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In 2009 when I had my hair care “aha!” moment I couldn’t wait to share the news with others. One thing I can say about growing out my hair is this: Growing out short hair to medium length hair was more challenging than growing out medium length hair to long hair.
That first year I set a goal of retaining 6 inches so that with trims I’d end the year with 4-5 healthy inches of hair.
By 2012 I no longer cared to retain 6 inches of hair each year and was therefore more comfortable not deep conditioning every week even if it meant I would need to trim more frequently. The take away advice I want to leave you with is this: If you currently have ear length hair and ultimately want to reach mid back length or waist length don’t believe that you are glued to your current regimen.
I cut my hair (almost bald)last year Oct (2012) and now it’s just past my shoulders (in the back) when braided and for the sides just above my shoulders when braided. I combed or de-tangled her hair no more than twice a week to change styles, I only de-tangle my daughter’s hair once a month or every six weeks . I have been having problems with growing my hair since i have been a little girl my mother and sister have indian hair i have my dads hair african so she never could take care of my hair till today when my hair grows just a little and i straighten daily to keep in looking hot it breaks off i just run my fingers through and a whole lot of hair falls out. Hi,I was just reading some comments and basically I get the idea that you have to not use heat to grow your hair out longer. Do take zinc as it works on your immune system and is great for those of us dealing with stress, and having a baby is a lot of stress on the body.
Hi, I grew up relaxing my hair for as long as I can remember, and it came to point where my scalp became sensitive to relaxers. I opened the photo to look at it more closely but my best advice is to go to a dermatologist. Trust me on that one though research it or go to a dermatologist or doctor and I’m sure eventually you will be told. As far as length goes, I am waist stretched and about an inch below BSL when curly and steadily growing. My birthday is coming up in a few month, and my ultimate gift fantasies all revolve around hair products. I didn't start seeing any breakage until I went completely CG about a year ago and was having a very difficult time detangling, but the Deva cut really helped that issue. The weight and volume pulls hair straight above the shoulder, letting natural wave come through lower down. This sleek and geometric look combines blunt bangs and long hair cut straight across the back. After months of researching natural hair care on Youtube, hair websites and experimenting with my hair I realized that things had finally taken a turn for the better.
Moreover, once your hair is already long, say bra strap length, setting a goal of mid back length is even less daunting. If you implement excellent hair care and are able to hit a new milestone each year, you will eventually find that there are some steps that you can skip without ruining your hair journey.
When i do moisturize my scalp, because i have very dry scalp, my scalp acts as a vacuum and ten minutes later it is dry again. I have found, that unlike other naturals, I can’t just use coconut oil and call it a day. But leaving my daughter’s hair out all the time and combing it often caused breakage. Everyday is harsh on the hair even Caucasian hair cannot take that much without possibly getting damage. I too, have been all over Youtube and Blogs everywhere, and I can tell you that from what I see, before and after and some adolescent photos that some women upload.
For me this is not possible as every time I wash my hair and then dry it, it goes matted and very dry.

