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Step 4: Plant Your PineappleOnce you have decided where to plant your pineapple, dig a hole in the dirt. Go to wherever you like buying fruit from, whether it be a supermarket, farmers market, or from a guy selling fruit on the side of the road. You should first examine the crown of the pineapple carefully if you want to grow pineapple.
3) (the secret) Dry the top for two days or until a callous forms Depending on the humidity this could be as short as a day or as long as a week. 5) Lay the stalk in a pot of fast draining potting soil so that only part of the stalk is touching the soil. I started growing my own in Dec 07, by cutting the tops and dipping them in rooting hormone.
Pineapples, don’t water them if you want the plant to fruit, let natural rain do the watering (free draining if in a pot).
Hey i have a question, I tried to follow the steps and everything started to turn out great until..
Hi, when my pineapple topp came off it had already started to form some roots, do i still need to form a calluos and start from step 7 or right from step 1?
Pests like rabbits will eat your newly planted tops, keep the weeds at bay till they get established.
Hi Kevin, pineapples are a member of the bromeliad family a tough plant that require little watering. Hay, yesterday i decided to plant a pineapple, but i saw one man on yt doing it differently,so i decided ti give it a try. Rooting takes a couple of months, and it’ll likely take 2-3 years to get fruit, but in the meantime you can enjoy the spiky tropical foliage and the fun of growing a tropical treat.
Pineapples are a type of bromeliad, which makes them a cousin to Spanish moss and the colorful bromeliads commonly grown as houseplants.
A mature potted pineapple plant will be several feet across and tall, and a mature plant will need a five-gallon planting container. The next time you buy a fresh pineapple to eat, make sure to choose one that’s evenly ripe, with a nice healthy set of green leaves at the top. Pull off some of the lower leaves on the pineapple stalk, exposing about an inch of bare stalk. Fill a 6” to 8” flower pot (clay is best, but any pot will do) with a light, fast-draining mixture – such as cactus potting mix – or a mixture of peat, sand, and perlite.
Water the pineapple stalk very lightly, just enough to moisten the soil – a spray bottle works well for this. Water and Fertilizer: Overwatering and overfeeding are the two best ways to kill a pineapple plant.
Pineapple Growing Season: Your pineapple plant will do most of its growing during the warm seasons and will slow down when the days get short. Harvesting Pineapples: Once your pineapple plant flowers, it takes several months to grow fruit.
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I live in Uk and plant the crown of the pineapple in water about two and half weeks ago in warm water and change the water every other day. I was also wondering if have being growing a black java plum and long does it take before you get fruit.
August 16,1977 I was at my aunt’s house visiting when we heard on TV of Elvis Presley leaving us!
I have a varigated pineapple plant in a large pot and it has seven fruits starting to grow.
I just kinda plopped the pineapple top onto an 12″ pot on one side of my back porch in central FL. I planted one last summer and know I have one coming out of the soil next to it.Should it be replanted and do you separate to two of them.what is my next step? Have five planted, three in garden because we ran out of room in the house, the plant is beautiful even without fruit. The fruit on my pineapple plant has gotten very top heavy and the stalk is leaning to one side. After your plant yields its first plant what should you do with the bottom of the plant that’s still in the pot?
I have no idea why a woodworking site would have this information, but it was just what I was looking for! Have you ever grown something from a seed or sprout off of a veggie you bought?My brother has an avocado tree in his backyard that I started from a seed. Also, if I have garlic I don’t use and it starts to dry out a bit, that goes in the ground.
I have a ton of pepper seeds from store bought peppers and will try to start them in a few months.
You then have fresh shoots of green onions that you can pick off and chop up to throw in scrambled eggs or whatever. In fact, I transplanted one a couple of weeks ago because it got too big for the area it was in and it seems to be doing fine.
I love mango so recently I decided to try and grow a mango from the seed pod of a mango I bought at Costco. I have some sprouting potatoes so thought I would try planting them, but I am not sure what i am doing. I've searched the web and have provided below the best techniques for improving your odds of harvesting a ripe & delicious pineapple that will fill your house with its aroma. There seems to be no definitive site given for the original discovery of pineapples in the new world.
