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MALLORCA REAL ESTATE NORMAL POST MAILING ADDRESS: Apartado 1423, Palma de Mallorca, Espana - Spain 07080. Malaga Politecnic Institute, it does not mean under ANY circumstances that we are "full blown lawyers"! Mallorca and also act as a legal intermediary, but we do NOT and CANNOT replace a proper lawyer. BEACH and MARINA FRONT STUDIO GOLF APARTMENTS (51m2) for 113,000 Euros, 1 double bedroom luxury (72m2) for 162,000 Euros. MORE information or VISIT the HOTEL MARINA PUERTO PORTALS "SPA NEPTUNO" or the SENTIDO HOTEL CALA VINAS - SPA SENTIDO CALA VINAS. 1977: Industrial Electrician in the OIL FIELDS of the SAHARA DESERT at HASSI MESSAOUD and later GHARDIA en ALGERIA.
This Lamborghini Espada GT 400, newly restored, is one of the world?s fastest street legal true FOUR seater cars.
See a HISTORY in PHOTOS of Mallorca?s first division FOOTBALL TEAM - "Real Club Deportivo Mallorca".
Arrange with the district court competent for an appointment for legalization by the Hague Convention. Get the Hague Apostille about 1 week after application of the district court. Send the orignal document to Spain and avoid you so the time consuming legalization process.
Sie benotigen eine Steuernummer, wenn Sie mit dem spanischen Steuersystem in Beruhrung kommen. You have again been misinformed by un-researched articles in print and online by other publications. Urban myth, jungles drums, or bad reporting, call it what you will but the information circulating for a week has caused panic among the expatriate community. Worried residents have been contacting Canarian Weeklyasking us the real situation, as they have been concerned that they will not be able to drive their cars legally after 19th January.
They went on tell us that the irresponsible reporting of the new EU directive by the other publication has forced them to issue a press release clarifying the new rules and regulations.
The European directive, which is being bandied about, dates back over six years ago to 2006.
The directive’s objective is for all European member states, of which there are currently 27, to issue a single model: one driving licence throughoutEurope. Tomorrow (19th January), the European Union Third Directive on driving licences comes into force.
If you are a British expatriate living for more than 185 days in Spain, in our case, Tenerife, you need to carry with you your UK photocard licence, plus originals of your personal identification documents. There is no need for your driving licence to be stamped or inscripted as is the term any longer, Traffico have confirmed this to theCanarian Weekly. If you are a British expat and hold a photocard licence (DVLA have been issuing them since 1998) the expiry date on the front of your licence refers to the photograph, and they last 10 years.
So, when this is due for renewal, you will have to renew your licence in the country in which you reside, in our caseTenerife.
The expiry dates on the reverse of your licence refer to your driving entitlements, and mostUKlicences need renewing when you attain 70 years of age.
Again, if this applies to you, then you would apply for a licence in the country in which you currently reside and not where your licence was originally issued. However, if for any reason you are an expatriate and, for whatever reason, you have no expiry date on your licence, e.g.
The benefit of the unified licence is that it will create transparency for citizens, police forces and administration services.
For existing drivers, the new rules will not take away your entitlement to drive if it was granted before 19th January 2013. As for new drivers from 19th January 2013 – if they apply for provisional entitlement to drive, or pass a driving test from that date, the new rules will apply to them. THE starting pistol has been officially fired for the Spanish General Election, which will take place in Christmas week.
On Monday, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced the election for December 20th and dissolved Parliament. In stating the date, Rajoy declared passionately that he was still the right man to lead Spain.
That said, his party is still leading in the polls, and it would be a surprise if the PP didn’t win the most seats and get the most votes.
As in the UK, the party with the most seats gets first shot at forming a coalition, so Rajoy’s promise to stand down if this doesn’t happen is very much of getting his party onside. It’s safe to say that all is not sunshine and flowers in his party, but his handling of the economy is seen as his real ace in the hole.
While many Spaniards remain unhappy with his economic action, there is little doubt that the country is going in the right direction.
On Monday, Rajoy was asked about any potential coalitions and, while he kept his cards close to his chest.
The Prime Minister’s party has been dogged by corruption allegations over the last four years, and the PP’s popularity of 47% in early 2012 has melted to below 30%. Some of the PP’s traditional voters have defected to Ciudadanos, which is polling around 16% – up from 4% a year ago. Led by 35-year-old former lawyer Albert Rivera, Ciudadanos is picking up at the right time but is unlikely to challenge for control. It remains to be seen if Rajoy would do a deal with those who have defected from his leadership and PP. The Socialist PSOE did okay in the local elections but, nationally, it has also suffered a hit in the polls. Leader Pedro Sanchez has found it hard to reinvent the party after the demise of Jose Luis Zapatero in 2011. While the PSOE enjoyed 25% of the vote in the local elections, there was a feeling that it didn’t make the progress it should have.

