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Microsoft says that increases of page file in size usually don’t require a system restart for the changes to take effect, but ,I think, I need to restart my Photoshop. Also, probably, it makes a sense to move Photoshop scratch disks to another drive away from the system page file (scratch disks are files that Photoshop uses when the physical memory is full).
On the Performance dialog, click the Advanced tab and then click Change under the Virtual Memory heading. Upon completion you will see the Virtual Memory settings as shown in the above screen shot. In order to get the best performance it is best to create a paging file on a different partition than the boot partition the drive that contains that operating system, which is usually the C drive and to also create it on a separate hard drive. For a paged virtual memory all implementations divide a specific virtual address space into pages, blocks of contiguous virtual memory addresses. But completely moving the paging file from the boot partition to a different partition can create problem. Upon following the above-mentioned steps you can now easily change the size of virtual memory of a computer running on Windows XP and Windows 7 and increase the performance of the system. 4 Once we click "Advanced system settings", we need to click "Settings" in the "Performance" menu. 7 To change the size of virtual memory, we need to uncheck "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives". This concludes our tutorial on how to change the size of virtual memory on Windows 10 computers.
If you have problems with any of these steps, ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below. The swap file (virtual memory) is disk memory that the Windows operating system uses to help manage applications when they exceed the amount of RAM configured in the computer.

To change the size of the swap file on Windows XP, click on the Start button and then right click on "My Computer" to bring up a small pop-up menu. Pazdziernik 18, 2013 przez Aslam Kalla Zostaw komentarz Zmien rozmiar pamieci wirtualnej, aby zwiekszyc szybkosc komputera.
Czy otrzymujesz zadnych ostrzezen, ze jest malo pamieci wirtualnej, Nastepnie nalezy postepowac zgodnie fajny poradnik, aby zwiekszyc pamiec wirtualna. Teraz nalezy usunac zaznaczenie pola automatycznie zarzadzac rozmiar pliku stronicowania dla wszystkich dyskow.
Przenies do kierowania Etykieta woluminu, dla ktorego chcesz zmienic lub pliku stronicowania pamieci wirtualnej pamieci. Kliknij opcje Rozmiar niestandardowy, wpisz nowy rozmiar w megabajtach w polu Rozmiar poczatkowy (MB) lub Maksymalny rozmiar (MB) pudelko, kliknij przycisk Ustaw, a nastepnie kliknij przycisk OK. Wzrost wielkosci zwykle nie wymaga ponownego uruchomienia komputera, aby zmiany odniosly skutek, ale jesli zmniejszyc rozmiar, musisz ponownie uruchomic komputer. After setting the virtual memory, you will see a file named pagefile.sys in the drive where you set the virtual memory. It is an integral part of computer architecture, which is developed for multitasking kernels.
Pages are usually at least 4 KB in size; systems with large virtual address ranges or amounts of real memory generally use larger page sizes. Windows uses the page file to write out debug info when the computer system crashes with blue screen of death (BSoD) or stop error. It's important that the swap file be allocated an amount of disk space appropriate for the amount of RAM in the computer.
Nie sadze, ze to bardzo trudne do zrobienia tutaj, aby pamietac, iam Ci pomoc z kazdym problemem widoes.

If you get the blue screen of death, ita€™s not an easy process at all to read the file and even if you can, it can be quite complex. If you have any other comments or questions, please leave them in the comment section below.
Opinions vary on how big the swap file should be, but most state it should be at least two or three times the size of the amount of RAM. Before starting the main discussion I would like to say something about virtual memory again. Its implementation requires hardware support, typically in the form of a memory management unit built into the CPU. This means if you have 512MB of RAM in the computer, the swap file should be configured to something like 1536MB of RAM. Ten rodzaj stronicowania pamieci wirtualnej lub plik moze byc trzech czasie RAM zainstalowanej. This technique virtualizes computer architecturea€™s various forms of computer data storage such as random access memory (RAM) and disk storage, allowing a program to be designed as though there is only one kind of memory. This is important for machines that have critical data, but for the average user, this is not a big deal.

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