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Weedseal® products are made from recycled tires and virgin rubber, creating an impermeable barrier against unwanted grass and weed growth. Adenium Obesum, also known as Desert Rose, is a succulent and caudex forming shrub from southern region of Africa and Arabia.
Adenium prefers sunny location, very well drained soil, and a minimum 10 C temperature in winter. In order to develop a perfectly developed caudex and vigorous flowering, you need to fertilize your adeniums regularly. Popular species of Adenium include: Adenium Swazicum, Adenium Somalense, Adenium Arabicum, Adenium Boehmianum, Adenium Multiflorum, Adenium Crispum and Adenium Obesum. Adenium Multiflorum has brownish bark and bears white, pink, crimson and red flowers with predominant white base. Adenium Boehmianum produces fleshy stem and can be grown easily from seeds, cuttings and grafting. Our cheap gas mower broke before we moved to Tennessee but since moving back to Florida, it quickly became apparent that we needed to get something to cut our ecological wasteland lawn. Brian liked the Reel Mower because it was cheap (around $89 from Amazon) and because he wouldn’t have to mess with gasoline and oil.
Yep, I thought we’d be the coolest people in the neighborhood totally up on the eco-living thang.
These bahia seeds shoot up taller than 6 inches in a couple of days and grow faster than the rest of the grass. They (and anything else that grows fast) slide right under the blade and pop back up behind the mower. If Brian missed one week of mowing (who wants to mow every week??) the lawn would look strange. Not only that, but one of the sprag clutches broke causing the wheel to skip, which in turn kept the blade from spinning. Thoroughly disappointed, we thought about throwing our hands up in protest and waiting till winter for the grass to go dormant but, again, Florida shook her head at us and laughed; daily thunderstorms came and soon we were swimming in a sea of green. Having a perfectly manicured lawn is not a desire of mine but I gotta tell ya, it is nice being able to walk on it again. Amazon won’t allow us to return the Reel Mower because we passed the 90 day return window.
So, I called GreenWorks and they won’t refund us our money but they will send out new parts. Now the hubs can replace the part and try and sell it on Craigslist or we can salvage some of it for future projects. The wheels on the Reel Mower look like they could possibly fit on a chicken tracker that Brian’s gonna build soon? I just cannot understand why a man would be getting a workout when I am 66 and disabled and consider it a really easy job. Are you still learning how to garden and can’t quite grow enough veggies to feed your family yet? When my mom comes over to visit, she often reminisces about her Hungarian grandparents, especially her grandmother, Elizabeth. I’m thinking about making the jump to carrying a concealed weapon for protection at night and when I out and about alone. I was under the impression that raising rabbits for meat was a great way to supplement my family with organic meat, especially during a time of crisis where food may be in short supply. I know of some homesteaders, I mean real homesteaders, who live a life completely off-grid and utterly detached from industrialized society. If you have ants invading areas around your garden lawn and you are unsure how to deal with the infestation, you may very well turn to the internet to search for “How can I Kill Ants in my lawn” or “How to Remove Lawn Ants”. Any DIY attempts of getting rid of ants are not as simple as you think and you may actually make the situation worse.
An ant infestation in a lawn is very frustrating as they will ruin the appearance of the grass. Your lawn and surrounding grass or plants will be destroyed by ant nests and their underground tunnelling.

