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CopyrightThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. I was comforting Elliot when the boy's mom came up and said "Now kiss his hand where you bit him!"  The look on Elliot's face was the look of sheer terror. If your kids calm down because of the Get Along shirt, it's probably because they'd have calmed down either way.
This will teach them that sometimes it can be fun to play together, and that there are some perks to having a sibling. Why not take the punishment aspect of the "get along" shirt away entirely, and instead make it appeal to your kids as something awesome they are allowed to use if they get along?"I have this huge shirt, if you guys get along, you can both wear it at the same time!

A split board in a condominium or homeowner association exists when there are two (or more) factions of directors with different goals or visions for the community. We have to teach them to respect their own bodies, to respect other people's bodies, and to have a respect for personal space.
It creates dissension in the community and commonly results in unfounded accusations of wrong doing from both sides. A common example might be a community that has one group of residents that are willing to increase their maintenance fees to maintain and even improve the condition of the property for resale purposes, while another group wants to spend the least possible amount in order to keep their monthly maintenance fees down. The 5 majority is supported by the association, but still having trouble getting past these bullies.

In this case, the investing party would have a majority, while the conserving party would have a minority. The investing party gets what they want and the conserving party loses consistently because their goals are in direct conflict with the majority.
Think carefully about how the board and manager should respond to the minority and their constituents (the owners that support the conserving party).

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