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This tutorial will guide you through the process of setting up Microsoft Word 2013 for your MLA Format paper. When you first start Word 2013, you are placed under the Home tab (like in the image below), if not, click on the Home tab.
Note: If you already typed your text, you need to select all your text before you select the font in order to apply the text to the new font.
Click on the Align Center icon on the formatting toolbar (to center your blinking cursor) => Type the title of your paper, capitalizing the first letter and all major words and proper nouns. Alphabetize entries in your list of works cited by the author’s last name, using the letter-by-letter system. Immediately after typing the final line of your paper, press the CTRL key and the ENTER key at the same time to begin a new page (another method is to insert a page break from the toolbar).
Type Works Cited (do not underline, boldface, italicize, or enclose the title in quotation marks). I found this information helpful due to I have been out of school for many years and haven’t written a paper since high school or even previous college years ago.
This example teaches you how to add information to the header (top of each printed page) or footer (bottom of each printed page) in Excel. Note: Excel uses codes in order to automatically update the header or footer as you change the workbook. Unsupported browserThis site was designed for modern browsers and tested with Internet Explorer version 10 and later.
It's easy enough to remember to use 1" margins and 12pt Times New Roman, but the rest of the MLA formatting rules can be difficult to recall off hand.
Proper MLA headers have your last name followed by the page number in the top right corner of each page. Quotes should be blocked if they exceed four typed lines (or, if dealing with poetry, three lines).
In this tutorial, I'm using Pages 5, which is the latest version and comes free with every new Mac. To make sure you have 1" margins, click the Setup button in the top righthand corner of the screen. Press enter so that there is one space below your heading before selecting the Title option from the drop-down menu in the Format panel. Next, go to the Bullets & Lists field, expand the drop-down menu, and press the Plus button to create a new list style.
Expand the Bullets & Lists panel to reveal more formatting options, and set the Text indent to 1 in. The template should now be easily accessible and available to use under the My Templates section of Pages whenever you open the app or start a new document. Creating an MLA style template in Microsoft Word is slightly more difficult than creating one in Pages, but it can be done. Since Microsoft Word's font of choice is Calibri, you will have to change the typeface to fit MLA standards. Keep all Properties as they are, but change the font to 12 pt Times New Roman, and check the Add to Template and Add to Quick Styles boxes before clicking OK to update the style. If your name intersects with the page number, adjust the right margin until the two don't intersect. Next, click on the Format drop-down in the bottom left of the menu, and select the Paragraph option. Press the Enter key once more so there is a space between your heading and what will be your title.Modify the Title setting to create your MLA title style. Press the Enter key so that there is a space between your title and what will become the body of your template.
Press Enter once more so there is a space between your body text and where your block quote will be. Now, your template should be easily accessible under the My Templates section of the Word Document Gallery for use whenever creating a new document. You have now successfully made MLA style templates in both Pages and Microsoft Word, which you can use to easily set up an MLA style paper whenever you need.
It's always best to follow along with the tutorials so you'll learn how to get the most out of your own apps, but if you're in a hurry, we've included MLA style templates for both Microsoft Word and Pages crafted with this tutorial as well.

