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You first need to register and complete a form online and then print out your completed forms before you attend the Visa office (which is run and managed by VFS rather than the embassy themselves).  You can do them when you arrive, but you will be charged a hefty printing fee. There was a link from the VFS site, but this didn’t work for me so I accessed it from this link instead. Normal passport photos don’t appear to be acceptable to the Indian Embassy so you will need to get some which measure two inches square (2.5cm sq). When you arrive, the reception staff will check through your documents and let you know if anything is missing.  If you need to print forms or get your pictures taken you will be let in to sort this stuff out before you get issued with your queue numbered ticket. We had wanted a multiple entry visa to give us flexibility but this office only issues the double entry variety which allows you to enter neighbouring countries (such as Sri Lanka or Nepal) for a side trip before finally re entering India and exiting the country. We dropped our passports off at around 11am and had to queue for no more than 15 minutes to get processed with a slightly longer queue at pick up time.  Some guides tell you to get there early, but the office is run very efficiently and didn’t seem to have ridiculous processing times.
So apart from the fact of being without your passport for six days there is no real hassle to getting hold of your Indian Visa whilst on the road in Bangkok. They are very security conscious at the office so its best to arrive without bags and you will be asked to turn off your phone and not take any pictures. There is a web tracking facility that can let you track your application with the VFS office, but we found you get one update when its submitted and then a status saying its ready; nothing in between.
We completed this process in July 2012, if you have any questions or we have missed anything please let us know.
We are not really ones for the cultural shows that you regularly find in travel destinations.
We hang about in Goa for our remaining time in India sampling foods from home and join the large expat community and retired folk enjoying what is on offer. How to Rent a Car and Driver in India We’d like to share our experience, and a few of the stories we learned about renting a car and driver from our two week tour of Rajasthan. Jodhpur – The Blue City It was a long drive to Jodhpur, our second to last destination in Rajasthan, before waving off our driver. A delay in this post has been caused by very slow internet connections throughout the last part of our travels in the Philippines. Reluctant as we were to leave the beauty of Saud beach we had a lot more Filipino treasures to explore. If you have ever wanted to visit China, now would be a pretty good time to make that happen.
The visas are approved by the local offices and you must apply with the consulate office in your area.
Once you have all these documents, you must apply in person to your local consulate office. When your number is called, you present your passport, photo, application and proof of confirmed travel and hotel reservation to the consulate officer. On your return visit to the consulate, proceed to the pickup window, pay the $140.00 fee and pick up your passport. This exemption is only available to citizens of 51 countries, including the US, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Brunei, Russia, Ukraine, Qatar and the UAE.
I live in Dallas and have been through this process (before the 10-year option) at the Houston consulate.
Submit the online application form:  Keep all the information handy and log on to the website then fill up the application form with correct details and submit the same.
Above are the steps that one needs to follow to obtain the visa and enjoy the visit in a new place. The beautiful landscapes and magnificent scenarios of Bulgaria are some of the attractions that make the Londoners and United Kingdom residents to arrange their visit to beautiful country of Africa. The holder of the valid passport from the following courtiers does not need a Bulgaria visit visa to enter into country. You can download application form from the official website of the Bulgaria Embassy in London.
There are the following requirements that you should fulfil in order to be eligible for the Bulgarian Visit visa. If you submit your application via postal service, the Embassy will send your visa back to you via post office or courier service in an envelope that you send with application package.
000000How do you get visas to all these different countries, do you do it online or go to an embassy in every nation?
Yeah, getting travel visas is sometimes a hassle, but it can be made easier by not worrying too much about it. Just follow the paths of least resistance around the world, and getting visas is seldom a problem. Hello, I live and travel off of the proceeds from this website, so if you like or use this information, please consider making a donation. Wade Shepard is a traveling writer who has been traveling the world since 1999, through 74 countries. In a matter of moments a village is washed away and everything is changed in the south of Sri Lanka. After nine months of being stuck in the transit zone of Moscow Sheremetyevo airport, Hasan Yasien is free. Over the past twenty years China has constructed hundreds of new cities and districts, revamped thousands of towns, and thrown up an almost uncountable number of new neighborhoods. Before wondering about procedure to get a visa, have a quick glance at the list of visa exempt countries to make sure that you don’t waste your time in reading the others’ concerns. If you are not citizen of those country and even if you are but you want to spend more time in Saigon than those certain permitted time, you need to know how to get a visa. There are quite a few sorts of visa to be considered if you are not going to apply for a tourist visa, depending on your purposes.