Look it up it’s very common and the hair will eventually grow back I had the same thing happen to me. My dream is to have waist length hair unstretched and though mine is very kinky compared to most of you who commented I am determined to make it happen. My hair has had about an inch and a bit choppe off in the past few months, justo get rid of old heat damage that was really holding it back.
If you’re looking to add some length to your locks, here are some tips for how to grow hair long. At the back, hair is cut into a V-shape for a fantastic finish to thick and healthy long hair. My ultimate goal was waist length so when I set a goal to grow my hair from bra strap length to mid back length I knew that on my body that was a mere 3 inches.
As of the writing of this post my hair has recently been blow dried and is about 2 inches longer than it was December, meaning I’ve retained all four months of growth. Sure, you may not get every single ? inch possible but you will be able to know how to maintain your hair length or shoot for 2-3 inches a year when you reach the point when you actually don’t want to grow your hair much longer.
I tend to put myself on month challenges where I never leave the ends out, I have done this 3 times since I have cut it. Therefore when I get out of the bath or shower I put my hair into sections and put my moisturizer in it then comb it out with a wide tooth comb. Burning fast with relaxers etc, etc, I highly recommend not using the castor oil just go to the doctor and get medication it will grow back trust me!
I am currently shoulder length curly after a big cut about a month ago because of past heat damage. I know I have heard some people braiding their hair all the time, and I used to do that, but I also like wearing it down, especially now that it is winter.
One key to healthy long hair is tying it back to avoid damage, like one of these braids for thick hair.
When I realized by the middle of 2010 that I would likely reach my first goal of arm pit length by the end of the year I set another hair goal of bra strap length for the following year. My hair was layered such that some hair fell a little past ear length, while the hair closest to my nape reached as shoulder.
I was fine giving myself an entire year to reach that goal and therefore skipped some of the steps in my regimen. That point may seem a long way off right now, but with proper hair care trust me, it may sooner than you know. After my daughter has reached hip-length, I plan to let her wear her hair out if she wants more often. Make sure to moisturized and seal your hair full of moisture prior to flatironing so your hair stay hydrated for at least a week in its flatiron state.
Most will take an opposing viewpoint, but I do believe that genetics plays a role in your ability to grow hair naturally and to reach a certain length. It was in 2012 I decided to cut my hair and go natural and i was overwhelmed by how much I loved my natural hair. I would massage the affected area every night with a warm mix of coconut+olive +vitamin E oils. I used aloe vera leaf on the affected area every 3 days and massaged my scalp with black castor oil. If your bald surface was smooth then it’s definitely alopecia providing your blood test came back normal.
I thought it was impossible till I met women in the 4a range like me and even 4b with hair down their backs. Keeping track of my actual growth makes me neurotic so I can't be an official member of this challenge but I think it is a great idea.

For days when you want to show the world your stunning tresses, here are pictures of very long hair worn down to get inspired by. One thing I did not expect in 2009 was that I would change how I cared for my hair as my lengths goals changed.
Initially, I focused on growing out my layers and getting my hair to reach a few inches past shoulder length within 7 months.
Wrapping your hair at night keeps the hair smooth so you don’t have to keep flatironing everyday and get at least a good 4-7 days out your hair. I was thinking of straightening my hair but I’m not sure as I have been reading what other people think and there has been some negative feedback to that. Beginning, of 2013 I went to a salon n did bonding and the tight pulling of my hair damaged my scalp, right in the center of my head and I ended up in an emergency room.
After that, I would use tea tree shampoo and let my hair dry (but not completely dry) and I would apply a casto oil and sometimes mix it with vitamin E oil and take 2 vigro bio-capsules a day as recommended by a pharmacist. The cayenne is the same stuff found in alopecia treatments and is supposed to stimulate the hair follicles.
I wore my hair in two large cornrows for like 2 months but, now those areas have around 4 inches of growth.
Just be patient after the medication it will take a few months but slowly you will get back your hair in the spot. I usually get frustrated with my hair every two to three years and do a major cut so I think it will be helpful to go on this journey with a group (even if it is as an unofficial member of that group. First, keep in mind that as your hair grows the time it takes to do certain tasks will increase significantly. Her hair used to just grow to just above her armpit and then the ends would break off or split.
I have been trying to grow the affected area for almost a year now but have not seemed to succeed. I had been pretty rough with my hair during the previous years with daily combing and brushing, so keeping it pinned up in low maintenance style wasn’t a sacrifice, but rather a relief.
If you color your hair darker then you do not have to use bleach and you avoid chemical damage. I’m trying to grow it again but just scared if I had another baby same process will repeat itself.
I would love to take them to court, but I have not investigated how do i go about that but i know I can.
When I blow dried my hair in May of 2010 I was stunned to see after only 7 months of proper hair care that my fro started to hang (as opposed to stick straight up) due to the weight of additional length. Now, the application of my pre-poo and detangling takes a little over 1 hour and then I have to wash my hair, which takes an additional 30 minutes. I was manipulating it too much, using thick pomades or body lotion as a hair moisturizer (fail!). Going lighter try to go no more than two to three levels above your natural to avoid using bleach.
Over the months and years that followed my regimen was adjusted to reflect the hair goal I wanted to achieve. Second, I begin my hair journey with hair that had been roughed up by my lack understanding.
My hair was much healthier two years later because it had not been subject to weekly blow out sessions or a lack of proper moisture.

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