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January 2016: Twitter sizes updated to new square format (most mobile devices still crop to horizontal). I’ve included ALL essential sizes for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, AND YouTube on the chart. My TOP recommended size: 1200 pixels square is ideal for Facebook posts, Instagram photos, and Twitter images. Update January 2016: Twitter images are no longer cropped to a horizontal in the stream, but are seen in full, up to a square.
Since Tumblr is so customizable and each theme is so different, you’ll have to check your particular theme for guidelines.
Pin and share this complete updated social media cheat sheet with your friends and followers. Hey there, I’ve started designing for clients and want to stay within trademarked guidelines of social media branding.
I am using pixlr to resize my pictures for LinkedIn logos for my groups and it doesn’t give me too many options. With Facebook revealing the new Facebook Page Timeline format,  SEO and social media  clients have been asking me what they should use as their page’s Facebook profile picture and new cover image, and what size the pictures need to be. With the onset of the new Facebook Timeline for Pages format, Facebook will no longer support the 180 x 540 pixels profile image after March 30, 2012. The cover image allows 850 x 315 pixels, giving you a lot of space to communicate a message. Hopefully these new Facebook Page Timeline format image specs will help you improve your Page’s Timeline format aesthetic and professionalism.
While browsing the internet last weekend I came across Delighted Momma’s amazing collection of polymer clay crafts and was instantly inspired. If you are gifted and awesome, like I am not, you can go ahead and free-hand your pixel art design.
Print your shapes onto card stock and then cut them out using sharp scissors or an exacto knife.

I used two different colours of clay, specifically a lovely metallic green and a white glow in the dark colour.
Roll out the clay to a thickness of about an eighth of an inch or a little thicker (I would recommend going a little thicker to make it easier to create a hole for the necklace, maybe 5mm). Carefully lift the cut-out shapes onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and use the exacto knife and the skewer to fix and smooth out any areas that got shmooshed while being transferred to the baking sheet.
DisclaimerThis is a for profit blog and may contain affiliate links that generate a commission for this site. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.
If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. With so many users viewing FB on mobile only, I strongly suggest you use a size that works perfectly on both desktop and mobile. Her straightforward writing style empowers small business owners to make their own graphics for social media success!
I see that LinkedIn is calling it a glitch – but people have been complaining about it for almost 6 months. At that time, everyone started seeing up to a square on desktop, and on the newest phones (iPhone, anyway). Been surfing for hours searching for the latest Facebook event pic size and finally found help via this post. Keep in mind that a 15 pixel radius around your thumbnail will prevent your logo, or whatever you choose to use, from getting cut off in in a news feed or wall, where your comments and posts matter most. However, that message has to creatively be communicated as no contact info, no website address, no pricing and no calls to action are allowed.
Facebook doesn’t currently address any particular restrictions for Facebook Page profile pictures, only cover images.
Everyone loves having new jewelry, even better if you can make it yourself and put your own stamp on it.

Create a text layer and change the font size to between 175 & 195 pts depending on which font you are using and how large you want the jewelry.
You’ll notice that I left some extra white space on the alien shape so that the legs and antennae were more stable. Place your template over the rolled out clay and carefully cut around it with an exacto knife. While some phones haven’t upgraded and still see horizontal, I believe square is the best going forward. I created mine using a couple of free fonts, specifically Nayupixel for the heart shape and Invaders From Space for the alien shape. I’ve run into the same thing with the LinkedIn background – both 1000 x 425 and 1400 x 425 are recommended by LinkedIn! For the alien shape I decided to blend the two colours together to give a sort of marbelized effect, but for the heart pendant I decided to just go with glow in the dark for a more dramatic effect. The only catch was that the fasteners were already attached to the wires, so I had to be extra careful when threading them.
There are lots of ideas around the web but I’m not sure which to go with… Any idea? Let me know your thoughts on the Bokeh effect and today’s freebie in the comments… play nice!
Once and a while you will see someone using it correctly and it will be able to stand the test of time. But for the most part its used incorrectly, used just for the sake of jumping on a trend, and it get’s ruined.
It’s usually a good thing that people have strong feelings about these design choices.

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