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If you open a NOOK Book or sideloaded EPUB file for the first time, after you select it, you are taken to the starting point that the publisher has chosen for that item. If you are opening a NOOK Book that you have read on the NOOK Tablet before in any of the NOOK Apps, NOOK Study™, or original NOOK, you are taken to the last location you were reading.
As you’re reading, swipe right across the page to go to the previous page or swipe left across the page to go to the next page. To exit the Reading Tools, tap anywhere on the reading screen without those tools appearing. Figure 3.18 Tap the Lock button to keep reading this book in portrait mode, even if you place the NOOK Tablet on its side. The current font selected is highlighted in teal and has a small arrow to the left of the font name. You cannot change the text font if the publisher created the content with a specific font embedded in it.
Tapping Publisher Defaults to On changes all settings on this screen to the options chosen by the Publisher for all content that you read. Your NOOK Tablet enables you to change the color scheme, space between lines, and margins while reading.
The Margin options determine the amount of white space on the right and left sides of the text. One of the most convenient features of your NOOK Tablet is to quickly look up the definitions of words you don’t know. To search your ebook for a specific word or phrase, tap the Search button, and then type the text you want to search. Finally, if you select a word while reading, from the Text Selection toolbar, you can tap Find.
When reading one of these enhanced NOOK Books, you will encounter the enhanced material, as shown in Figure 3.22. Earlier today B&N finally admitted to the existence of the new Nook tablet (the one that leaked last week). I sat down to write this after having been out of the event for about half an hour now, and I have got a pretty good idea what I think of the Nook Tablet. But I'm comparing the tablets as media devices, so the related media abilities weigh heavily on my mind. Yes, I have an Amazon prime membership, so the Kindle Fire would have all sorts of content I could use for free.
Now that I've picked the Nook Tablet over the Fire, let  me make this a little worse for Amazon. My second choice in the Nook vs Kindle Kire competition isn't the Kindle Fire; it's the old Nook Color. By the way, if I were in the product announcement meeting, I would want to know whether there is anything in NT or NC which would prevent it from supporting Epub 3. The insides are different, but I’m not sure the Nook Tablet will improve my reading experience. The Netflix support (which the leak implied would be NT only) is also coming to the Nook Color.
On the other hand, it would allow me go get a new toy and give away the old one as a gift, and the price is certainly right for upgrading. So, Netflix HD (not that I care too much), better battery life, and the fact I know someone who could use a Nook Color might push me into buying. The Nook Color initially shipped with more user data, but dropped it back to 1 GB in the May units.
Again, a BIG part of our disappointment is the result of my unwarranted speculations, and I’m sorry for that. I used to spend my days watching Apple product hype, only to be followed by release and immediate disappointment. The biggest complaints I’m seeing are about the lack of Bluetooth (especially for a keyboard). While I agree that the Nook tablet surpasses the Kindle Fire, this is currently a game of leapfrog. Hardware will come and go, but I want to be sure I have access to the biggest book, music and movie collection, and I think Amazon will stay in the lead there. I am admittedly in the B&N ecosystem for my ebooks, but it is primarily because of their openness to third party vendors. I do believe that if any company has the infrastructure to compete with Apple for an online media ecosystem it is Amazon, but lets face it, Barnes and Noble couldn’t even come close. Apple is a clear example of why you would want vertical integration: if you control your customer base, you have a captive audience and can make more sales.
As a customer, content partners are nice because I can pick and choose the best services and the products are more likely to be friendly toward end-user control. Please Donate or SubscribeThis blog is largely funded by advertising and affiliate fees, but donations will always be gratefully accepted. The idea of these comparisons is not only to show a winner - and sometimes, there isn't one. We want to clearly show how the two devices rate side by side, so everybody can see the difference and choose for themselves. I understand you need to rate these on their stock features, but I think it's worth at least mentioning that the Nook has a much, much higher potential if you are interested in rooting and installing custom ROM's. I actually like both of these but One thing I do not like about either is that Neither one Has bluetooth.
The watermarked EPUB and PDF formats sold in our store can be transferred to your eReader by plugging it in directly to your computer. The watermarked EPUB and PDF formats sold in our store can be transferred to your eReader using an eBook management and conversion programs such as Calibre.

