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A minimal application with strong usability and extreme focus, this is what Tiny SpellChecker is. Browse websites with UC Browser from your Android DeviceHow to run iPad apps on your computer? Cursor Search – Search any word(s) from a Web page or Word document by right-clicking your mouse. The A9 Toolbar supports the Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, and Netscape web browsers. Can you pls advise when and what Toolbar is compatible with the new Firefox?  It is very hard and time consuming not having a toolbar. Browser toolbars add additional buttons to the browser interface to accomplish frequently used tasks. Includes 16 free professional dictionaries including English, British, Canadian English, Medical, Legal, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese (Iberian), Spanish And Swedish. With its invisible (non existent) interface, Tiny SpellChecker delivers an audio notification whenever you’ve typed a misspelled word. It can check your spelling in any text editing application based on its own built-in dictionary which can be English, Spanish, German, Russian and French.

Includes an automatic silent version check that lets you know when new versions of Spell Check Anywhere are available silently and automatically.
Spell Magic easily spell checks a word, paragraph, or entire document; in any Windows program.
With a minimal learning curve, standard Windows user interface and unparalleled options, you'll be an expert in no time at all and be spell checking all your applications.
With Addict you can add wavy red underlining of misspelled words and automatic corrections as you type to edits, memos, rich edits, and many of the most popular 3rd party controls available. Check all 'favorites' automatically - or one at a time - for existence, and marks not existing links as such. Extends your Website with : - Spell Check Website Forms and Variables - Ajax Spell Checking - Real-Time Spelling Valiation.
New: Compatibility Mode enhances spell checking Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express.
Until now nothing on the market has given us the power and flexibility of this spell check engine. There's nothing worse than finishing a project and deploying it to the end-user only to find embarrassing spelling errors.

The tool can merge excel files of all formats & in 100's of files There are all sorts of features present in this software that make the work of binding excel files easy & effortlessly. This Excel Binder tool has the ability to execute excel file formats like.XLS,XLSX, etc in huge amount. The software is an expert in clearing away spaces from a large part of selected rows or columns in an excel sheet. It has the ability to remove leading, trailing and even extra spaces that somehow are created while working on Excel.
VeryPDF Cloud OCR (WebOCR, Online OCR) REST API is a cloud service API provided for developers. I have always wanted to have a diary software like this where I can write whenever I feel like.

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