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These are the bits and pieces that will endear you to your client, make you stand out from the crowd at those networking events, and keep you curious and creative.  These are also the hidden nuggets, sometimes trivia, but often genuinely useful bits of information that will get you closer to that 10k hour expert status you are charging after. As a design professional I know lots of clever ways to make something work visually that might seem otherwise impossible. It is important to note that while Spanish moss will not technically harm a tree, it can present a threat, in addition to being an eyesore. Since it can be such a pain and time-consuming job when it comes to killing Spanish moss, it is probably better (and worth the money) to call in an arborist or other tree professional to do the work for you, especially for larger trees in the landscape. In addition to hand removal, the most cost-effective method of Spanish moss control is by spraying the trees with Spanish moss herbicide. There are generally three types of sprays used for killing Spanish moss: copper, potassium and baking soda. This is an ideal solution for use in more open areas too, rather than near houses because it has a tendency to stain. Using potassium for spraying trees with Spanish moss is another method that quickly kills this bromeliad. Baking soda is considered the safest solution (besides hand removal) for killing Spanish moss. Prior to use, it is recommended that you physically remove as much of the moss as possible and then spray the affected tree(s).
Savannah is the largest city in Chatham County, Georgia, but still feels like a small, sleepy southern town—and the hospitality of its residents reinforces this feeling. There are several ways to see the city as a couple: choose a comfortable trolley tour or be more adventurous and make your way around town on a Segway with Segway of Savannah. Savannah has a humid, subtropical climate so, if you visit in the summer, take a walking break on one of the breezy restaurant patios for a glass of sweet and cold southern iced tea. There are more than 100 distinct neighbourhoods in Savannah, but the most popular tours all cover the downtown area, which includes the Landmark Historic District and Victorian District.
You will see the First African Baptist Church, Juliette Gordon Lowe’s birthplace (the founder of the Girl Scouts) and many other gorgeous, historic homes, some of which offer tours of their beautifully decorated interiors.
From the City Market, you can easily walk just a few blocks to River Street, one of the most interesting areas of Savannah. When you are ready for dinner, The Pirates’ House is a fun place to eat with great food.
Spend a day or a week in this wonderful southern city and you may find yourself making plans to return! First let’s talk about red bugs and chiggers, microscopic irritations said to live on Spanish Moss. The botanical name, Tillandsia usneoides (til-LAND-sia oos-knee-OY-deeze) has an interesting background.
Can you please advise on how to get rid of spanish moss or at least try to and how to prevent further growth of it? I have used it on the mantle at Christmas time, really pretty with white lights, but I put it in the freezer for a month, before, using it. I am trying it as a screening use on my deer fence on my deck on third floor, I put up so my cat would not jump off.
I am curious, how much of this ball moss is edible in one sitting and what kind of nutrition can we expect as a percent of specimen weight ? I am a chigger magnet, and experienced the pleasure of there company from Kansas to Carolina, never gotten them from Spanish moss, always from grass or brush.
The birders I went out with many years ago would sprinkle sulfur (sulphur) powder around their ankles and waist and that worked to repel chiggers. Hmmm… I have had some luck with fingernail polish, and it apparently does not matter the color.
I live on a 17 acre lake and have chiggers in my yard, all items I find say harmful to fish and marine daily life. Also, regarding Spanish Moss and chiggers: when I was 15, I jumped and pulled a long segment of Spanish Moss from a tree.
I agree I have lived in Florida since I was a babe and clear polish works its the only thing. Folks have used it for years in this area for country decorations, but they always bake it first in the oven to kill the bugs. I use moss often in flower arrangements, to cover the dirt in potted plants … and even in art.

