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For general use a cross-section lining symbology depicting cast iron (see Figure 1.3) shall be used on detail and assembly drawings, regardless of actual material. There has alwas been some confusion over the size of standard ISO drawing sheets with AutoCAD.The stated sizes in the plot dialogue box are not the true ISO sizes, rather they relate to the plotted area on standard size cut sheets. The ISO paper sizes are devised in such a way that each smaller size is exactly half the size of the previous one.
The simplest way to draw drawing sheet outlines is to use the Rectangle command, picking the lower left hand point and then entering a relative co-ordinate for the upper right. The drawing sheet sizes in the table above can easily be used to draw sheet outlines in Paper Space since plotting from Paper Space should always normally be at a scale of 1=1 and Paper Space drawing units should be equivalent to millimetres.
The only other consideration you need to make when plotting in Model Space is the plotting scale.
The table above lists a number of common plot scales and their corresponding plot scale factors which should be used when plotting from Model Space and when drawing units are in metres.
Sometimes, you need the scale factor, which is just how many times bigger the full size is compared to the plotted size.
Why don’t you draw your house in model space and annotate and dimension it in paperspace.

Dear sir i need scale book for text,dimlines etc i’m totally confuse and some times get angry just because when i try to plot my drawing, i don’t know why my text become too small pls i need help! Please send me how to use scale command for home drawing like I draw any pic for scale 1:20, So tell me how to use this type of scale. Obviously it is not possible to print right to the edge of cut sheets, so the AutoCAD sizes quoted are always smaller than the true cut sheet size.
For example, cutting an A3 sheet in half so that the cut is perpendicular to the longest side would result in two A4 sheets.
However, drawing sheet outlines in Model Space is rather more complicated because you need to take into account both the intended plot scale and the drawing units (which may not be millimetres).
This will be different depending upon which drawing units you are using.Working in millimetres is straightforward because you can use the actual scale in the Plot dialogue box since plotted units are also in millimetres. If you can move some objects in the drawing to make it slightly narrower, you’ll do fine. I use this command to enlarge or reduce all of the properties of dimensions so that they are always relative to the printed size of the titleblock.
Send me the details of scale while plotting, I am working both in Meter as well as architectural units also.

You can do this by typing Z E at the keyboard (Z is the keyboard shortcut for the Zoom command). Fortunately there is a straightforward formula which you can use to determine the actual size of your required sheet outline in drawing units.
For example, a drawing to be plotted at 1:500 with drawing units in millimetres will have a plot scale of 1=500. However, running a site like CADTutor does cost money and you can help to improve the service and to guarantee its future by donating a small amount.
In this way, there is no calculation involved (other than the ratio of what the current dimscale is and what i want the new value to be)and no scale to worry about.

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