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Here is a graphic I pulled from the FCJE website, which essentially lists off the steps for applying. HERE is a link on how to apply for an official certificate that certifies Sephardic origin. I know it seems a bit confusing right now, but if you follow the steps and do one thing at a time, it won’t be too bad! This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged apply, citizen, citizenship, sefardi, Sephardic, Spain on August 16, 2016 by A Spoonful of TLC. It should be noted that residency must be legal and continuous immediately prior to application. Those countries with historical ties to Spain and where Spanish or Portuguese is the official language have signed conventions which allow for double nationality and a shortened period of residency as a pathway to citizenship. Those applying under one of the exceptions mentioned above will need to provide additional documentation proving their status as a refugee, spouse, widow, etc.
Applications can be submitted entirely online using the Spanish government’s SEDE electronica or in person at your corresponding Civil Registry. Unlike visa and residency applications, the government has no set time frame for resolving citizenship applications. COMO co-founder Hayley began gathering the paperwork for her Spanish citizenship application in January of 2013.
We’ve all been guilty of chanting “Yo soy espanol, espanol, espanol” at big football matches, but if you qualify there’s no reason not to apply! Cat and Hayley are relocation specialists who can help you move to, live in and work in Spain.
Does having a pareja de hecho also give possibility towards becoming a citizen via residency? What does it mean “both documents will need to be legalised” do you mean compulsada? You’ll have to check with your local Registro Civil to see what availability they have. Is there any impediment to taking out “nacionalidad” and maintaining your original passport (Irish in my case)? I have been a resident since 1996 so 20 years with NIE, I am married to a Spaniard for 20 years have 2 kids that are Spanish born (we have a Libro de familia), plus I am autonomo and own a SL here in Spain. After more than a year of living abroad and juggling Schengen visas and French long stay visas, the time has finally come for me to apply for a Spanish visa. Much like the long stay French visa I received last year, this Spain residence visa allows me to stay in longer than the standard 90 days allotted to American citizens. The visa application process is explained on the consulate’s website but for some reason we never found this Spain visa information before. The most difficult part for me was the fact that I must apply and pick up my issued visa in person, at the consulate within my jurisdiction.
Below are the steps required for the application with some notes and clarifications that I discovered along the way. Note: You can buy this exact travel insurance directly through our site by clicking this link or by using the quote tool on the side bar of this post.
So to be fair, the Spain residency process is difficult, time consuming and frustrating at times. Here are some additional blogger resources for applying for visas in Spain, including the Spanish Residency Visa. Note: If you buy travel insurance directly through our site, this won’t cost you any extra but we do receive a very small commission when you go through our link. Also if anyone at the LA consulate has been helpful or your appointment goes smoothly it would be nice to know who you talked to. It is great connecting with you both here, after having connected with you on Couch Surfing. I have read that some consulates require a letter stating your reasons for wishing to reside in Spain. Most importantly (for me), for this non-lucrative visa did they require that you surrender and leave your passport for the duration of the processing period?
I have read that for student visas they want you to give up your passport and leave it with them. My daughter just got her application for a non-lucrative visa accepted last week at the Los Angeles consulate. They required ALL documents to the certified translated into Spanish including financial statements. At appointment #2 she had tried internet printouts of her statements and current balances and Los Angeles would not accept those. Yes I think they will accept that but you probably need your friend to give you a signed and notarized letter with their address inviting you to stay. Hi Bill-I came across your questions on Auston’s blog and was wondering if you could me out!
Did you have to leave your visa at the consulate for the entire time it took to get approval? Hi Auston, I am currently living in Barcelona with a work visa and am looking to switch to a non lucrativa as I am unemployed now. Applying for attendance at a university in Spain is the first step in making your dreams of attending school in this amazing country come true. Here we will take you step-by-step through the process of applying for a university in Spain.
If you wish to earn a Bachelor’s degree at a Spain university, the process of completing an application will vary according to the country in which you obtained your secondary education. For those who are in a European country, application submission takes place through the SNUDE, the Spanish National University for Distance Education. If you are not from a European country and looking to earn your Bachelor’s degree it is necessary that you have a recognition from your high school.
After being granted the Volante Acreditativo it is necessary that you register for a Spanish University entrance exam. Text Analysis: This portion of the exam gives you the chance to choose between two texts, written in Spanish. Questions about Spain’s History or Philosophy: You can choose between the two when it is time to take your test. You must successfully complete each portion of the test in order to move forward in the process of attending school in Spain. Those seeking a postgraduate degree should contact the institution they are interested in attending directly to learn the admission requirements. There may be more than one period of applications at the university that you want to attend, as many of the universities offer both fall and summer semesters. Also keep in mind that all of your applications and documents must be submitted in Spanish.