If you are growing your pineapple in the ground, you can basically forget about it for a while. They taste better that way, rather than the store bought pineapples that get ripe on the shelves.

Though the steps to grow pineapple appear simple growing good pineapple is somewhat difficult. I guess growers are realising that many gardeners are growing their own pineapples from them and have chosen to keep their proprietry safe. In order to pick a few fruit each year keep just replace the picked pineapple with it’s top and the cycle will continue. My dad who expired 10 years back planted few pinapple plants when he was 20s, which has just started fruiting. Pineapples are easy to grow as houseplants, and you can start one with a pineapple crown from your own kitchen.
Like other types of bromeliads, pineapples are able to absorb some water and nutrients through their leaves in addition to their roots. Carefully cut away the rind and remaining fruit – it’s important to remove any fruit flesh that will rot later. Pineapples are very susceptible to rot, so it’s important to dry out the cut end before planting. Put the pot in a bright window, and water the plant when it’s dry, just enough to keep it moist.
To test the progress, very gently tug on the crown to see if it is taking hold in the soil. At this point, you can repot the plant in a 10” to 12” pot, using a rich but fast draining potting mix. Water only as needed, and feed the plant about once a month with a balanced organic fertilizer at no more than regular strength. If it doesn’t bloom on its own, one popular way to induce blooming is to expose the pineapple plant to ethylene gas by enclosing your pineapple plant in plastic with a few overripe apples for a few weeks during the winter. It is now winter and the two in the house, one 5 years old and the other 3 years old have blooms on them.
Just make sure you cover them in the winter if you live where the temps get to freezing or lower. I am unsure about how long seeds need to have as a dormant period to dry out and get ready to germinate.
What you want to do is suspend it in a glass of water, with half in and half out of the water. Maybe they’ll cross breed or something, and I’ll be like the Luther Burbank of lettuce! Plant so that the sprout is up and deep enough so that the sprout in just below the surface.
It takes about two to three years, though, and even then some plants are difficult to get to produce new fruit. To make full-sized pineapples, the plant will ultimately need to get about six feet across and six feet tall.
It is thought they may have originated in the northeastern area of South America, near what is now known today as Guiana. If these are found, the crown should be discarded and one selected which is free of these insects. You just need to be a little patient and try a few times before you actually produce pineapples. I didn’t realise this was possible to do until producers had already ceased to sell them with their tops on.
Pull off say the 10 small leaves at the bottom of the top, you may see root buds already forming!) Do not put it in water. The fruit taste great, just let them ripen on the plant (you may need to stake the fruit if its a good size).
Can anyone advise me as to whether it is safe to replant these in the ground without risk shocking them to death ? If the plant is watered the leaves will turn green and it will not fruit and too much water will cause root rot and you will lose the plant.
You can put the pot outdoors during the summer, but you need to bring the pineapple plant inside before the first frost of fall. After about a year of growing, you can move it to its final home in a large 5 gallon planter. I see babies attached plus it is producing the first pineapplethis year several small ones next to it.
Aunt Jane gave me the tops of the pineapples,came home…planted them, layering sand and dirt in an old fish aquarium I had in our downstairs basement. Trim off the tips of the leaves and Keep it to dry upside down for a week or so depending on the climate.
No special treatment just indoors in winter (we live in Michigan) at a south window and it just keeps growing! Does it need to be by a sunny windows, because most of the tips of plant are turning brown? Oh sorry i forgot to mention i did place it in water first, til i saw some rooting on the bottom. Anyway,to answer your question, when my daughter was elementary school age we had spectacular luck with avocado seeds and sweet potatoes rooted in water, then planted into potting soil. Then place it in a cup of water with the pointy end above the water line and change the water every other day. You plant the leaves and crown of the fruit that is cut off the top of the pineapple and allowed to dry out for a couple of days. I just ASSummed (that word again) that most reader’s would put agave worm and tequila together. As such it is related to Spanish moss and some interesting ornamental plants sold in many nurseries. You should check there is no greying at the base of the crown because this is a very important consideration when you grow pineapple. The stalk died and so did the fruit (Silly me forgot to water the plant since it was indoors.

Any soil with a bit of sandy loam is great, dig it a bit, plant your top in a hole press and water it in. This information was told to me by Professor Wiseman of the Golden Circle Cannery in Queensland Australia.