The funny thing about Spanish Moss is that hanging moss has no red bugs but once it is put down on the ground for bedding it is immediately full of red bugs. Disclaimer: Information contained on this website is strictly and categorically intended as a reference to be used in conjunction with experts in your area. Again, professionals are the best choices for this, as they are more equipped for handling and spraying large trees that would not be feasible to the typical homeowner. While all are reasonably safe to use and may even provide additional benefits, some may present challenges too. You should also check the label to make sure it can safely be applied to the trees with Spanish moss you want to treat. But, again, there are things to keep in mind when choosing this method to get rid of Spanish moss.
There is also a commercial product called Bio Wash (add ? cup of baking soda or potassium bicarbonate per gallon of spray) that is said to work well.
Draped over the live oak trees that fill the many squares in Savannah, Georgia, it hangs in ragged festoons from each of the branches and contributes to the relaxed mood of this southern city.
Or, since Savannah is considered one of the most haunted cities in the south, take a tour of the haunted homes and cemeteries. And while you are there, be sure to try some of the local seafood—a shrimp po-boy (a fancy shrimp sandwich) is always a good choice. With fresh seafood right off the local shrimp boats readily accessible, there are no fast food restaurants here! Savannah’s historic district has 22 squares, which are basically lovely little parks surrounded by gorgeous homes. After your tour, stop by the Savannah City Market, where you will find dozens of shops and restaurants.
Lined with shops and restaurants converted from the old cotton warehouses that once provided a livelihood for Savannah residents, the old facades of most of the buildings remain and provide a beautiful and charming area to shop and eat.
When the restaurant was first established in the early 1700s as an inn for sailors, many an unfortunate grog-drinker found themselves knocked out, dragged through the tunnel hidden in the restaurant, and shanghaied into service on one of the many sailing ships in the harbour.
It thrives here in the south, especially among live oak trees that provide the plant with perfect minerals and nutrients. They might inhabit Spanish Moss but to be utterly frank I have never gotten chiggers from Spanish Moss in trees. It was chemically stripped of its outer gray bark and use for that purpose up until about 1960. Oral extracts of Tillandsia usneoides in a few studies have reduced blood glucose in laboratory animals. Tillandsia recurvata, right,  is similar to Spanish moss except it is compact and has larger growth, which also makes it easier to get an edible nibble. Nothing works as well as Deet for keeping them off of me, and I’ve tried everything but salted pork fat. After all, she grew up in hard times and her brother was very much into the old Indian cures. I found out a few years ago when I went on a tour of the everglades and asked the guide what you could survive on if you got stranded.
This is about keeping you on the leading edge of your business, at the forefront of your industry, in the know with the hottest, latest, and greatest introductions in your chosen field. If you are one of the haters and looking for ways to get rid of Spanish moss, then this article should help.
That being said, precautions must be taken when using this method to get rid of Spanish moss. However, copper-based sprays can cause damage to tender growth on trees and any overspray may become potentially harmful to the surrounding landscape.
You can purchase premixed copper sulfate sprays or mix your own using one part copper sulfate and one part lime to 10 parts water. So, for example, if your tree is sprayed in the morning, the Spanish moss should be dead by that afternoon – or within a couple days for certain. Baking soda has a high salt content, so it shouldn’t be used on trees with new, tender growth, as this can cause damage.
Or you might notice the lovely, historic homes, many of which are hundreds of years old and have witnessed the American Civil War. After lunch, make a stop at one of the locations for Savannah Candy Kitchen, since you must try some pecan pralines—and they offer free samples.

Wear comfortable walking shoes for River Street because the ballast stones that make up the street are not easy to walk on.
Spanish Moss is actually a flowering plant, an epiphyte, which means that it relies upon another plant to grow, since it cannot grow on its own (much like orchids). The bottom of the growing tips (pictured above) provides about one eight of an inch of almost tasteless green.
I have handled it and been in it many times over the decades and not once have I gotten chiggers from Spanish Moss from trees. It is said the Spanish had beards and the moss looked like their beards so it was called Spanish Moss.
Tillandsia honors Erici (or Elias) Tillands, 1640-1693, a physician and professor who was extremely frightened of water. It blooms in the spring with a blue-violet flower and tends to be about the size of a baseball but can be smaller or much larger. We have a lot of it growing here in College Station Texas and I would like to learn how to extract its medicinal properties and learn a little bit more about its edible tips. Nail polish will work by smothering them, but if you don’t put on a enough to cover the bite well, they will move over ! So when I am going out to a grassy area during chigger season, I always spray down with DEET containing insect repellant, especially around the ankles and waist. It is much too easy to get lazy and complacent and I urge you to find  out the Spanish moss bites available. I look for the unusual, the off-the-wall, the who-knew factors.  I find it fun but best of all it makes me top of mind with clients and prospects. Or possibly it’s the ballast stone street that runs along the river, paved with stones tossed out from the cargo ships that had used them as ballast on their long sea voyages; these stones have seen a lot of history. It probably takes twenty or thirty calories to get that little green tip which probably only provides less than a calorie of energy. It is not a parasite but an epiphyte so it doesn’t harm the tree unless it grows so prolifically to shade the tree from sunlight. He would take a long journey on foot rather than take a short boat trip to the same destination. Sensitive to freezing Ball Moss can be found from the southern United States to Argentina and Chili.
If hanging moss is taken and put on a raised platform for bedding, then its not on the ground. That being said, you can normally reduce the growth rate of Spanish moss simply by providing adequate fertilizer and water to your trees. As early as 300 years ago it was called Old Man’s Beard, White Beard and Spanish Beard. Jumping spiders, by the way, are bight little creatures with at least two large eyes out of the eight. Other claims for it include treatment of infant epilepsy, estrogen substitute, and antibacterial uses. But it does have uses and since I am asked about Spanish Moss all the time here’s an article about it. In 2004 a Japanese company reported an extract strengthen and protects skin capillaries and slows skin cells decline. Just like you, Deane, I get red bug and chigger bites from some grasses in some areas also. I am saying it has never happened to me.  You can, however, get chiggers from Spanish Moss on the ground. It’s found in the southern United States, the Caribbean, Hawaii and Australia, where it was introduced. Little suckers like to crawl up my shoes and get into my socks so I get bites all over my legs.
Treating chigger bites is a surprisingly controversial topic involving a lot of hardcore angry fanatics. Some authorities say the bug bites and hangs around thus smearing something on it is a good idea.

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