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Deep below the ocean surface lives a hairy-chested crab whose origins researchers have revealed for the first time. Despite its seemingly remote location down around the hydrothermal vents found in the Southern and Indian Ocean, the maroon Yeti crabs (Kiwaidae) are, in evolutionary terms, relative newcomers that diversified approximately 40 million years ago, according to a study published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.
These "Hoff" crabs, nicknamed after the frequently bare-chested actor David Hasselhoff, have yet to be scientifically described and probably represent two separate species, split off from their hairy-clawed Yeti cousins.
And while food can be scarce on the ocean floor, the creature feeds by effectively "farming" bacteria caught in its chest hair using a special comb-like mouth. Despite such hardiness, however, new research by scientists at the University of Shouthampton and Oxford University as well as the British Antarctic Survey manifests an Achilles heel: changes in oxygen levels caused by global warming. There was once a time when scientists remained blissfully unaware that the effects of climate change could affect even deep-sea creatures living around the ocean's floor. While the reasons for this are unclear, a period of intense global warming spanning several million years that also started 55 million years ago and dramatically reduced deep-sea oxygen levels may be to blame, the researchers speculate.
Should current trends in global weather changes, the Yeti crabs will face the challenging choice of suffocating or starving as circulation between the well oxygenated surface waters and those deeper down likely decline. There is plenty of sand to get your bucket and spade into along Bournemouth’s seven-mile stretch of beaches, from the family-friendly Alum Chine to the hip redevelopment of Boscombe’s Overstrand, with “beach pods” designed by Wayne Hemingway. As you’d expect for a town with a larger-than-average percentage of retired folk, Bournemouth does pretty well on beach access.

Away from the seafront, the Winter Gardens – home to the Bournemouth Balloon – provide a pleasant space to wander and picnic.
Find over 200 inspiring ideas for days out across the UK, in the Rough Guide to Accessible Britain.
Motability Operations Limited is the principal service provider to Motability and the Motability Scheme. At the time they split, the crab traveled east from the Pacific via an ocean super-highway as the Drake Passage, located between South America and Antarctica.
However, with more and more examples such as the Hoff crab emerging, it's becoming clear that most of those who dwell in such regions date back a mere 55 million years or so, with previous inhabitants having gone extinct long ago.
However, if history is to repeat itself, then the loss of the crab and its neighbors will, eventually, be replaced by a new wave of species once conditions become favorable again.
Wheelchair users can travel free of charge on the land train between Bournemouth and Boscombe Piers, as well as on the cliff lifts and have free access to Bournemouth Pier. Flights on the tethered hot-air balloon, allow a panoramic view of Bournemouth and its surrounds – especially stunning on a sunny day. There is plenty of disabled parking along the promenade: contact the tourist board in advance for details of permits to park there.
The balloon is accessible to three wheelchair users at once, though the entrance to the gondola is tight and it is best to call ahead to check there is adequate space available.

Motability Operations Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Several of Bournemouth’s beach offices have “sand buggies”, that wheelchair users can borrow to access the sand – advance booking and refundable deposits are generally required. There are no seats in the gondola so anyone flying and not in a wheelchair, must be able to stand for the full fifteen-minute duration. Boscombe Beach now has accessible beach huts for rent, which include an adaptable space, capable of accommodating up to four wheelchair users at once. The nearest Blue Badge parking to the gardens is around six minutes’ walk away, on Bourne Avenue. Other facilities nearby include accessible public toilets and a shower cubicle, plus mobility scooter power points. Public toilets, including disabled facilities are available 50 yards from the balloon in The Lower Gardens.

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