If the plant is larger dig a hole large enough to contain the root system, (being a bromeliad they will produce roots within a few weeks).
Should you wish the plant to fruit (for hobbyists) place a near ripe apple in the centre of the plant crown & the gas from the apple will enhance fruiting.
To keep from over watering, some people put the pot in a terrarium, or in a lightly sealed plastic bag, to allow the plant to recycle its own water. The large pineapple plant in the photos spends the winter in an unheated North Carolina basement, in a warm sunny nook created by a large south-facing window.
I placed it in front of floor length windows…now, in about a month, they will be 39 yrs.
Remove one inch of the bottom leaves, dust it with sulphur powder and rooting powder and sow it two inches deep in a fast draining moist soil that is acidic say pH of about 5. One year to get it started, the next to replant into a gallon container where it can develope strong roots. Within a couple of weeks the pod will split and out of the bottom will come a root and out of the top a little stem will unfurl and soon leaves will begin appearing.
I dried the pods, removed the seed and wrapped it in a hot paper towel before putting it in a re-sealable plastic baggie. In Michigan I would dig after the first frost, or when the plant started to die back and the leaves turn yellow.. These ornamentals are interesting in that they absorb water and nutrients from a water-tight reservoir formed where the leaves come together, or by interesting absorptive hairs which cover the Spanish moss and similar bromeliads, allowing them to draw water and nutrients from the fog and dust in the air. For example, an Ananas nana is one of the smallest, about eighteen inches tall and grows in a six-inch pot.
It also has pink recurved spines so caution must be exercised when working around the plant. Do not flood with water till roots are formed, which is evident from growth of new leaves in the centre.
Only one thing, it has some sort of plant growing along side of it but seems to be connected to it. My question is…do they prefer to be root bound in the pot or would they rather be transplanted in larger ones as it grows? The early spring of the next year I replant into a 5 gallon bucket with rich, well, drained potting mix.
This creates a hot house effect and when it sprouts place it in potting soil and lightly cover with soil.
The pineapple, however, uses its roots like houseplants with which you are familiar and should be easy to grow if you treat it like a normal houseplant that needs bright light.
If you must grow pineapples in a pot please be kind and make the pot a large one of at least 10-20 liters. Unfortunately, I had to repot it as the soil was contaminated and because I used the wrong type of soil it died. The nursery says use cactus soil as the plant will die from root rot if the soil is not well areated. The original grew a new shoot from the side that eventually pushed the old plant out of the way. Its been 20 years since I grew potato's but if I remember correctly, the plant can get to over 2 feet tall. The taller one has 2 babies, almost a foot tall each, so if she passes on, she will be leaving her legacy! Due to goat manure from cleaning out the barn once a year, all of our veggies were a little bigger than the average.. I realize it will take a few years, but that is still a few years before our next trip to Maui when we could get more (without outrageous shipping costs).
I’m wondering if leaving them in plastic bags refrigerated had anything to do with the root growth.
Actually its a nice looking plant that’s growing along with the leaves but what is that? Leave it for drying for about a week.Pineapple Seeds - Grow from CrownThe crown and not the pineapple seeds are the main consideration while growing a pineapple tree. I’m going to wait until the fruit is ready or the shoot endangers the main plant before I separate the two.
Lots of sun, filtered if in a south bright window during the winter and then a nice sunny site outside in summer where it can be kept moist. I don't care about the pineapple, but the plant is incredible as an ornamental if you have room for it inside and it fits into the garden well outside. In about six to eight weeks you will see new leaves coming out.Pineapple Plant - Few FactsWater the pineapple plant on a weekly basis.
In the far South along the Florida border, you cold manage if they are covered with plastic in the winter. In case you live in a colder climate it is safe to place your pot indoors as pineapple requires a warm climate.
Either that or it is a plant, I can't remember its name but I have so many of them in my garden, it starts with B. The pineapple directions said, when the pineapple plant is at least 2 ft tall, and if you put an apple with it, and enclose it in plastic, the gas created by the apple can cause the growth of the fruit.
Starting from seed allows me to plant more in smaller pots for now seeing as it's winter here in Michigan.

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