it's important to understand how hearing loss is caused, and steps one can take to prevent further damage to these sensitive organs. Conductive Hearing Loss is related to damage within the ear canal, the tympanic membrane (eardrum), or the middle ear and is considered highly treatable.
When hearing impairment stems from problems within the inner ear, this is considered Sensorineural Hearing loss and is often due to nerve-related damage. The name says it all; Mixed Hearing Loss occurs when there is damage to both the inner and outer ear and an individual experiences symptoms of both Conductive and Sensorineural impairment. While we can't control the genetic hand we are dealt (yet) there are handful of non-heredity-based causes of hearing loss that we are able to avoid.
Avoiding early onset of hearing loss can bode well for preventing further deterioration as people age. There are a handful of signs to look out for when exposed to loud noises to determine the potential for incurred hearing loss. Certain drugs, both prescription and over the counter, have actually shown to cause damage to the ear and should be avoided when possible.
While not all forms of hearing impairment are 100% treatable, there are many options available to ease the inconvenience of the day-to-day. For example, rearranging a space to ensure that you are sitting close to those you are holding conversations with, or limiting the amount of background noise emitted by TVs, air conditioners, etc.
Hearing Assistive Technology can also be an integral addition to the life of the hearing impaired. On a more basic level, keeping the ears free from foreign objects or earwax can help ensure that sound has a clearer pathway with which to pass through.
Conversely, cochlear implants, are a common form of treatment for more advanced situations of hearing loss. Newer to the market, the Hearing Loss Pill provides users with a revolutionary approach to improve hearing. It has been proven in studies that some exercises improves blood flow to the brain, which in turn improves your cognitive abilities, among them your ability to hear better. In general, it has been shown that obesity is linked to hearing loss, especially among women.
Ia€™ve personally found that daily weigh-ins help me stay more focused and disciplined throughout the week versus weighing in weekly, but Ia€™ve also had clients that get so anxious about daily weigh-ins that it causes them to spin out and comfort eat to manage the stress. Tracking those results on a visual graph allows people to quickly see positive or negative trends and make corrections quickly when needed. They left it entirely up to the individual participants to decide how they would lose the weight.
As I mentioned in a previous article, dona€™t live and die by the scale because losing fat is a long slow process but changes to your sugar and salt intake can really effect the amount of water you retain or excrete each day.

My theory is anecdotal at best, but Ia€™ve seen it plenty of times before and my guess is that many people reading this have felt that same frustration a time or two. A jump from water weight hurts more weekly: While this is basically saying point number one in reverse, ita€™s significant enough to explain. Ita€™s harder to course correct: As Ia€™ve mentioned before, your body does not like losing weight and will use all kinds of subconscious tricks to prevent fat loss.
It still works: Even though the study found that it worked better for men, it still helped women lose weight and keep it off over the course of two years. Buy a bathroom scale and step on it first thing in the morning so that you get consistent readings every day. This study has shown that diets such as the Mediterranean Diet can help not only with your weight loss efforts, but your overall health too.
Either we are nearing this age, or, we are taking care of someone who has reached that age.
Fish contain omega-3 fatty acids that may help reduce the risk of vision loss related to macular degeneration.
According to the National Institute of Health, significant hearing loss occurs in 12% of Americans and can result from a variety of reasons and in varying degrees of severity. There are three main types of hearing loss, which can all be contracted over time, or occur congenitally: Conductive Hearing Loss, Sensorineural Hearing Loss, and Mixed Hearing Loss.
This occurs when sound is not able to pass correctly through the outer ear, or the tiny bones within the middle ear (ossicles) and thus cannot be registered as sound by the brain.
Treatment options for Sensorineural Hearing Loss depend on the cause and can vary in success rate.