Sanchez is yet to come up with an alternative economic policy, which pleases the business world. The previously-mentioned Ciudadanos may have its roots in Catalonia, but it is picking up support nationwide. Because of its roots, Ciudadanos is walking a fine line when it comes to the hot potato subject of Catalonia. Then there is Pablo Iglesias’s Podemos party which, a year ago, seemed to be on a crest of a wave.
Iglesias’s frustration with mainstream politics and its rulers struck a chord with the electorate. Podemos campaigns on an anti-austerity ticket at a time when the economy is growing and unemployment is down.
This has hit the party’s polling figures, and supporters  have seen their popularity crash from 30% to nearly 10%. Wanting change is one thing; explaining and convincing people that you know how to do it is something else. A major opinion poll in Diario de Avisos this week showed how much work the smaller parties still need to do. The economy will be the major issue, while the handling of the Catalonia problem could be a deciding factor for voters. The fall-out from anti-corruption investigation Operation Punica, which saw 51 arrests, including some high-profile figures from both the PP and PSOE, remains fresh in the memory. Throw in concerns over immigration, agriculture and manufacturing, and the long-standing abortion debate, and it’s easy to see that this election will have plenty of twists and turns.
To ensure motorists drive safely, those planning to drive motor vehicles or ride motorcycles must be in possession of valid authorization.
Motorists must be able to verify that they fulfill the essential licensing requirements (ie: medical, driving theory and practice). To obtain a license for category classes C1, C1+E, C, Y C+E, as well as for the category class C, a certificate of aptitude must be obtained and the applicant must be 21 years or over.
C + E Combinations of vehicles and tows, made up of an automobile which falls into license category class C and a tow that has a maximum authorized mass of 750 kilograms.
D1 Automobiles used to transport people, of which the number of seats (including the driver) exceeds 9 but does not exceed 17. D Automobiles used to transport people of which the number of seats (including the driver) exceeds 9. D + E Combinations of vehicles with tow, comprised of an automobile that falls under the license category class D and a tow that does not exceed the maximum authorised mass of 750 kilograms. WITH tens of thousands of British residents living in Spain, and millions of UK visitors heading for Spanish holiday resorts and beaches this summer, the Foreign Office has launched a video campaign to help Britons avoid the passport thieves. Of the 15 million British tourists who came to Spain last year, more than 3,000 reported their passports stolen – and almost 1,800 said they had lost theirs. In fact, more than 20,000 British passports were either lost or stolen worldwide in 2014-15. They demonstrate the techniques used by passport thieves, and offer advice on how to avoid becoming a victim. It is also a good idea to leave a photocopy of your passport with friends or family, or store an electronic copy securely. If your passport is lost or stolen, you can report it to the Spanish police by calling +34 902 102 112 (a multi-lingual service).
THE 60-year-old woman beheaded in a Spanish supermarket nearly two years ago was powerless to stop the “absolutely abhorrent” attack, an inquest heard this week. Jennifer Mills-Westley, a retired road-safety worker, was shopping in a Los Cristianos supermarket in the Valdes shopping centre when she was brutally attacked on 13th May, 2011 by Deyan Deyanov. Her daughter, Sarah Mills-Westley, who sat with other family members at Norfolk Coroner’s Court, Norwich, wept as gruesome details of the horrific incident were read out during the hearing. Deyan Deyanov, 29, a homeless, drug-addict from Bulgaria, was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia when he attacked Mrs Mills-Westley, who lived on the Port Royale complex in Los Cristianos.
Coroner Jacqueline Lake read out excerpts of the jury’s verdict, saying Ms Mills-Westley, originally from Norwich, had been rendered defenceless by the brutality of the attack. He was later sentenced to 20 years in a secure psychiatric unit in Seville following the attack. The coroner returned a narrative conclusion that Ms Mills-Westley died after an attack by a person she did not know, from which she could not defend herself.
Deyanov had previously been admitted to the Ablett psychiatric unit at Glan Clwyd Hospital, Bodelwyddan, near Rhyl, in June 2010, while he stayed at a relative’s home in Flint, Wales.
An independent report, published by Healthcare Inspectorate Wales, concluded that there were “clear shortcomings” relating to the care provided in North Wales.
The report noted: “It is difficult to determine how these deficiencies may have directly influenced and led to the events of May 2011. Sarah and her sister Samantha, said after the report that had staff not missed his serious medical problems, their mother might still be alive today. They added: “The Health Inspectorate of Wales report has highlighted a number of significant, basic, medical, best-practice failures.
Immediately after the tragedy, Sarah said: “Mum retired a number of years ago and was fully enjoying her retirement, travelling between Tenerife and France, where she spent time visiting her daughter and grandchildren, and her other daughter in Norfolk. GENERAL Franco, who ruled Spain with an iron fist for almost four decades, will finally be labelled a “dictator” and not an “authoritarian” in his official biography. It describes the Franco regime as “authoritarian but not totalitarian”, but  Ms Iglesias told a Madrid conference that the 2011 publication would be corrected. The update will reflect the dictatorial style of the man who ruled Spain from the end of the country’s civil war in 1939 until his 1975 death.