In general, you can choose either doing visa on arrival (mailing them your passport copy in advance and handing documents when you arrive) or applying in person at Vietnam’s embassy(either at your home country or any other country you are staying in). There is some feedback about complicated process of visa on arrival at Tan Son Nhat airport.

Despite some complexity at the airport, visa on arrival is a bit cheaper (25 USD for invitation letter plus another 55 USD for visa at airport and only US Dollars are accepted in this booth) and longer (it could be up to 3 months) than embassy visa. In the other hand, as mentioned above, you can choose to apply visa at embassy which is to come and get a stamp on your passport.
If you get 3-month-visa, you can extend it for another 3 months (25 – 30 USD for each extension plus 15 USD for registration paper if you don’t have any from the hotel or apartment you’re living). If it’s multi 3-month-visa, it can be extended as multi 3-month and you have to pay accordingly: multi visa costs 150 USD and again 150 USD for one extension. Extended visa means your visa plus one more stamp showing that you’re allowed to stay more than it’s written on visa, not being provied a new visa. If you want to travel Zambia as a visitor, you will be required to have tourist visit visa.
You can get the visit visa application form from the Zambian high commission' s counselor department or it can be downloaded from the official website of Zambian high commission. All the member countries of commonwealth excluding Australia, Britain, Canada, Gambia, Ghana, India, New Zealand, Nigeria, Sierra-Leone, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea and Sri-Lanka do not need any visas.
Visa charges for are Single Entry- US $50.You  will be required to pay the fee via Postal Order or Bank Draft Cheques ONLY. Applicants who wish to have their passports mailed to them after processing should include their own pre-paid, self-addressed return envelopes. Wait for the prescribed time of the embassy and you visa will be reached to your destination.
UK established its diplomatic relations with Cambodia in 1975 when they recognized the Democratic Kampuchea.
While you are looking to get the visit visa of any country, you are required to have application form in the very first step. In case you submit the documents and fee via postal order, you will be required to provide an extra self-addressed envelope along with documents. The failure of returning the documents via postal orders is not the responsibility of Embassy. We often make some minor mistakes regarding the submission of documents which later on becomes a hurdle in getting the visa within described period of the embassy. To get detail of those things which you can take with you while visiting Cambodia, you must contact embassy to know about the things that are not allowed in Cambodia and the things you can take with you and how much quantity you can take.
Further you can contact your airline to get information about number of brief cases that you can take, weight of luggage and types of medicines etc. Most photo booths don’t do this, but there is a chap that will produce five of these for you at the VSF office while you wait for a mere 250 Thai baht  (US $8)!! If you have any travel tips or advice about things to do or must see attractions, let us know by leaving a comment. Like arranging other things in India, it is not always as simple or easy as you may first imagine. There are some caveats and restrictions that you must meet in order to qualify for the visa exemption. If that country that you are flying to requires a visa, you must have that also prior to landing in China. If you can make it happen, I would highly recommend you take advantage of this little deal and cross China off your bucket list. Some remarks regarding the visa waiver program which I used on 1 January 2014 for a stopover in Shanghai. So if you fly from HK to Beijing and then from Beijing to - say - Frankfurt, you can also apply for the visa waiver program and stay in Beijing.
So unless you want to make a special week long trip to DC, I would probably recommend you using a visa service. The Nationals of other countries can see their visa fee details by making a Visit this Link. If you have six months left on your Alien Registration Card (ARC) and are currently living in Korea you may apply for a Chinese tourist visa.
Since you are French, can you please let us know if you get your Visa in Korea with only 2 months left on your ARC? Do I have to have 6 months left on ARC card from when I book the visa or when I travel to China? Much of a traveler’s success rate at being granted tourist visas depends on their country of origin. I simply walk into consulates, give them my passport, some money, a photo, and then return in a few hours to pick up my visa. It tends to be more expensive if I get visas at consulates in the USA than in other countries.
But if you want to go straight from Guatemala to India- or some odd route like this – then getting visas become much more of a hassle. He is the author of Ghost Cities of China, and his articles appear on Reuters, Forbes, CityMetric, the South China Morning Post, The Diplomat, and many other publications.
If you got any question regarding your visit in Vietnam, or you just need a help, don't hesitate to post your request in comments below.
Zambia is an African state, though ignored one, but still has got numbers of attractions for the visitors.