Noise-induced hearing loss is highly preventable and what most people don't understand is that minimum exposure can cause lasting effects. When the tiny hairs within the ear are exposed to loud noise they can become damaged, and unfortunately once the damage is done, it cannot be reversed. It's no secret that today's youth is often seen (and heard) blasting music through ear buds at higher-than-necessary volumes. When exposed to a loud noise, if you experience ringing in the ears (an indication that hair cells have been damaged) or it takes hours for your hearing ability to reach a normal level again then your ears are letting you know the volume exceeds a safe decibel-level. Certain professions (like musician or construction worker) put people at risk on a daily basis. Known as Ototoxic Drugs, these medications contain ingredients that have proved harmful to the nerves within the ear and often times the resulted hearing loss is accompanied by tinnitus. Once diagnosed, individuals can start to adjust their habits and environments to ensure that communication and daily routines remain as streamlined as possible. These systems can be used in conjunction with other treatment options to assist in separating out the sounds one wishes to hear.
To avoid perforating the eardrum, always seek help from a medical professional when attempting to remove an obvious blockage. Since choosing the right hearing aid can be a daunting task, it's best to research reviews of hearing aid brands before settling on a specific type.
Often referred to as bionic ears2, cochlear implants act as a part of the ear itself and can help those who are profoundly deaf to understand and differentiate between conversation and other sounds within the environment. The science behind the pill allows for the undamaged hair cells within the ear to process greater sound information, thus compensating for the non functioning damaged cells.
The Hearing Loss Pill is a combination of nutrients designed to help protect and optimize the undamaged nerves. The truth is that most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, they dona€™t get ANY results.
Aerobic exercises are therefore the key here as they will have the desired effect on your blood flow and offer you the intended hearing benefits. Some variants of yoga are perfectly suited to helping victims of hearing loss recover their hearing once more. It therefore goes without saying that any workout that will raise you from this dark psychological state will also most likely help with your hearing problem, if you are afflicted with such.
Doing the nuance workouts that will help you improve your hearing requires some specialist knowledge.
In particular, exercise has been shown to deal with the problems normally responsible for hearing loss, for instance, strained blood flow to the brain, obesity, depression, and so forth. While body weight isna€™t a perfect measure of body fat percentage, it is one of the easiest ways to track your trends (whether positive or negative) over time. For those lolo users that dona€™t know, you already have a free weight tracking graph as part of your lolo Connect account.
Weighing in daily did help both women and men lose weight and keep it off for 2 years, but the men were able to lose much more weight. Water alone can cause your weight to shift 5 to 10 pounds in one day, and while an unexpected jump on the scale can be discouraging, Ia€™ve found the psychological impact of that jump is lessoned significantly when my clients finally understood that they would have to eat an additional 3500 calories in one day to gain one pound of fat. Whether ita€™s stepping on a scale or a fireman helping at a grisly car crash (sorry for the gross example), the more we are exposed to something, the less it will impact us emotionally. If you just weigh-in weekly, you may miss out on some daily rewards and affirmations when the scale drops each day. Subconscious snacking and subconsciously increasing your portion size to compensate for calories burned during exercise are too common problems that stifle progress. This leads to tired eyes, dry eyes (because when we stare at the screen, we stop blinking) and other eye problems. While some individuals are born with a level of hearing impairment, there are copious triggers that we are exposed to on a daily basis which can cause different levels of deafness over time.
Injuries resulting from noise-related trauma, an explosion for example, have shown to be responsive to medical therapy like coticosteroids which help to relieve swelling and inflammation of the cochlea hair cells. When seeking treatment, medical professionals recommend attending to the Conductive Hearing Loss first as and attempts to repair inner ear damage may be moot if damage to the outer ear prevents sound from passing through successfully. The assault to the nerves experienced through noise exposure can stem from repeated exposure or sudden, and exceptionally loud, sounds.
Studies show that increase in hearing loss in adolescents can be tied to the use (and abuse) of earbuds among teens.1 Rule of thumb is that if others can hear the music escaping from your earbuds, the volume is too loud and damage to the nerves within the ear is underway.

Additionally, if the sound hurts your ears, or you feel the need to raise your voice for someone nearby to hear you, then you know it's too loud and your at risk for developing hearing damage. In these situations the best approach is to wear some form of protection; there are different types of ear plugs for varying situations that can help reduce the risk of hearing loss. Recognizing which medications could cause potential harm can help you to avoid putting your self at unnecessary risk. Emphasizing the other person's face with proper lighting can also help with lip-reading and gaining further context through their facial expressions.