During the warmer months when lawns get drier they will be very attractive to ants wanting to nest. Even though Ants do not eat the grass, they will destroy it by disrupting nutrient absorption and protect other insects that do eat grass. A colony of Ants, which can grow to the size of about 5,000 workers, will cause considerable damage to your lawn and will become quite a nuisance as they forage for food. Once an Ant Colony moves into your garden lawn, it can be a real challenge to get rid of them. TCEQ RegulationsIrrigation in Texas is regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) (MC-178), P.O. In our Sodding projects, we always use Gro-Max® Premium Garden Soil, reflecting our professional focus on the delivery of high quality and long lasting sod laying results. Ultimate Soil PH balance – creating a nourishing and nurturing environment for grass roots development. Superior Moisture Management – draining through excess moisture while retaining enough to sustain for long dry periods. Air Porosity – prevents compaction, Oxygenates, and assures unrestricted root growth environment. This is a much higher quality growth medium, as it contains three equal parts of topsoil, peat and compost. Peat is an accumulation of partially decayed vegetation matter, and it plays a crucial role in water retention – on one hand it holds the moisture in the soil even when dry, and on the other it prevents excess moisture (which can kill the grass roots). I was very pleased and satisfied with the sodding of our backyard [Toronto] after foundation work had completely destroyed the existing grass. Receive a once-a-month email update with DIY projects and design ideas to make your home jell! Simply wash each base and align them in your garden walkway as easy, inexpensive, and eco-savvy stepping stones.
Note: The black rubber base is manufactured from recycled tires and is surprisingly sturdy, usually weighing between 12 and 18 pounds each. Drill or punch holes liberally throughout the middle (two vertical feet at the center) of the tube in order for tree to breath. Align the tree tube with the support stake (some store-bought stakes with pre-drilled holes) and drill matching holes along the tube’s sawed open seam. Lace a zip-tie (or a more eco-friendly product) through each set of holes to secure the tube to the support stake.
Riverside ReStore’s Chief RePurposer, Kristii Mac is always looking for creative and eco-savvy ways to bring new life to products that would otherwise be destined for a landfill. Weedseal® products create a tough, long-lasting barrier against unwanted vegetation growth.
However, they are mostly cultivated from cuttings or grafting though plants grown from seeds acquire better caudex and trunk shape. They should be watered carefully as overwatering may rot the stem. Adenium prefer bright sunlight and can be grown outdoors easily. Here, we share the ups, the downs, and the behind-the-scenes of our attempt to live a happy, healthy, and independent life.
Every time he steps outside to plant something or experiment with seeds I freak out and try to stop him.
They live a simple, Christian existence surrounded by like-minded people and are dependent on no one except the Lord.
By letting a lawn care professional take the hard work away and make sure that any insecticides are applied safely you will get the results you want. They will understand that to successfully kill Ants relies not only on the specific products used, but also in their correct placement and application. Simple tasks such as mowing will become more difficult as nesting mounds or anthills make the lawn uneven and can sometimes damage your lawn mower’s metal blades. When we visit lawns with an ant infestation we see that the grass has turned yellow or brown, thinned out or disappeared completely around the nesting sites.
So, if you can keep your lawn watered when possible it will help to cut down on the ant population.

Any attempts at disturbing an ant nest could result in the ants stinging and their sting can be very painful. They will eat other insects, even bodies of other ants, nectar and sugary substances, all the while leaving a pheromone trail which lets other ants know where to get a meal. Treating your lawn with a regular Pest Control Programme will continuously address nuisance ants and other pests. Lawnscience professionals are fully trained in Ant Control and will help with Ants and other Pests that are causing you and your lawn problems.
From the moment you request your free estimate, through the sod installation process, as well as following the completion of the lawn installation work - our team is at your service, prepared to address any of your lawn care and sodding related questions and concerns. Note: Traffic tubes are quite similar to products manufactured specifically as tree tubes with one alteration, ventilation holes. A special thanks to our Director of Retail Operations, Cindy Tyrolt for her awesome stepping stone idea. You can also find many different hybrids grafted on a single rootstock all producing flowers of different colors. But I would try to resell it, atleast whoever buys it will get it for less than the cost of new.
I get a pair of scissors and cut those down because mine are on steroids and will be 18 inches tall in two days after mowing.
I believe in keeping things simple when I can and an engine free mower sure fits that bill. My neighbor have us a plug-in electric mower, which we can use if the lawn gets out of hand.
If you contact a lawn specialist who understands pest control you will be doing the right thing.
Carpenter ants will make unsightly trails over lawns as they will want to get from their main colony to any smaller colonies around your garden, mostly around sites containing wood such as sheds. Worker Ants want their trails to have clear pathways and this kills any grass in their way. The root system is very drought tolerant and the stolons grow under ground which also makes it more cold tolerant. Things growing in compost-rich soil have everything they need (mineral wise) to develop a strong and healthy root system. 2006).  This gives a whole new meaning to ‘Expect Delays’, which is why Making Purchases with a RePurpose can truly make a difference for the environment and our future. I hate that stuff, but it only grown in the path I take around the house, just about a 10 ft long patch in the middle of the St Augustine grass.
I can’t really complain about my gas mower though – I got it from walmart about 5 years ago, it sits outside half the time and it still starts and runs like a champ!
When our professionals visit and review an Ant problem in a lawn, you will not find us simply spraying, baiting, and filling out an invoice. It is usually the most economical option, and although things will grow in it – you will need a lot of supplements, nutrients and fertilizers to get good results. A full review of the situation will be carried out and we will discuss the solutions available to get rid of the Ant infestation you have. Among all options that are available to you, this is the poorest kind of soil to be used for sodding. I did have to hire someone to mow part of the yard when it rained so often that I could not mow. It’s a dense, fine grass, but it needs a consistent cut (a reel type mower may be best), and tends to accumulate a heavy amount of thatch over years.
It will compact quickly, it will not hold moisture very well, and all its nutrients will quickly wash away (and that’s when soil becomes clay).

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