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Today I decided to create one unusual tutorial about landscape change effect, which you can apply for any image that you want. Copy background layer twice using Ctrl+J, turn off visibility of the background layer (click on the eye, which indicates layer visibility) and don’t touch it so far, work with the Layer 1 copy.
Copy the layer once again (Ctrl+J) and change blending mode to Screen on the second copied layer (it will be above all the layers). There should be three layers at the moment: background layer with the original image (with visibility turned off), the layer with edited image and the upper layer with very bright colors.
Using the Rectangular Marquee Tool select the left part of the picture like on image below.
Under the folded corners shade is needed, for this purpose we’ll create a new layer, assign Soft Light blending mode to it.

To increase contrast lighten edges and corners again with Brush Tool (while lightening we shift black color to white #ffffff) as you can see on next image. Sign up for our NewsletterSignup today for free and receive all new free tutorials published at Photoshop Star. Clean as soon as possible with a mild solution of half a cap-full of Windolene or similar glass cleaner and a soft cloth. Apply grout sealer to the joint after 30 days, following the manufacturer's directions.
If tiles are to be used in your shower they will require frequent periodic cleaning in order to remove soap scum, hard water deposits and body oil. Choose soft-edged brush, 80 px in diameter, black color (#000000), 50% opacity and with the help of Brush Tool darken the area under folded corners.

Do not use commercial tile cleaners, commercial fungicides, chlorine bleach, abrasive cleansers, detergent, ammonia or petroleum or animal fat-based cleaners.
In the case of tile with a high-gloss finish, one cap-full of Windolene or similar glass cleaner can be added to one quart of warm water to remove any water streaks.

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