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This guide is reprinted from issue 213 of Play and is part of a much bigger tips, tricks and treats feature that will help you make the most of your PS3. If you want to replace your PS3 hard drive with a bigger one, we’d recommend doing so.
Insert a USB memory stick or external hard drive, navigate to ‘backup utility’ in system settings and choose back up.
Screw the replacement into the caddy (not too tight) and replace it into the PS3 – give it a push to make sure it’s in place. Many a times, we cannot watch our favorite shows on television or catch a live game because of unavoidable circumstances. The problem can be corrected by simply changing the hard drive of the TiVo with another hard drive that has more space.
Once you are done with replacing the old hard drive with the new hard drive, check if the recordings in your TiVo are going as per your satisfaction. The issue is available through the Imagine Shop, or on the Apple Newsstand, should you want to turn your PS3 into a BEHEMOTH OF FURY. So as not to miss out on our favorite entertainment programs many of us use the TiVo or the digital video recorders. The hard drive of the TiVo can be replaced with a not-so-high-quality hard drive to save your programs. Hence, you will not be required to invest in a new TiVo simply because of lack of memory space.

Disconnect the TiVo from the television set as well as from the power points it is attached to. Replace the old hard drive with the new hard drive by simply unscrewing the screws that hold the hard drive to the bracket.
Reprogram your TiVo set so that the new hard drive has the information on what programs to record, how to establish connection with the TiVo services and how to surf the channels. After reading lots of online reviews, I decided to get a Thinkpad E145.The laptop was offered in different configurations, and I decided to pick the one that shipped only with FreeDOS installed. The replacement becomes necessary if the original hard drive becomes non-functional or doesn’t respond to booting.
A head screwdriver and the tools in the TiVo upgrade kits are all that you need to open the TiVo and replace the old hard drive. Do not loosen or pull out the wires that run in between the hard drive and the TiVo’s screen. The DVR deletes the programs that we might like to watch over and over again or haven’t watched so far.
There are many cost effective brands of hard drives available in the market that provide larger memory space. You will have to purchase a TiVo upgrade kit from the electronic shops that sell TiVo sets.
The interface cable is not hard to miss; it is a ribbon-like cable with a plastic end that goes into the drive.

It is important that you select a drive that is compatible with the device, and that fits it as well. Once they don't hold the plate anymore, you can carefully remove it by pulling it from the location of the screws up towards you.The original hard drive is attached to the laptop with two additional screws. The laptop that I bought does not have an optical drive, which means that you will have to put the installation files on an USB flash drive or stick to install the operating system on it. I added a 128GB mSATA SSD drive which hosts Windows OS (C) while the hard disk became drive D for data.
Reply Olly March 13, 2014 at 12:03 pm # From the photos I'd say Martin would have to give up his internal wifi card to pull that off, even then I'm not sure it would fit.
Looks like the long gap to the left of the wifi card has not actually got a second mini PCI-e socket, just room for one should they want to add it to some models of the laptop. Reply Nelson March 15, 2014 at 3:18 am # I upgrade laptops at my job with SSD's almost weekly and can attest to the speed difference.

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