While there are several things that you will need to do to apply for admission into a Spain University, most of those things are simple and easy to do, and certainly are all very much worth the rewards that you will find in the end. The UK’s big breakup with the EU has sent many Spain dwellers into a tailspin on how to apply for Spanish nationality.
The most common way for a foreigner living in Spain to be elegible for Spanish nationality is por residencia, or by living legally in Spain for 10 consecutive years. Also, any time spent in Spain de estancia por estudios, as a student, is not considered legal residency and therefore does not count towards applications por residencia. The cost is 85€ and is administered by official Instituto Cervantes examination centers about once every month. As they say in Spain “las cosas de palacio van despacio.” Speaking from experience, expect to wait anywhere between 18 months to four years for your answer!
She was given an appointment to turn in documentation in May of 2013 and did not receive word until October of 2015 that her application materials had been received and assigned a numero de expediente in Madrid. Apart from a cool burgundy passport, you’ll be able to vote and forget about trips to the dreaded Oficina de Extranjeros ever again! Will I need to apply for another copy of my birth certificate and receive it and have it translated and “legalised” a maximum of 90 days before I hand the documents in? As per the 90 days, yes, you will have to get a birth certificate printed, translated and legalized all within 90 days of tuning in documentation.
At this appointment you also say to the Spanish government that you have already or will renounce your previous citizenship. While David applied for his visa for Spain last October, I didn’t think the path to Spanish residency was as easy for me.
And like the French visa, you must agree to not work in Spain and that you have sufficient income from outside sources to support you during your stay. Now after a moving to Spain and a year and a half later, I finally figured out to how get a long term visa (aka: long stay visa Spain) and how to move to Spain legally.
Since I’m still technically a US resident, I have to apply in Los Angeles since my home address is in Phoenix. Note that these requirements are mostly based on the instructions from the Los Angeles Consulate, which should be the same for all US citizens, though I’ve seen differences and discrepancies on each of the 8 Spanish Consulate websites.
Passport Photos – You must submit two passport photos with your application – another simple step.
Passport – You need to provide your passport during the application process and the catch is that it must be valid for 4 months after you plan to leave Spain. Residence Form – You need to submit the form EX-01 called “Solicitud de autorizacion de estancia y prorrogas” which is essentially the application for the Spain residence permit. US Residency – If you’re a US resident but not a citizen, there is an extra step to prove your valid immigration into the US, but this did not apply to me.
Medical Certificate – You must obtain a medical certificate from a doctor stating you are in good health and don’t suffer any illnesses that would threaten public health. Criminal Record History – You need to submit a Criminal Record History from either your state or the FBI. Proof of Sufficient Funds – Since you aren’t allowed to work while in Spain, you have to prove that you have sufficient income or savings to support yourself during your stay. Proof of Accommodation – You need to also submit proof of where you will live while in Spain, whether it’s property ownership or if you’re renting or leasing. Spouse or Family – If you are married and plan on bringing your spouse, he or she needs to submit the same documents plus your marriage certificate, legalized by the Apostille of The Hague and translated into Spanish. But if you’re like me and really want to move to Spain and continue working on your own terms, then this is the visa for you. The criminal background check and medical certificate are only valid from 3 months of issue.
You probably need to start planning out this process at least 5-6 months in advance for your Spanish residency visa.
I also got confirmation from the Los Angeles consulate that I must apply for and pick up the granted visa in person. These people have successfully received both residence and student visas at various consulates and give good tips on what you need to do it. Making an appointment with the Los Angeles Consulate has been particularly difficult as appointments were not available until 3 months out. There are just a couple things that my mom is assisting me with in the states to speed up the process with mailing. They wanted 3 months worth of statements and they would not accept them unless signed by bank official and stamped (notarized or official bank stamp). You probably also need to submit a copy of their DNI (ID card) with their address to prove where they live. All universities in the country require that an application be completed before one can be considered for admission into a university. Follow these instructions and you will learn for yourself just how easy It is to apply at the university you want to attend. European and Non-European students will need to follow the exact procedures for applications as indicated below.
This recognition certifies that you have attained the necessary certification in compliance with requirements in Spain. In most cases you will need to provide proof of earning your bachelor’s degree, a copy of your passport and transcripts.
For the main semester (summer) it is usually required your application be submitted by July of the year. If your documents are not already in Spanish you will need to have an official translator translate them into Spanish. With this information in tow applying for admission into a Spain university will be simple and easy for you to do. Luckily for everyone, the procedure for applying for Spanish citizenship was completely overhauled in 2015 and the new system, while more costly and restrictive (expect to pay upwards of 200€ for application fees and official exams), is more efficient and can be done entirely online. She was approved in February of 2016 but was not given an appointment for her juramiento until late April of that same year.
But I recently found out that Spain offers a “non lucrative residency visa,” or basically a visa which allows Americans moving to Spain to live there without working.
