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Spanish rice is my favorite go to dish for potlucks and family functions, because it is easy, filling and travels well.  My niece loves my rice and always requests it for her birthday or other parties. You will FINALLY get your green chile recipe = ) It only took me 4 years and starting a blog to do it!
This is how my mom makes her rice except she puts all the ingredients in a blender with cumin and garlic and water and pours if over the rice when it’s finished toasting. Not very long ago, Mexican restaurants used to be rather scarce on Oahu, however they’re now popping up all over the place.
The Tamal is described as “Shredded chicken or pork (chosen) steamed inside a masa coated cornhusk. The Chile Relleno is described as “Roasted Anaheim chile stuffed with cheese and deep-fried in a delicious fluffy batter, then smothered in verde sauce and more cheese.
The salsa had a nice balance of chunkyness and wateryness to it, while flavor-wise, it was typical and familiar, having just the right balance of latin seasonings, along with a refreshing hint of cilantro and onion, spicy heat, sweetness and acidity goin’ on. If there’s ever a sexy Mexican dish, the Chile Relleno has to be up there as one of THE sexiest. The Tamal was fantastico as well, with a quite thick wrapping of steamed masa encasing the tasty, mildly-spiced, fall-apart moist ‘n tender shredded pork. The texture contrast of the mealy masa when eaten together with the fibrous pork meat, along with the zippity-zap kick from the zesty-yet-comforting rojo sauce semi-absorbing into the masa, all work together so, so, SO well. Along with that, Mexico Restaurant’s house Spanish Rice and Refried Beans were equally, absolutely DELICIOUSO. The rice had just the right level and blend of spices, along with just the right balance of moisture and overall texture, and thankfully, they actually add SALT to it, so it’s not bland at all.
The refried beans definitely tasted like they were made in-house, and not something out of a can, with a unique sort of gooey texture to it, in a good way!
Summing it up, 4 SPAM Musubi for Mexico Restaurant’s house Spanish Rice and Refried Beans.
And believe me, later that same evening, this made for one multifaceted, DELICIOUSO late night dinner “snack”! Which goes to show, you never know what you’ll discover all around these incredible islands, unless you really go off the beaten path and explore it! Word on the street is that Serg’s Mexican Kitchen, 2740 East Manoa Rd, Honolulu, HI serves Mexican Coke. Pomai, after looking at your entry and of the tamale reminded me of how I made tamale at home.

I have also passed the tradition down to my husband and stepson who ALMOST make it as good as I do! It is also the favorite of one of my grandsons, he doesn’t eat much but he will eat a whole bowl of this stuff.
Mozzarella sticks always remind me of the spring that the The Phantom of the Opera came out.
Actually documenting this recipe was tough, it is one of those things that I just throw 5 handfuls of rice, a couple cups of water, etc.  So I had to measure everything out. You could really taste the roasty-toasty skin, while the meat of the chile practically melted apart, completely immersing its earthy-peppery flavor with the unctuously-decadent, ooey-gooey melted cheese entombed in it, all for my for my heated dining pleasure.
Thankfully, here they do here at Mexico Restaurant in some way or method, however they do it. A superb value, the food here tastes authentic (at least to the best of my experience), and most of all, everything was absolutely DELICIOSO!
And Spanish rice reminds me of fall.I realize Spanish rice has absolutely nothing to do with fall whatsoever, but I have this really distinct memory of my mom making enchiladas, beans, and Spanish rice one fall afternoon after school in high school and I remember really enjoying it. One key ingredient is the Knorr Tomato Bouillon with Chicken Flavor, you can find this in the Hispanic foods area of most grocery stores or order it online.
I think being from Arizona has something to do with that weird Spanish rice-and-fall association: There are not a lot of visual cues that fall has arrived when it happens in Phoenix, so your brain has to latch on to some other kind of cue.
They were also nicely spiced and SALTED as well, as I’ve also had my share of refried beans from other Mexican restaurants that were bland for the same reasons mentioned about the rice. Give it a try, you’ll love it alongside some Creamy Chicken Jalapeno Enchiladas or Beef & Potato Enchiladas!
Also, Spanish rice is kind of orangey-red, so I guess there’s that.So I thought it would be fitting, with fall just around the corner, to share with you my family’s Spanish rice recipe so you can enjoy it too!
This recipe has been adapted from the one my aunt, who is a professional chef, served in her restaurant when she lived overseas, so you know it will be good!There are a lot of Spanish (or Mexican) rice recipes out there, but what makes this one extra good (in my opinion) is that it isn’t mushy—this is a dish that can easily get a mushy texture if your ratios are off, and the way this is cooked, if done properly, will keep that from happening. The other thing I love about this recipe is it will never need to be seasoned after-the-fact! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a bland bowl of Spanish rice just begging for some flavor. Different kinds of rice require different water-to-rice ratios, and getting this ratio wrong is what will leave you with mushy rice.
I vastly prefer the onion pureed so that you get its great flavor without risking biting into a chunk of onion later—I hate that!Set your pureed onion and garlic aside.

The grains of rice will start to appear a brighter white color and some may be a bit browned as well. This, once again, helps keep the rice light and fluffy.It shouldn’t take long to mix in the tomato paste, so once that’s done it’s time to season the water. Add salt and pepper to taste.Seasoning the water is the key to making sure your dish doesn’t turn out bland—the way the water tastes before the liquid is absorbed into the rice is the way your rice will taste when it’s done! If your water tastes bland, your rice will too.Stir your rice occasionally and let it cook.
The way the water tastes before the liquid is absorbed into the rice is the way your rice will taste when it’s done! DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I will receive a small commission on products purchased through these links at no extra cost to you.
I would instead suggest making sure you have a very large skillet to give everything room to breathe (for lack of better word), or perhaps instead of making one mega batch make 2 smaller batches. I’ve never actually made enough to serve 12 (but I have made enough for 6) so I’d be interested in hearing how it turns out! On Thursday, I tried your technique again substituting Puerto Rican seasonings for the chili powder and using tomato paste in place of tomato sauce. My husband and I are on a low carb diet and ate a small serving each (wishing for more), but our tall and lean grandson raved about it as he proceeded to finish the whole pan in one sitting! Alas, no leftovers!Reply Shelby saysSeptember 19, 2014 at 9:47 am Gabby, thank you for answering my question.
I plan to make this on Sunday afternoon and will try to let you know how it turns out next week. Please include a crediting link back to my blog should you wish to share something I've created with others. In sharing, please do not reproduce a post of mine in full, copy and re-post text in this blog, or reproduce more than two photos from a post onto your blog without my explicit permission.

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