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This free online service allows you to take quality passport photos with your webcam straight from your browser. The important thing to remember about passport photos is that they should allow border inspectors to recognize you when they look at your passport. Include a full face, looking straight at the webcam with open eyes from top of hair to shoulders.
Face in photo should have a neutral expression and your mouth closed (no grinning, frowning or raised eyebrows). You should not wear glasses or any head covering, unless you wear one for religious beliefs or medical reasons. Photos should be clear and in sharp focus, with a clear difference between your face and the background.
Always check your government website for the latest photo instructions before using this tool. Click the "Allow" button in the Adobe Flash Player Settings to enable access to your webcam.

All passport photos taken remain online for only 10 minutes and then will be automatically deleted.
The photo sheet is an image which can be printed on a standard 4R high-quality paper (size = 4x6 inch or 10x15 cm) at a retail store that has a photo print machine or online photo print service. After you take a snapshot of yourself (A) you must take another snapshot of the background (B) only. Your hair, skin, eye, jewelry, makeup and clothing color must not match any colors (directly behind you) in the background.
When you take a snapshot of the background (B), the webcam and the background position must exactly be the same as in snapshot (A). This will replace each matching pixel color found in the same position in (A) and (B) and replace it with a solid color in the final result. The photo sheet is a 2400 x 3600 pixel image at 600 dpi (dots per inch), containing multiple passport photos. The 9 MP (megapixel) image can printed on standard 4R high-quality paper (size = 4x6 inch or 10x15 cm) at a retail store that has a photo print machine or online photo print service.

A single passport photo with a resolution of 100 dpi to be used on unofficial documents, for entertainment purposes, web pages, etc. You just need to select the required color (normally white, blue or light-grey) and adjust the settings for automatic background replacement. The correct passport width, passport height and head height range are automatically set, including the guidelines within the webcam output. There's plenty of features that are extremely useful for a business like ours, smart layout printing and order statistics among them.
If you still need to correct some areas after changing the background automatically, it is easy to do with built-in editing tools.

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