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I took a little trip down sketchbook memory lane and came across these two cuties I had drawn months and months ago.
In spite of the cold weather,  I had lots of these little birds hanging out in my backyard in the afternoons. I have a few bird projects to share this week, so I'm officially naming this week, BIRD WEEK for me. And since my art room had to be condemned and emptied while we deal with some serious water damage and mold from the shower on the other side of the wall, I'm back to painting in the kitchen. Well folks, I'm discovering that being cooped up in the house this winter is not entirely a bad thing. Last week my son and I experimented with watercolors and crayons to make some crayon resist Valentine's Cards!
Step 2: Load up some watercolor paints on a paintbrush and paint over the area you just drew on with with crayon to see your design come to life! The day I chose to go out to take photos this week was a warmer one (by warmer I mean the high was 38), but the wind was blowing so it felt much much colder. More recently I’ve heard people touting the benefits of Barley Grass (Hordeum vulgare) which is another type of grass but not wheat grass.

Place some wheat grass seed in a container, add three times the amount of water and let sit underwater overnight. There is a technically optimal time to harvest wheat grass: right before wheat grass “splits” or begins to flower, the plant pulls nutrients from the ground. Chuck McClung has a Master’s Degree in Botany and is the General Manager of Bakerview Nursery. For decades now, many people have praised its vitamins and minerals that enhance health and vitality. Cat grass is not one particular species or type of grass, but may be any of the many kinds of Wheat (Triticum) and Oats (Avena). Do not cover the wheat grass seed with soil, rather cover the planted wheat grass seed with a moist paper towel or light cloth. This is called the pre-jointing stage and is the best time to harvest, because the leaves are the most nutritionally rich. With a regular pair of kitchen scissors, cut close to the soil without cutting into the crown of the plant; kinda like mowing the lawn real close. I have a friend who turns over his harvested wheat grass mat and plants another set of seeds on top!

If using larger pots, trays, or flats, avoid containers deeper than 6 inches; you simply don’t need something that deep, and it wastes soil. Different varieties of wheat in different parts of the country will have different growth rates.
When you harvest the second set of leaves, however, cut right at the soil level where most of the nutrients are located.
Before planting, fill your pots or trays with standard, organic potting soil to about one-half inch from the top of the pot.
I like to harvest before the leaves get too tall, because a second crops of leaves will grow, and you will be able to harvest as long as you continue to water. For literally pennies you can grow that pot of wheat grass that typically costs you a few dollars.

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