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Home Knowledgebase How do I enlarge a small selection of a PDF page and print it so that my selection will fill an entire page? So tired out from all the FoQ excitement - loved seeing all you old and new friends in person!
On our etsy listings, I promised a little tutorial on how to print our larger-scale patterns over two pages, the size they were designed to be stitched.

Ok, when I first planned to do this little screenshot-tutorial, it involved a couple of ticks on the print dialog.
You can use the Snapshot Tool to select a portion of the current page, then send that to your printer, or you can zoom the page to display only that content you want and send that to your printer.
Of course, there’s nothing stopping you stitching them smaller, but the level of small detail in some of them will make that tricky.

The overlap doesn’t really need to be a full quarter-inch, but it does ensure that your printer gives you a decent margin and the overlap makes it nice and easy to tape together just so.

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