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Mathematics is one subject that can best explain harmonies of the micro and macro universe. One of the leading smartphone maker, Apple, is being rumored to showcase a new high-end iPhone model in 2017 that will sport a curved glass case and 5.8-inch AMOLED display.
On the specification front, Apple's next-generation iPhone is expected to include wireless charging and new biometric recognition technology like face and iris scanning, presumably accomplished through a front-facing camera.
Apple's iPhone 7s model thought to serve as a keystone in 2017's iPhone lineup and is expected to keep Apple in the running with competitors who use similarly exotic materials in their flagship smartphones.
The smartphone industry has been buzzing with the news of iPhone model Apple has been working on.
The recent reports also indicate a change in the design of the upcoming model as it is likely to sport more curved edges.
The new iPhone SE might feature same looks as is seen in the series of ongoing iPhone 6 models. There is no doubt that the model has certainly been equipped with loads of features like a barometer that will help the Health app check for changes in elevation, however, the absence of fingerprint reader and 3D Touch might keep away a certain portion of Apple lovers trying their hands on this model. Magic numbers are a lot like mirrors that either reflect a universal rule of the nature or present before us a partly solved mystery. Apple owns a number of patents covering secure facial recognition technology, including IP that relies on 3D rendering for increased levels of accuracy.
By launching next year, Apple will have fresh product on offer during the usual 'S' cycle refresh window, which normally brings internal buffs but little to no aesthetic change.
The handset dubbed the iPhone 5se is as many believe an upgrade to the 2013 released Apple iPhone 5s model. This new revelation makes iPhone SE the first ever upgraded model from the Apple that would have no digit in its name. It is also reported that the model would come equipped with an A9 processor and always-on Siri option.

It will also be powered by an A8 chipset coupled with M8 co-processor that is one of the major components of the currently available iPhone 6 models. This new revelation means that both Apple iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro will supposedly launch on March 15, and would make an entry in stores by March 18. Configuration of a unit as small as an atom – invisible to our eyes – is no less complex than the mind, which most of us fail to comprehend in our lifetime. Many scientists  have, in the past, compared prime numbers in the number theory to hydrogen and helium in the periodic table. It's also being said that Apple may have plans to revamp its entire iPhone lineup next year. The analyst believes Apple is looking to implement exotic materials to further differentiate iPhone from a sea of competitors.
Perhaps not coincidentally, the company recently acquired facial recognition specialist Emotient and real-time 3D rendering firm Faceshift.
Additionally, it will be available in two storage variants: one with 16GB storage whilst, the other one with 64GB onboard storage.
The presence of an 8-megapixel camera on the rear end along with a 1.2-megapixel camera on the front side will allow the handset to deliver larger panoramas and improved quality of autofocus for video recording. Through evolution and annihilation, some numbers indicate a natural order or, should we say, a higher being; a universal consciousness ‘in-charge’ of all activities.
Survival of many species of the planet and even their life is in the order of prime numbers. According to reliable KGI Securities' analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will release a new iPhone with a glass casing (as opposed to the aluminium body in the current generation of iPhone) and an AMOLED display next year.
Kuo expects Apple to choose glass for its new case design as the material is easy to mold and boasts properties that facilitate thin-and-light form factor designs. It is unclear where the new unit will rank in Apple's iPhone lineup, but Kuo predicts two possible scenarios.

Fibonacci Numbers: Fibonacci is a series of numbers that reveals organic properties of a large number of species and their body organs. Even if there are multiple layers of petals, they’re generally Fibonacci numbers, in a sequence that anyone can easily recognize.
The mystic 108: Besides being the oldest in the world, the Eastern religions are rich in philosophy and scientific texts other than routine mythical characters and stories. There are 108 feelings in Buddhism, 108 Gopis in Vrindavan and 108 names of various Gods and Goddesses in Hinduism.
According to many researchers, the number 108 represents the ratio between the Sun-Earth distance and Sun’s diameter. Five, Eight and Twenty Four: According to Baez, a scientist working on the famous String Theory, the combination of 5, 8 and 24 are the strangest numbers in the universe. It has fascinated spiritualists, artists, scientists, mathematicians for hundreds of years. Infinity is real: Contrary to what most people believe (including those who’ve mathematics honors), Infinity is actually a number and not a symbol that students use in calculus or trigonometry to prove or disprove mathematical statements or theorems.
Veins in leaves, spirals in living things, stems in plants, human genome DNA, the divine ratio is found everywhere.
Back in the 20th century, a large number of creative architects and artists used the proportion in their creations. While it helps mathematicians and researchers to solve problems with great ease, it also indicates the sublime reality that the universe indeed is infinite, at least because there is no way we can ever explore all of it in a single lifetime.

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