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Microsoft would love for you to go out and purchase a $150 Xbox Elite Wireless Controller for the Xbox One and unlock a load of customization features. What this means is instead of having to remap buttons on a per-game basis, you can instead do it from within the Xbox Accessories App. Microsoft is also looking into allowing the same remapping feature to be made available on PC, but for now that’s a work in progress.
Those ready to make the jump to Xbox One S will have at least two game-specific bundles to choose from if these reported leaks are any indication.
The first one is a blood-red console which comes with a Play Anywhere download code for Gears of War 4: Ultimate Edition. It also includes a controller similar in theme to the Gears of War 4-themed Xbox Elite Wireless Controller which was announced at E3 2016. The information on these bundles comes courtesy of NeoGaf member and Twitter user ekim_gaf.

Xbox One S will support 4K resolution and is due to launch this August and Gears of War 4 releases on October 11. Recent years have shown an ever increasing drive towards sustainability, also known as corporate social responsibility (CSR) but what is understood by sustainability?
However, Microsoft isn’t one to ignore the demands of Xbox owners and has this week delivered on a promise by introducing the ability to remap buttons on the standard Xbox One wireless controller. So when you change X, for example, whichever other button you are replacing will have its functionality mapped on to the X button. You can read more detailed information on how the remapping functions on the Xbox Support page.
The limited edition is said to run $449 and comes with a 2TB hard-drive – with price subject to change. And how can VFP contribute to sustainable development?We have a strong position in the B2B (business to business) market.

This can also be done on a per-user basis, so everyone who uses your Xbox can create their own global button mapping preferences.
Because of this position many aspects of our work can only be influenced indirectly and are therefore hard to change. However, we can have dialogues with both our customers and suppliers in working on better, more sustainable methods and products.
The action plans and associated approach, identified through this model, set targets and timelines that will be communicated to all of our stakeholders.

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