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Leaves of chocolate mint plants add versatility to drinks, desserts and garnishes for a variety of dishes you prepare in the kitchen. When learning how to care for chocolate mint, know that it must be contained in some way to avoid the rapid spread of the chocolate herb plant. If you want to grow the chocolate herb plant in a garden with other herbs, plant the entire container and sink it into the ground. Haven’t you ever wanted to have a plant at home, from which to be able to pick this wonderful fruit? Growing chocolate mint, both indoors and outside, is an easy way to always have a fresh supply of the chocolate herb plant.
As with most square-stemmed members of the mint family, growing chocolate mint can take over the area in which it is planted in the ground, readily and quickly.

Horror stories of the escape of uncontained chocolate mint are shared by gardeners who planted it directly in the ground, only for it to take over the bed or spread to a neighbor’s property where it must then be removed. I personally recommend to plant the pineapple in a small pot and move it to a bigger one when it gets bigger.
Mature brownish red stems and attractive serrated leaves become full after pinching out the tips. Yearly division of the contents of the pot results in an abundance of plants for you or to share with friends and family so that everyone has a container of the useful chocolate herb plant.
Roots of the growing chocolate mint plant may escape through drainage holes, but you can remove the container once in awhile and clip off any roots that grow from drainage holes. Harvest throughout the growing season, unless you want the plant to display its attractive pink flowers in late spring to midsummer.

The thing is, though, that you probably won’t be able to pick fruits from this plant, but it will still be beautiful to have it.
In fact, it is best if you cut the leaves with a little of the pineapple’s top, and to remove the pieces of fruit afterwards. Mind that you have to cut parts of the leaves until you can see small plumules on their bottom.
Learning how to grow and harvest chocolate mint provides a regular supply of the fragrant leaves, which may be used fresh or dried for later use.

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