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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Revitive IX Class B medical device designed to improve blood circulation in the lower legs and feet. The IsoRocker allows the REVITIVE IX to gently ‘rock’ back and forth allowing natural ankle movement to replicate heel toe raises. WidePulse waveforms are our latest breakthrough in circulation technology which results in a more comfortable feeling stimulation. The Revitive Circulation Booster should not be used by persons who are pregnant, fitted with a pacemaker or AICD, or being treated for or have the symptoms of a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Natural Health SolutionsHave you noticed that your fingernails grow more quickly than your toenails? Your upper extremities are closer to the pumping power of your heart than your lower extremities are, so your arms and hands enjoy better overall blood circulation than your legs and feet do. This tidbit on human anatomy and physiology illustrates how important your blood circulation is to the health of all of your cells. Since your lower extremities generally do not enjoy the same level of blood perfusion that the rest of your body does, it stands to reason that your thighs, legs, and feet can use all of the extra help that you can provide through your food and lifestyle choices to promote strong and steady blood circulation.
Why should you be concerned with promoting healthy blood circulation throughout your lower extremities? Prevent restless leg syndrome, which involves experiencing unpleasant sensations like itchiness and burning in your legs, which can create an uncontrollable urge to thrash your legs around while you're resting.
Promote quick healing of wounds and injuries, from cuts to sprained ankles and fractured bones.
One of the best therapies that you can use to promote optimal blood flow throughout your legs and feet is acupressure, which involves applying deep and steady pressure to specific locations. The key to using acupressure to promote healthy blood circulation in your lower extremities is to know the locations of the major arteries that supply fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients to your pelvic, thigh, leg, and foot regions. From your heart, blood pumps down toward your lower extremities via your aorta, which becomes your abdominal aorta, which turns into your common iliac arteries (near the top of your pelvic region), which give rise to your external iliac arteries (near the middle portion of your pelvic region), which give rise to your femoral arteries. Your femoral arteries (one in each leg) give rise to all of the arteries that supply fresh blood to every region of your lower extremities.
SP-12 is in your pelvic region in the center of the crease where your thigh joins your trunk. In the soft, fleshy area found behind each of your knees, your femoral artery becomes your popliteal artery. BL-40 is in the center of the soft, fleshy area at the back of your knee, right in the crease of your knee joint. One way of ensuring that you locate BL-40 is to start by applying pressure along the middle portion of your calf muscle and then run straight up to the back of your popliteal fossa.
From the back of your knee joint, your popliteal artery gives rise to your anterior tibial artery, which travels down the front part of your leg in the muscles associated with your shins (when these muscles are inflamed, this condition is referred to as shin splints). ST-36 is located approximately four finger widths below the bottom border of your kneecap, one finger width outside of your shin bone (tibia).
Also from the back of your knee joint, your popliteal artery gives rise to your posterior tibial artery, which travels down the back of your leg and supplies fresh blood to most of the tissues in the posterior compartment of your leg and ultimately the bottom of your foot.

