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Do you have Windows 7 or Visa installed on C Drive(or any other drive) and are looking for a way to extend it? I have Windows Vista installed in C drive, my D drive is almost free and I don’t use it much. If you are beginner or a pro, it doesn’t matter, today I will clear all misconceptions and solve this problem once and for all. When you right-click on Windows partition(in my case it is drive C), you will find that Extend Volume options is grayed out(not highlighted), the reason for this is that there is no unallocated space yet.
Note: Backup all of your data and move them to USB or some other drive before you delete the partition. To delete drive D, right-click on it and select Delete Volume just like its shown in the screenshot below. Note: This only works with contiguous space after the partition, which means that the unallocated space must be immediately next to the primary drive where windows is installed.
I don’t get delete partition option highlighted even in safe mode and in administrator login, what could be the way out, I want to merge D drive into c.
WARNING: Forcing a deletion might cause unexpected errors in the application that is using this partition .
If your drive D is empty(and you have made a backup of all files), then obviously it is safe to delete it. I looked for HOURS trying to find out how to do this, then your site with it’s step by step solved it in thirty seconds! The main problem that most are having is how to extend a partition that follows the unallocated space. If it is not contiguous, there is a slight space between the D and C blocks, how do I make them contiguous? I read your thorough description but when I open my Disk Management my D partition does not have the green border around it.
Fantastic guide, I’ve been trying to solve this problem for my wife ever since she installed Vectorworks (which is huge) on the paltry C drive partition her HP Compaq came with.

I bought a Asus Eee 1015PEM-PU17 this week and immediately proceeded to upgrade the Ram and change a few other things including getting rid of the D drive which for some reason has more than half of the total GB’s.
Had C and D (which Windows 7 upgrade did automatically without asking when originally uploaded onto laptop).
Somehow in the graphical display of the drive space, C (which has everything on it, including Win 7) is to the RIGHT of D (which has been cleaned to nothing. I ve tryed to do it, but even my c is next to unallocated space ”extend volume” always stays grayed out,  could it be something else?
Recently, Windows 7 has become popular due to its highly publicized advantages over its predecessors. My C drive is out of space or low disk space, I want to decrease the partition D size and increase C drive size.
These are some of the images that we found within the public domain for your "Red Particles Effect Transparent" keyword. We have provided the original source link for you to also credit the image(s) owner as we have done here. After reading different blogs and forums I have found that most people are looking for it’s solution.
Right-click Computer, select Manage, and finally click on Disk Management on the let sidebar.
To create an unallocated space, delete any drive that you don’t need anymore.Since my friend want to merge D drive with C, therefore I am going to delete the D drive and create some unallocated space. Remember, you have just deleted the volume not the partition, to create an unallocated space you will have to delete the partition. I hope this handy guide helped everyone out there who were facing the problem same as my friend.
It means that when you deleted the partition E, it was next to D, you must make it next to C and then it will merge with C, otherwise it won’t. If your D drive is primary, it doesn’t matter since you have your OS installed in C drive.

I spent all night last night trying to fix it and was thinking that I killed a brand new net book and what the wife will yak about. I had the problem with the EXPAND being grayed out too and couldn’t find a help for that until I came here.
At the same time, how to partition Windows 7 system hard disk is a question that is becoming urgent for Windows 7 users. Unfortunately when the OS was installed the partition C(which also has the OS) was made to have arnd 136 gb space and the other partition D has only 10 GB!
Was told by a guy at the computer shop today they would have ot reload everything and rebuild the C: drive for $85 to accomplish it.
How to let the unallocated space (Which is clinging to the partition D) be clinging to the partition C?
Created simple volume in space, transferred data from D to new volume and deleted D so now C, New volume, Free space. Since I am trying to expand the C partition it will not work since it is not contiguous to the C partition.
One thing though, in my case there was another partition between Drive-C and the deleted one , which added some complication to the instruction. I deleted volume the drive e and it got free space then I deleted this partion as you described. I need to knoe either how to delete the D partiition or move the new partition created next to the C partition. I read the instruction again and decided to take a risk by deleting the one in between also. While Windows 7 partition software - EaseUS Partition Master has ability to move partition and resize partition in Windows 7 Operating System.

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