If you have any further questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section down below!
A letter of intent (sometimes referred to as a letter of interest) outlines the intent of one party relative to another.
In business, a letter of intent is commonly used as an initial proposal to the other party. Remember, most of the provisions are not binding and are a starting point for negotiations. We hereby submit a letter of intent to purchase your business Rain Gutters R Us, its inventory and other assets. We would acquire Rain Gutters R Us including its facilities located at 123 Anywhere Street, its logo, brand, brand equity and customer lists.
As part of this letter of intent, we would require that you cease shopping for other buyers for a period no less than 60 days to provide us time to complete due diligence and finalize the agreement.
If we are selected as a prospective buyer, we anticipate that from the selection date to the closing will take no more than 45 days. I wanted to confirm to you in writing my intent to accept the football scholarship offered to me by Awesome University. Please send me information that will help me get ready for the season including information about enrollment, housing and training. Sample Letter of Intent for Acquisition - iastate.edu - This one includes various legal provisions. Sample Letter of Intent for Graduate School - nyc.gov - Example of how to write a letter of intent to attend graduate school (submitted along with the graduate school application).
About the National Letter of Intent (NLI) - ncaa.org - An NLI is used to prohibit other schools from recruiting a student that has signed a letter of intent to accept a scholarship at a specific school. Disclaimer: The content on this page is intended for educational use and not to be construed as legal or professional advice. Pokemon Go has been updated with an experimental new system for finding Pokemon in your vicinity. Other highlights include the return of battery saving mode on iOS, the ability to change your Pokemon Go trainer name just once, and key art of the three Pokemon Go team leaders. Added a dialog to remind Trainers that they should not play while traveling above a certain speed. Fixed a bug that prevented ”Nice,” ”Great,” and “Excellent” Poke Ball throws from awarding the appropriate XP bonuses.
We’re currently testing a variation of the “Nearby Pokemon” feature with a subset of users. To select all text, press CTRL+A (that means holding down the CTRL key, keep holding it then press the A key on your keyboard). Your header with your last name and automatic page numbering should appear at the top left of your paper.
If you have Internet sources, when you type in the URL, Microsoft Word automatically apply the hyperlink to it. On the Design tab, click Current Date to add the current date (or add the current time, file name, sheet name, etc). That's why you should have your word processor remember them for you.In this tutorial, I will show you how to make MLA style templates in Pages and Microsoft Word to eliminate the need to remember each and every style rule each time you write an MLA style paper. MLA papers should be printed on 8.5"x11" (US Letter) paper, and even if your essay is to be submitted digitally, it should still be formatted to this paper size.
If you're using another version, the steps should still be very similar—and even on the iPad or in the Pages for iCloud web app, you can follow most of the same steps to format your document in MLA style. Pages defaults to the Body option in the Format panel, which is what you want to use to set the style for the bulk of your paper.
Insert random text to create placeholder paragraphs for the time being, just so your paper will look almost like a real paper. In the Format panel, open the Text drop-down menu and click the Plus button to create a new style. Name the list style Block Quote, or something else that's easy for you to remember for quotes. Expand the List Styles drop-down again and click the blue Update button to save the style.

Your document is a perfectly formatted MLA document—albeit one with dummy text instead of real content—and it's ready to be saved as a template so you can easily reuse these settings in the future. I will be using Microsoft Word 2011 to create my template, but the steps should be almost the exact same using Word 2008 or newer on the Mac, or Word 2007 or newer on a PC. For Position, you will want to select Top of page (Header) if it isn't already default, and for Alignment, select Right. To do this, highlight all of the header text and go to Home > Styles, and press the Window button.
Change the font of the heading to 12 pt Times New Roman, and change the spacing to Double, which is notated by the lines placed furthest apart in the second column in the second row under the Formatting section of the menu. Open up the Styles menu and click the Paragraph button to the right of the Title option and select Modify Style. By pressing enter, Word should default to the Normal text style, which is what you want to use for your body text.Modify the Normal setting to create your body text style. By selecting that option, the file should save to My Templates, which is the proper directory for this file. If your essay also needs a works cited page, you can use sites such as Easybib to easily set up MLA style bibliographies.
You can download them from the link at the beginning of the tutorial, and then save them directly in your copy of Word or Pages for easy access.
These types of letters can be used in a variety of situations including business negotiations, to signal the intent to purchase real estate or by recipients of scholarships or college admissions to indicate the intent to accept a formal offer. Continue reading below, where you will find two different sample letters of intent as well as additional tips and resources. All of the terms and conditions of the proposed transaction would be stated in the Purchase Agreement, to be negotiated, agreed and executed by both parties.
You should remove the hyperlink by right-clicking on the URL => choose Remove Hyperlink. You'll only need to make the template once, and every time after that it'll only take a click to get your paper formatted correctly. Block quotes should not be put inside quotation marks unless you are quoting dialogue, and they should follow a colon.Turning MLA Style Into a TemplateAll you need now is to turn the MLA page formatting into a template, so you can easily use it whenever you need to write an MLA formatted document. Make sure that the Add to template and Add to Quick Style list boxes are checked before pressing OK to save your settings. Make sure the Add to template and Add to Quick Style list boxes are checked off before pressing OK to save your style.
Open the Styles menu, and click the Paragraph button to the right of the Quote option and select Modify Style.
Rename your file to something along the lines of MLA Template so you can easily find it. One of the ways it does this is through a set of documentation style guidelines, which is used widely in the United States and elsewhere, especially in academic settings. Then, when you need to make a new MLA formatted document, it'll take only one click to create with perfect formatting. But, you could follow most of these steps and make your own template document, save it, and then just duplicate that document any time you want to make a MLA formatted document.
In Humanities classes such, as english or literature, you'll more than likely have to format your essays in MLA formatting. Press the Paragraph button next to the Header option, and then select Modify Style.Change the header font to 12 pt Times New Roman. It's not a perfect solution, but it'll still be better than tweaking all these settings every time. This will automatically add the page number to your header as your document spills over to other pages.

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