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A word of caution though: high THC content which is quoted by seed sellers and growers is not always a given.
To give it its correct name, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is one of the many ingredients found in cannabis. Although still out for debate, there is a growing supply of anecdotal evidence demonstrating how marijuana can have medicinal properties for the user. Others that have grown em say the smoke is nice but to watch for bud rot and beware the big stretch. I never understand why people buy stuff and Then ask what its like, if people tells you its shit then you have just wasted alot of money that you could have spent on buying good stuff in the first place. No need to get attitude against me dude, just saying, Ask before you buy something if you don't know if its good or not!
Fair enough and many do but even if someone doesn't know about the strain then a lot can be said by the company that makes them etc so that would also tell if it can be good seeds or not and there are sites that reviews pretty much all new strains and with google you can find those sites.
Yeah, starting to look a lot better now the buds have started to really fatten up and the stretching has stopped. More cannabis seedsCheese Feminised Seeds DinafemCheese has become a legend and the name is synonymous with high quality skunk cannabis.

Do not ask us about growing weed seeds as this is illegal in the UK and many other countries and we will refuse the sale! Browse our selection of both feminised and regular auto-flowering seeds including all the big names that have made automatic strains so popular as well as the very latest dwarf hybrid marijuana strain releases. Check out our selection of Cheese Seeds including Dutch Cheese, Blue Cheese, Swiss Cheese and Pineapple Chunk. We have a great selection of fast flowering cannabis seeds such as California Hash Plant Feminised seeds, Cinderella 99 Feminised and L.A. For many growers, having a the best high THC seeds is tantamount to having an incredible plant. Achieving a high THC content is highly dependent on the amount of care the plant gets during its growth, as well as the methods used to cultivate your plant. It is the active chemical that gives you a sense of being ‘high’, and is one of the oldest hallucinogens known to man. Out of all of them, the two which are recognized as being the most potent and effective are THC and CBD (Cannabidiol). Back in 2004, an FDA doctor speaking to congress on the topic of marijuana as a medicine stated that it could never be used as such due to the difficulties in testing active ingredients for safety and usefulness.

Pineapple Chunk delivers a staggering 25% THC with a pronounced couch-lock stone.Not only is it a vigorous and extremely stable indica dominant strain with a very good yield but it also has great resistance to both mould and disease.
All specifics are derived from the breeders and seedbanks themselves and are included for educational and informational purposes only and Headsite cannot vouch for its accuracy. To get really great THC content you need to make sure you are aware of what requirements that particular plant has for nutrients, light and other factors to ensure it is grown healthily and happily. There is historical evidence of THC being used as a herbal remedy as long ago as the first century AD and is still today understood to have various medical properties as well as being a recreational drug. There is some evidence to say that CBD in some way neutralizes or dilutes the effects of THC, so when looking for a good THC strain you might want to consider its potential CBD levels too. He said that the wide variations in active ingredients from plant to plant made it too tricky to identify a ‘dosage’ as such, and therefore was unable to recommend it for medical uses.
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