Ms Iglesias, the first woman to preside over the academy, said the entry for Franco had created an “unnecessary controversy” which will be sorted out in the first digital edition of the biographical dictionary, currently underway. Luis Suarez, the historian responsible for the Franco entry, was an expert on medieval history and, for many years, the only person given access to the dictator’s family archive, held by the Francisco Franco Foundation.

Paul Preston, a history professor at the London School of Economics and Franco biographer, welcomed any improvement on a text he described as “laughable”. He  said that Ms Iglesias was being “brave” in correcting what he said was the academy’s right-wing bias. The professor said that apart from the Franco entry, many of the dictator’s military supporters “guilty of monumental atrocities” were written about by “soldiers who portrayed their military careers and excluded their dirty deeds”.
Spanish historian Angel Vinas was so indignant over the dictionary’s treatment of Franco, and other 20th century figures, that he edited a riposte called “In the combat for history”. In it, 34 historians, including Prof Preston, rebut what they consider the inaccuracies of the academy’s biographical dictionary.
Mr Vinas said: “In the academy there have been, and still are, people who have not got over the legacy of Franco,” adding that the selection of Mr Suarez to write the entry on the dictator showed the institution was “fundamentally dysfunctional”.
A Royal Academy of History spokesman said there would be a complete revision of the dictionary as part of the digitalisation process.
Certificates are often only recognized when their authenticity has been found in a special procedure. They will not, we repeat, WILL NOT, need changing for a Spanish licence from tomorrow (Saturday). That’s okay, but, if stopped by the Police you will be asked to present your originals at the Police station.
They will mainly affect new licences and drivers of other vehicles such as motorcyclists, lorry, bus and minibus drivers, and those who tow trailers. They include changes to what you can drive, the minimum age from which some vehicles can be driven, and driving licence card validity periods for some driver groups. All vehicle categories will be listed on the back of your licence, with dates against those you are entitled to drive or ride.
The counterpart will contain your provisional driving entitlements, driving offences and other relevant information. He will urge voters to plump for continuity and stability, and said his party, and its policies, was the only chance Spain had to safeguard the recovery and create more jobs. In the last election, in 2011, he secured 186 seats in the 350-seat lower house of parliament. The party has a pro-business agenda, which would see a top rate of tax capped at 40%, a lowering of corporation tax and the merging of smaller municipalities. Controversially, it wants to legalise prostitution, euthanasia and soft drugs such as marijuana. It’s often hard to understand exactly what it would do differently and, obviously it lacks any experience. In that eventuality, the smaller parties will have a role to play … and there would be considerable horse-trading with policies. Vehicle drivers are required to have a valid driving license and to carry it with them at all times. Classes in theory and practise are given in Autoescuelas, and a subsequent exam set by Jefaturas Provinciales de Trafico will need to be passed. Be declared fit by the Jefatura Provincial or Local de Trafico in the theory and practise tests, in relation to the class category applied for.
Photocopy of the Documento Nacional de Identidad or Documento de Identificacion de Extranjeros (NIE) that proves your residency, be it normal or conditional student residency, in Spain during the required period, together with the relevant original documents that will be returned once collated. Medical exam form (Informe de aptitud psicofisica), issued by an authorised Centro de Reconocimiento de Conductores, within the province where the application was made, to which should be attached a recent photo of the applicant. Two recent size 35 x 25 mm photos, identical to that which is attached to the Medical Exam form (see previous point).
Written declaration that you have not been denied that right to drive motor vehicles or ride motorbikes by law, nor have been subject to intervention or suspension. Written declaration that you do not hold another license, issued in Spain or in another European Union country, of the same category class applied for. Photocopy of your driving permit or license, in the case that you possess one, issued in Spain or any other European Union country, accompanied by the original document that will be returned once collated. The number of seats (including the driver’s) must not exceed 9, of which the mass must not exceed 750 Kg. The said vehicles can carry a tow attached of which the maximum authorised mass does not exceed 750 kilograms.
The said automobiles can carry a tow attached, of which the maximum authorised mass does not exceed 750 kilograms.
These videos show just a handful of ways  they might attempt to steal from you, so remember some basic advice to stay safe. The victim may need to report the theft to the police, and spend time and money at the local British Consulate getting an emergency travel document.
He attacked her from behind, stabbing her repeatedly in the neck until her head was completely severed. She added that the court found Deyanov had been in an “acute” phase of his schizophrenia at the time, meaning he could not discern reality. And it’s the lack of any single, hard-hitting policy change, or an inspirational rival, which is keeping Rajoy ahead. The license must be shown upon request to any law enforcement organization that requires it.
You must demonstrate the condition of the said document during a minimum continuous period of six months in Spanish territory. Nor can you have undergone suspension or intervention Gather the required medical exam (aptitud psicofisica) for the relevant category class being applied for.

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