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Screw pine is an evergreen and its leaves need to be handled carefully because of the sharp spines along the edges. Screw Pine tree does well in tropical coastal areas for its tolerance of salt spray and salty soil, and often used for erosion control of sand dunes. Pandan Chicken Chicken Wrapped in Screwpine Leaves Feats ofPandan Chicken Chicken Wrapped in Screwpine Leaves June 3rd 2013 Sharon. The Phytophactor Friday Fabulous Flower a screwpineHere’s and interesting and in our glasshouse unreliable flowerer a member of the screwpine family Pandanaceae Freycinetia multiflora.

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My latest discovery is Pandalus utilis, with a common name Screw Pine, tropical tree from Madagascar. In India and Hawaii, dried leaves are rolled and and weaved into mats and other hand crafts by local artisans.

With plenty of water and humidity it will grow faster and more lush, outdoors in frost-free areas, and indoors with temperatures above 55°F (12.7°C).

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