Though the visa requirements for Spain are mostly clear, it’s one of the more complicated residency visa applications in Europe that I’ve seen.
The Spanish visa application form in Step 2 listed above is specifically for the Spanish residence visa and not necessarily for the Spain residence permit itself. The important part is to ensure the policy covers emergency medical expenses and repatriation services with minimum coverage of 30.000€.
In my case, I am working but because I work for American companies outside Spain, this is acceptable and I just need to prove I earn enough to support myself. In my case, David and I are renting an apartment and we already have a lease with my name listed on the contract.

Although David and I are in the process of getting legally married in Spain, this process didn’t apply to me because I am applying for this visa on my own. Alternatively, you can apply to one of the many English teaching programs which make the visa application process much easier.
So for example, if your background check was dated on May 1st, you must apply for your visa before August 1st. The complications of timing with requesting your appointment, getting your background check or applying for a new passport need a bit of extra planning because they can take a 2-3 months to process in some cases. Other visa types or other consulates may allow you to mail in your application and some allow you to have an authorized person do activities on your behalf. You’ll need to find out which jurisdiction you live in and apply at the consulate within that region. My appointment is currently scheduled for September 9th and all my documents are either collected or in process. They offered to process my visa application as a student spouse since David is currently studying for a masters in Spain.
I am going to update my post after my appointment this coming Monday (Sept 9th) with any additional tips. If the address on the ID does not match their current address, you need to submit a utility bill or something similar with their updated address.
I think our situation may be slightly different because we have to go through Houston instead of L.A.
Luckily you will find  that filling out these college applications is simple and easy to do, and takes only a short amount of your time. Upon completion of the application it should be printed and mailed to the address indicated on the website.
This is also true for those who are returning to a university after already attending or attending a college or university in another country. Make sure that you have all of your information, as well as the application, in as soon as possible. By mid-May 2016 she finally had her Spanish passport and DNI in hand (specifically the hand pictured above)! That being said, there is no follow up to check if you have or do in fact renounce your previous citizenship.
Some states, including Arizona, don’t actually issue background checks so I was required to request my criminal cecord history from the FBI.
The same applies to any children you’re bringing, except the extra document would be the birth certificate(s). The downside is that the visa is only temporary for your job contract, you don’t have a lot of choices when it comes to your cities and school placements and obviously, you have to teach English during your stay. I’ve been emailing them back and forth for months and they did mention the M790 form because I asked if I needed to pay anything else besides what was listed online. In my experience, the consulate is pretty strict so I didn’t cut any corners even though I probably could have translated them myself. They may also want a copy of the Enpadronamiento which is a registration of their address that they receive from their local town hall. You may be asked to submit a copy of a passport, identity card or school leaving certification with the application. The Embassy will provide you with a Volante Accreditation which can be used to apply at the universities of your choice. The other challenge is the visa application process can take up to 3 months for approval, though the Los Angeles consulate informed me that most applications are processed within 30 days.
Be sure you follow ALL instructions and ask questions by email well in advance if you have any doubts. For me this was annoying because I was already in Spain and not at my official residence in Arizona. The FBI requires fingerprints to be taken on a special form and then mailed along with the application. An alternative might be to get an extended apartment through AirBnB or another company that provides housing.
So if you happen to work from home whether it’s IT, graphic design or another field, then this is one of your only options in Spain. My goal next year is to apply for the non-lucrative visa again so I have an entire year to get my financial records in order.
Is there a Spanish government website stating this as it’s much more documentation than I have come across in my own research. So my plan is to fly to Phoenix to get my medical certificate the week before I apply for my visa in Los Angeles. If you plan on living with friends or family while in Spain, they can provide a letter inviting you to stay. Similar visas exist in France and Germany and the process in those countries are easier and more straightforward. The rest of the application process was fairly straight-forward though I’ve made a few updates to the post above.
I spent about 175€ on this plus you’ll need the criminal background (~25€ fees + shipping) check and doctors letter. I was curious whether they care whether you are going back and forth from Spain during this process. I found a doctor in Phoenix specializing in immigration services that charges $140 for the physical and certificate.
And if this isn’t already complicated enough, the final document then has to be translated into Spanish.
I don’t know which consulate would handle your application thought I would assume it will default to the region where you were previously a resident prior to moving to Spain. So trying to get all this documentation completed before your visa appointment is difficult because the process itself can take 2-3 months. I would get in contact with that specific consulate and specifically ask them if you can apply for the visa in Spain or if you need to do it in the US. Make sure you check with both your state and your consulate to determine if you can get your background check at the state or FBI level. Often times, if you are already a legal resident of a country, you can apply for visa extensions in that country instead of returning to the US. However, Spain is rather strict in my experience and may still require you to travel since you are technically switching visa types.

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