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The Arabic, Croatian, Portuguese and Greek names given are not official. 1 "Elemental Hero Neos" + 1 monstro Warrior-TypeEsta carta nao pode ser Special Summoned, exceto por Fusion Summon. The Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Greek, Portuguese and Swedish names given are not official. Heroic"Heroic - Champion Excalibur" and "Heroic Challenger - Spartan", in the artwork of "Heroic Change". All monsters of this archetype have an Attribute of EARTH (except "Heroic Champion - Excalibur", who is LIGHT, and "Number 86: Heroic Champion - Rhongomyniad", who is DARK). The "Heroic" archetype focus on battling, ranging from swarming the field with Monsters to gaining a burst of ATK.

Trading Card Game - Card Database and has not yet been printed on a physical card, so the listed card text will differ from the card image. This card gains ATK equal to half the ATK of the Warrior-Type Fusion Material Monster used to Fusion Summon this card, other than "Elemental HERO Neos". Cette carte gagne ATK egal a la moitie de l'ATK du Monstre de Type Guerrier utilise pour l'Invocation Fusion de cette carte, autre que "Neos, Heros Elementaire". Questa carta guadagna ATK pari alla meta dell'ATK del Mostro Materiale da Fusione di Tipo Guerriero utilizzato per l'Evocazione tramite Fusione di questa carta, eccetto "Neos EROE Elementale". Esta carta ganha ATK igual a metade do ATK do monstro Warrior-Type usado como Monstro Material de Fusao.
In the OCG, most of their support cards are changed to be support cards for all "Heroic" monsters.

It involves Warrior-Type monsters with effects that allow them to get stronger that involve original ATKs. Si cette carte attaque ou est attaque, votre adversaire ne prend pas des dommages de combat. Se questa carta attacca o viene attaccata, il tuo avversario non subisce danno da combattimento. Their team symbol is a crimson Phoenix, which also symbolizes the never-dying fighting spirit within this archetype's user Nistro.

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