SP-6 is located approximately three finger widths above your inner ankle bone, in a tender-to-applied-pressure region of your lower calf muscle, just behind your main shin bone (tibia). In your ankle region, your anterior and posterior tibial arteries come together to form a network of smaller arteries that supply fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients to your feet. LR-3 is located in the soft, fleshy area that is between your big and second toes - run your finger up this region toward your ankle until just before you can't go another further because you have run into bones (your first and second metatarsals). If you decide to use the acupressure points listed above to promote healthy blood circulation throughout your lower extremities, please be sure to first receive permission from your primary health care provider, as there are some health conditions that contraindicate the use of acupressure in certain areas of your body. As always Dr Ben,I found this to be a very helpfull and interesting view of the essentials of effective circulation of the extremities,very usefull for us older versions (70 years). All opinions on the causes are very vague in western medicine, the very mechanism is not understood and I hoped that your background would have a refreshingly different take on the subject.
I feel that it is associated with low circulation rates in older people, (lower still when asleep) but it appears to be a neurological reaction to an unacceptable temporary physical condition. I archive all your emails to refer to, as I believe they are timeless knowledge presented with great care.
I am 67 and I have periodically meditated for relaxation for several years for 30-45 minutes at a time; however, I noticed lately that my legs fall asleep, it seems I am experiencing a lack of blood circulation at lower extremities. If you find that mobility work isn't helpful, I would suggest being evaluated by a physician, as you want to be sure that there aren't any issues developing with your blood vessels or nerves.
Morrison Vein Institute is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live Do you have varicose or spider veins?
Varicose veins can develop due to various reasons such as pregnancy, lack of exercise, long standing positions and obesity. Elevating the legs can help improve the blood circulation in your legs which can help improve the varicose veins condition. Varicose veins condition tends to deteriorate due to overweight, so it is essential to watch your weight and reduce if it goes above healthy levels.
Try to reduce salt in your diet as it will help in preventing the swelling caused due to water retention in the body.
You can apply apple cider vinegar to your varicose veins at least twice a day, every morning and night to treat the problem. This helps in shrinking the veins to their original size, thereby relieving you from pain and discomfort.
Warm water enema is also one of the most effective home remedies for treating varicose veins. With its graduated compression design,  it can effectively reduce edema, tighten skin, improve blood circulation in the legs, eliminate fatigue and prevent varicose veins thus giving you nice, lean and beautiful legs.
Light compression strength 8-15mmHg is suitable and safe for almost anyone to wear for long duration comfortably.
Short Description+MD graduated compression fashion socks shape and de?ne the contour of your legs while providing a fashionable compliment to your wardrobe. If you are one of the thousands of people who experience poor circulation resulting in swollen ankles, cold feet or aching legs, then Revitive Circulation Booster may be the health tool for you! It uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to stimulate the muscles in your legs and feet through two large footpads.
I personaly have attempted to keep this aspect functional using exersizes fairly regularily through my life (squats, calf raises, touch-toes etc) but I am keen to adopt your ideas also.

I sit in the floor and place pillow-pad but since I am becoming aware of this I cannot meditate very well any more worried legs will go to sleep.
If you do, you most likely have questions about exercise and varicose veins.Varicose veins are caused by a lack of circulation in the veins, resulting in pressure that causes the veins to bulge and look cord-like. This condition can be treated through various treatment methods including simple home remedies. Try to lie down on the bed and raise your legs towards the wall for about 10-15 minutes and then repeat it again to increase the blood flow in your legs.
You must check your diet as well and try to eat healthy food and reduce fatty and oily food. Ensure to change your position frequently so that it can encourage the blood flow in your body, especially legs. If you like walking, then make sure you walk appropriate number of miles to improve the varicose veins condition. The muscle pumping action immediately increases blood flow, thereby providing fast acting relief from aches, pains and swelling. The information on this website is not intended as personalized medical advice and is not intended to replace the relationship that you have with your primary care provider.
Exercising helps to improve the circulation in your legs and arm, stimulate blood flow, and build strength - while also reducing pain and discomfort.A  Diseased veins are most commonly associated with prolonged sitting or standing, hereditary factors, and pregnancy. Due to some problem, when the veins weaken, instead of carrying the poor blood to your heart, they tend to flow back causing congestion. Home remedies does not cause any harmful side effects unlike several other ways of treatment. You may want to consult your doctor to recommend you suitable activities for you depending upon the condition of the varicose veins.
Any decisions you make with regard to your daily choices and medical treatments should be made with the help of a qualified health care provider. However, even if you are at high risk for vein disease, there are principles you can follow to help maintain healthy veins. Though this problem can occur in any part of the body, it is mostly susceptible in the legs. Can be used at the same time as using your Revitive IX on your feet or separately as required. Sometimes if I am unaware I have fallen down after I stand up because I lose full feeling of the legs. Strong foot and leg muscles promote healthy blood circulation and minimizes vein disease.WalkingThe best exercise is walking.
Walking is a great low-impact activity that stretches and strengthens your calf muscles, thereby improving your blood flow.

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