Your passport must have a minimum of 2 blank pages marked with the words "VISA" or "ENTRIES".
Earlier, the British government had a row with the Cambodian government due the violation of human rights. The application form can acquired by two ways, you can collect it from in person by visiting the Embassy of Cambodia in London or it can be downloaded from their website. The immigration, customs and baggage pick up went like a dream and we were out of the airport within half an hour of touching down. And it's not just getting to China that has gotten easier, the Chinese government has actually made it slightly less cumbersome to leave the airport and enter the country as well.

If you are only transiting through China for less than 72 hours, you may qualify for a transit without a visa waiver.
A friend, family member, travel agent or employee of a private visa application service can show up on your behalf.
Yes, you will have to leave your passport there with them and the application process takes about a week.
If the uninformed agent doesn't know about this TWOV, have them refer to the TIMATIC visa database. You really do have to appear in person once to deliver the application and once to pick it up. If you want to submit your application by postal service you should select a registered postal service. The Chinese government will not let foreigners in Korea get their visa processed directly at the embassy. I am from the USA and have a USA passport, so I usually do not have too difficult of a time getting visas, and for most countries I can get them on arrival. So if I am planing on traveling to a region where I will need lots of visas, I pick a regional administrative hub city and go to the consulates there. Just pick a major city in a country that both does not requite you to have a visa to enter and is near the regions you want to travel to that requires visa and get all of the travel documents that you need there.
He is the author of the book, Ghost Cities of China, and contributes to Forbes, The Diplomat, the South China Morning Post, and other publications. This is his personal blog where he collects the stories, anecdotes, and observations from his travels that don’t fit in anywhere else. Getting the visit visa of Zambia form London, you have to follow a certain process for a smooth sail.
There were several ups and downs in their relations in the past, however, now the things have been settled to great extent. They will not let anyone into the office after 2:00 PM but will stay open to process everyone that has arrived.
There are no exceptions and you will be arrested if you do not have a valid visa to travel throughout the country. You also must provide proof of bookings of return flights and hotels for each day of your stay (although I made dummy refundable ones and cancelled them).
George Rotunda Church, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, National Ethnographic Museum, Vitosha Mountain, Rila Monastery and Momchilovtsi. You should also accompany pre-paid, self-addressed, stamped delivery envelope with your application and submit it to your nearest post office in London. Kangsan will only charge Americans a 10,000 won handling fee to process the visa, and a 30,000 won fee for Canadians. I think they have this policy because they are afraid that so many foreigners in Korea will just go to China and stay there. Regardless of politics, most countries want tourists from nations that they view as being wealthy, and the USA is at the top of this list. Step by Step brings you the valid and systematic method to avoid any complexity in this regard. If you are planning to visit Cambodia and living in London, you need to follow a certain process the acquirement of tourist visa. Recheck process includes, application has been filled properly, photographs have been pasted, correct amount of fee has been put in, passport is valid for the required duration, check the validity of your credit card and are they widely accepted in Cambodia, make sure that you take proper amount of money with you, check departure timing before leaving to airport.
It's a gamble and you might not get approved for your visa but they do require this before approving your application. If you meet all these requirements, then you will receive a transit without a visa waiver upon your arrival to China. Regarding Point 7: I did not notify the airline (I think it was China Eastern) as I was not aware of this requirement and nobody cared.
Further, Chinese consulates will not allow you to pay for quicker service unless you can prove it is an emergency.
The Nationals of United Kingdom along with many European and African countries does not need visa, however the citizens of other countries need to meet the certain requirements in order to get a visit visa.
Or you can mail your passport and required documents to them and they will process the visa. I showed up to their office in Seoul and handed them my passport and money and there were no problems. If I was from a country whose citizens have a reputation for overstaying visas in foreign countries, then I would probably have a much more difficult time.
To obtain the visit visa of Zambia you are required to submit application form which can be downloaded from their website or you can get it from their High Commission in London. However, an in-person interview may be requested prior to the approval of your application. When I was there, the lady in front of me had to get to China for work and had a plane ticket booked for the next day and they said it didn't qualify for expedited service.
Here is step by step guide to get a Bulgaria Tourist visit visa from London for those who want to make their tour to the country from British capital. One week later they returned my passport to me in a nice purple case with the Chinese tourist visa inside. If you are lucky enough to have someone else wait in line for you, they must have a copy of your driver's license (to prove that you live within their jurisdiction).

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