If a book is available as an eBook on our Store, the available formats and prices will be displayed on the product page, as highlighted in the image below. Once you've completed the purchase, your eBook is available for download on your Account page (accessible at the top of any page on our sites).
Once on your Account page, all of the available formats for your purchased eBooks will be displayed as links. WINDOWS USERS: If this is the first time you have connected your NOOK HD or NOOK HD+ to your PC, Windows will automatically update any drivers. The NOOK HD or NOOK HD+ will then appear in Windows Explorer as a drive labeled either as NOOK or by the model number: NOOK HD is BNTV400 and NOOK HD+ is BNTV600. MAC USERS: If this is the first time you have connected your NOOK HD or NOOK HD+ to your Mac, you will see a NOOK drive on your desktop or in Finder. Copy the EPUB file from its location on your computer to the My Files\Books folder in the MyNOOK window.
On your NOOK HD or NOOK HD+, from the Home screen, tap Library and then tap the Options and then tap Refresh to update your NOOK's Books folder.
From the Home screen, you can type the title in the Search My NOOK box and then tap Return to do a quick search for the book. On your NOOK Tablet or NOOK Color, from the Quick Nav Bar, tap Library and then tap the sync button to refresh your NOOK's My Documents folder. There are two ways to load eBooks onto your NOOK (called sideloading): by connecting your NOOK to your PC or Mac and copying the files over, or by copying the files to a MicroSD card and inserting that card into your NOOK.
Copy the EPUB file from its location on your computer to the My Files\Books folder in the NOOK window. On your NOOK, tap from the Quiv Nav bar, tap Library and tap the sync button to refresh your NOOK's My Documents folder.
Another easy way to manage the eBooks on your NOOK is to use a free eBook management software for your PC such as Calibre.
Open the Reader Library software and connect your Reader to your PC or Mac with a USB cable. Drag your eBook from your Library to the "Reader" icon located in the left nav area of the Reader Library software. Click on the Reader icon to verify that your new book has successfully transferred to your device.
Connect your eReader device (NOOK, NOOK Tablet, NOOK Color, or Sony Reader) to your PC via USB cable.
To transfer the new files to your eReader, highlight the files you wish to have on your eReader and click the "Send to device" button at the top of the window and select your device.
To protect against unauthorized copying, some of the eBooks we sell as PDFs include digital rights management (DRM) technology. If you open a sideloaded EPUB file you have read on the NOOK Tablet before, it opens to the last page you were on in the NOOK Tablet. The NOOK Tablet switches between these two modes depending on how you hold the NOOK Tablet—flip it sideways to have it shift to landscape, or flip it upright to display in portrait mode. To change the font or the text size, tap the reading screen, and then tap Text on the Reading Tools bar (see Figure 3.19). If the creator of the PDF file embedded a particular font, your NOOK Tablet uses that font. However, if you read at night with no ambient light, you might prefer the Night or Gray option. Your NOOK Tablet performs a search for that word or phrase in that ebook, displaying the results like any other search.
Once you do, you’ll notice the controls as they appear here change up a bit to account for the rest of the actions you can take. If you own a regular NOOK, you will see it listed in the Everything Else list, but you will not be able to download it.
I was at the event (livebog here), and I got more than a few minutes time to play with the new Nook Tablet. When it comes to these tablets, the hardware and software is more important that the overall reading platform. I may have snickered at the Kindle Fire bashing this morning, but there was still an element of truth here and there. But I also have a Netflix membership and I could use it on the Nooks (both NT and NC have the app). As strange as it might sound, I like the older, refurbished Nook Color that B&N sell for $150.
Also, while I’m sure that Calibre will eventually figure out the format, for the time being it cannot. Even the most complicated books load much faster on my Nook Color than any Android application (even on better hardware). However, the Nook Tablet (over Apple, HTC, and Samsung) appears to be the first mobile Netflix HD device, and that’s certainly a novelty. Everything else is related to software, and we’ll hopefully see those addressed in time on both the old and new platforms. The original Nook was unique, and arguably better, than the Amazon offering (although the launch was totally botched), then they had a great color multimedia reader a year ahead of Amazon, and then they introduced a fully-touch screen reader six months ahead of Amazon. I worried over that with my iPad and it hasn’t been an issue, but then the iPad has a lot more internal storage then Fire. Unfortunately, it requires being more responsive, investing more aggressively into R&D, and taking on more risk.