The science behind hearing aids is in the name; while they do not actually heal the nerve damage within the ear, they do amplify the sound to assist the ear in processing the information. There is no harm associated with combining the use of Hearing Aids with The Hearing Loss Pill. So, if you happen to be one of the many people who are facing hearing problems, doing regular exercises should be one of the most effective ways to put a stop to your problem and improve your hearing capabilities.
The workouts were shown to work even on people older than 50, which means they should also be great for younger hearing loss sufferers. For instance, a yoga exercise called yawning, which combines a mantra with breathing exercise, can improve your hearing over time with just 2 to 3 minutes of workout a day. Still, being able to do activities that slowly get down your weight to healthy levels is a good way to improve your hearing.
This is why you should work with a personal trainer so that you do the exercises right and accomplish the desired physical changes that will benefit your hearing.
Any weight change you record in any lolo app is automatically synced to your weight tracking graph that you can view in your lolo Connect account. The researchers did not really have any theories on why it worked better for men than women, but I have a theory based on the studies design and my experience training men and women over the years. Ia€™ve dealt with many clients that said they cana€™t stand weighing in daily because it makes them anxious.
Worse yet, you may just happen to have a sudden water weight spike on weigh-in day that effectively negates all the actual progress you had during the week. It often doesna€™t take much more than simple awareness to fix these problems, but weighing in weekly spreads out the likelihood of discovering this problem. Ita€™s a survival mechanism to help you restore body weight after an unexpected loss (like from an illness), so ita€™s important to keep an eye on your trends to make sure your hard won weight loss isna€™t slowly slipping away.
Maybe youa€™re the type that has wild swings in water weight each day, and maybe you see the same number each day. Understanding how to limit our exposure to these harmful elements can prevent the inevitable assault on the nerve endings within the ear, and thus prevent temporary or even permanent damage from occurring. Success rates vary, however, when attempting surgical treatment for more extreme cases caused by trauma to the head, or abrupt pressure changes which may cause the inner ear to rupture. Damage caused early on in life makes people that much more susceptible to hearing impairment later in life. Another example is to limit interactions to rooms with carpeted floors, as tiles and hard walls tend to echo the voices and it can be more difficult to process the sounds.
The American Disabilities Act3 now requires that most public venues provide some form of Hearing Assistive Technology to ensure that the hearing disabled can successfully participate in society.
The testimonials you see on this web site are some of our better results and are not typical. Below are some benefits exercise will give you when it comes to stopping and reversing hearing problems. Some yoga exercises can even be used to deal with acute pain if your hearing problem is accompanied by such a problem as well. This is why getting into a fitness regimen that will help you burn off the excess fat is a good way to improve your hearing because odds are that your weight is also taking a toll on your hearing. Nevertheless, it is better to consult with a personal trainer all the way in order to get the full benefits of these workouts have to offer to hearing loss victims. When I see that theya€™re truly ready to lose weight, I talk them into weighing daily for just a month.
Ia€™ve had clients that were so frustrated to have lost only one pound one week and then elated to lose 6 pounds the next week. At the very least, daily weigh-ins have also been shown as a great weigh to prevent weight gain (not just regain). These small steps can ease frustration as one struggles to accept that hearing impairment is now a reality. They stuck to the dose as directed and maintained a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet alongside it. That kind of variation points to water weight, but like I said, weekly weigh-ins tend to carry a bit more emotional weight and I can see how much a low drop in weight causes people to put less effort into their diet and exercise plan compared to the boost they get throughout the week from a a€?gooda€? reading on the scale. Take a little time to get to know your own physiology and most importantly, give yourself time to become numb to the number on the scale.
This is when I prepare them with the reality that theya€™re just shedding water right now and prepare them to not freak out when some water comes back. We caught up with the Aerial Productions team as they filmed the Texas School for the Deaf from the air. We typically have a few emotional days here and there with an unexpected bounce back, but rarely do any of them switch back to weekly weigh-ins once the month is up. If youa€™re the type that can be motivated or demotivated by a scale reading, people suggest moving your weigh-ins to weekly, but Ia€™ve found that you just carry a negative impact with you for more days that way. It also takes 21 days to form a new habit, so just getting into the habit of doing daily weigh-ins removes a great deal of the emotion people assign to the scale.

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