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Not a true orange, this dwarf citrus tree is actually a cross between a kumquat and a tangerine.
It has something to offer for any season, though -- glossy, dark-green foliage, and fragrant white flowers. Put it in a sunny window and you'll enjoy its orange-red blooms followed by mini pomegranates throughout the summer.
Short of turning a room into a misty rain forest, there are a few things you can do for your plants.

Pittosporum Green Pillar is a hardy and fast growing bushy variety of Pittosporum ideal for hedging and screening.
Pre-Spring Sale Is Ending Soon.Right now, is the absolute best time to save on plants for your garden. Our Pre-Spring Clearance is still on! Right now, is the absolute best time to save on plants for your garden.
A lovely dwarf pineapple lily with a vigorously clumping habit, spotted leaves, wavy margins, and attractive rose red flowers.

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