To me bluetooth is a pretty important component for watching a movie in a crowded place plus it would be better in some occasions in comparison to the speakers & their position based on both of them. Click to learn how to transfer and read books on your NOOK Tablet, NOOK Color, and NOOK or to transfer and read books on your Sony Reader.

We will explain how to sideload eBooks with your NOOK HD or NOOK HD+ connected directly to your computer. Microsoft Windows users will see the MyNOOK appear as a new drive in My Computer (you'll see an additional drive if you have a MicroSD card inserted in your NOOK Tablet or NOOK Color). We will explain how to sideload eBooks with your NOOK Tablet or NOOK Color connected directly to your computer. Microsoft Windows users will see the MyNOOK appear as a new drive in My Computer (you'll see an additional drive if you have a MicroSD card inserted in your NOOK Tablet or NOOK Color).
We will explain how to sideload eBooks with your NOOK connected directly to your computer. Microsoft Windows users will see the NOOK appear as a new drive in My Computer (you'll see an additional drive if you have a MicroSD card inserted in your NOOK). These programs will allow you to transfer eBooks to and from your NOOK as well as read non DRM-protected files on your computer. There are more detailed settings that allow customization and personalization, but we'll stick to the basics here. While you can copy an eBook file for use on another device you own, such as a portable eReader or smartphone, you cannot share copies with other people.
If you want to select more than that single word, drag the selection highlight to the end of the block of text you want to select. However, if you want to fix the mode so that even if you flip the NOOK Tablet on its side or upright it remains in the same mode, when you flip the NOOK Tablet, you see a small Lock icon when you shift it back and forth (see Figure 3.18). The current theme selected is highlighted in teal and has a small arrow to the left of the theme name. Tap the Play button again to pause the video, and tap the Pause button to restart the video. On the NOOK App for iPad, you will see it as a title, but when you try to download it, you are informed that it is not yet supported on the iPad.
It's a good incremental improvement on the original NC and it is also quite pretty, but it didn't wow me. There are any number of shiny features that amazon introduced in the past year that I love. If I were really going to use it as a media tablet, I could fill that 8GB eight or 9 times over with videos and music. B&N have had their tablets under development for going on 2 years now, and that's why I'm willing to bet money that the Nook Tablet will function better when it ships.
That means I can take out my SD card and immediately be back with the original Nook software (the reader is pretty nice). That, and they’ve almost always been better about supporting user content (the SD card being the most prominent example). Its good they have those options but in terms of price it doesn’t beat what Prime is offering.
Better screen, maybe pen for annotation, Phrase searching across my entire Library, although that kids read thing is very cool..
I also would not use the Fire for an E Reader since it would hurt my eyes very fast in comparison to the other Kindle e readers which use E Ink Tech.
With these other readers you can buy books directly from online stores like ours or on the devices themselves. It is recommended that you disconnect your eReader from your computer when you are finished using one program before starting the other.
Our non-DRM eBooks are embedded with personalized watermarks that help us identify any unauthorized copies found online.
You have six fonts to choose from, and you can see a representation of them in the Font selection. If it finds your word, your NOOK Tablet displays the locations of that word in a scrollable window (see Figure 3.21).
Also, if looked at simply as reading platforms, I think the Kindle ecosystem is way ahead of the Nook.
I expect the Kindle Fire to have more rough edges simply because it is Amazon's first tablet. Yes, it only has the single core CPU, but it also has well developed software, a card slot, and a well developed hacking community.
When it comes to the cloud, multimedia assets, publishing power and stability, Amazon is the clear winner.
Tap the Expand button (four arrows pointing away from each other) to make the video full screen; then you can switch between portrait and landscape mode for viewing if you want.
Tapping either takes you to the browser, opens up the corresponding website, and enters that word as the search criteria. On the other hand the Nook Tablet has a card slot, which means it potentially has an extra 32GB I could use.
You are taken to that location, the word is highlighted, the scrollable window disappears, but you still see the search text box. You can tap the bottom-left button to re-display the scrollable window, or you can tap the left or right keys next to the search word to go to and highlight the next appearance of that word. If you want to search for a different word or phrase, tap in the box that contains your original search term.

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