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After setting up all the information, click "Next" to read some note about boot OS from SSD. Then click "Finish" it will back to main interface automatic, and click "Apply" button to commit the operation. This operation involves the system partition, therefore the operation need to be completed under the Pre-OS mode. If you are running out of space in Ubuntu Linux in VirtualBox then you will need to increase the hard disk size and then re-size the partition. Now that the VirtualBox hard disk has changed the partition needs to be changed in Ubuntu so that it can be used. Once downloaded insert the GParted ISO file into the same VM CD drive and tick the live CD checkbox.
Once GParted has booted you should be able to see your partitions as well as the un-allocated partition.

Right click the partition that is nested under the extended partition with the file system lvm2 pv and deactivate the partition. You can see that the hard disk size has increased but the space is not being used by the Ubuntu filesystem. The above uses the parameter -L which tells Ubuntu the size of the logical partition in gigabytes. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In this window, you could modify the information of the partition on new disk, includes partition size, drive letter.
Some of them buy a SSD to take the place of HDD, others buy a bigger hard disk instead of the old smaller one. Because only with Windows command Copy&Paste, you can’t clone successfully, since a disk not only contains data but also some settings that you can’t see directly.

Luckily, the above mentioned program - AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition can help you extend partition too. Sometimes, Windows Disk Management can’t extend partition because of its limitation but AOMEI Partition Assistant break it. ConclusionAOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition as a great partition tool, have already gained many reward from the software market. From the latest version, it developed an amazing function called “Windows To Go Creator”, you can create a portable Windows 8 without buying Enterprise Edition. Moreover, AOMEI company has another backup as well as clone software - AOMEI Backupper, it will do the resize during the cloning process.

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