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You may have woke up this morning, logged into your Facebookaccount or your new Timeline and not even noticed a change to one of the most important visual features on Facebook. This morning on April 26th, 2012 Facebook implemented a subtle, almost unnoticeable change at first. The profile pictures will be going from its previous 125 x 125 pixel dimensions to a larger 160 x 160 pixel size. Besides compromising creativity, the new dimensions will also impact your previous profile picture’s alignment making your image look off-centered or incomplete. This move by Facebook gives the once smaller profile picture more prominence on your news feed and Timeline Cover while giving the brand pages a boost by creating more space for accommodating logos and other brand images. Next post: Which Pottermore Hogwarts House Has The Most Student Members and House Cup Points? All of my recommended facebook image sizes can be seen on my Social Media Images Test Facebook page where I am constantly testing new image sizes. Since your profile photo helps people recognize you or your business on Facebook, you probably want to make sure it looks good.
When uploading an image to use as your Facebook profile photo the minimum size Facebook will accept is 180 by 180 pixels. If you’re using a headshot as your profile photo I recommend creating a square image that is somewhere in the 900 x 900 pixel range. If you’re using a logo or graphic the minimum size of 180 x 180 pixels will probably work just fine. Pro Tip!: Images that are not square will also be cropped to 160 x 160 pixels, but you will have some limited control in how the image is cropped.
The Facebook cover photo is a great way to quickly show your audience what you’re about. The recommended Facebook cover photo size is 828 by 315 but you can upload larger images and Facebook will give you some limited control on how that image may be cropped.
Because your Facebook profile photo overlaps your cover photo on the left side, I recommend keeping your primary content of your Facebook cover photo either centered or right-aligned to create a visually balanced profile. If you need some help designing a Facebook cover photo, you can use services like Canva or PicMonkey which are online image editors and they have perfectly sized templates for Facebook cover photos. Remember that every time you upload a new Facebook cover photo it is shared with your fans as a photo post. And just to make things extra confusing, the Facebook Group Cover Photo is slightly smaller than the Facebook Cover photo for profiles and pages.
Instead of giving yourself a headache trying to fight the wiggle room, I recommend creating your Facebook Group Cover Photo to Facebook’s suggested size of 800 x 250 and focus on more important things. According to a 2013 SocialBakers study*, 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook are photos. Before I get into the nitty-gritty, let me state for the record that knowing what the best facebook image sizes is good to know, but creating and sharing GREAT content is WAAAAAAYYYYYY more important than making sure your images are the right size.
One downside to the 1280 x 720 size is because it is shorter and longer than most other standard Facebook shared image sizes it sacrifices quite a bit of pixel surface area.
There are however a couple social uses where the square shape isn’t ideal, and that is for promoted posts on Facebook and as Video thumbnails on YouTube. When you share a link on Facebook, Facebook will try to pull in an image from that page to give additional context to the link. To have your link display a large rectangular image above your link title and description, you need to have an image either on or assigned to that webpage that is larger than 600 x 315 pixels. When you create an event on Facebook, you have the ability to add a cover photo for the Facebook event page. And lastly, your event cover photo will be displayed in the lefthand sidebar on a page timeline as 52 x 52 pixels.
If you liked this post, found the information helpful, and want to see more posts like it, please let me know in the comments below or by sharing this post with your peers. I know this is an older article, but I needed a refresher on sizes for a FB campaign, and this is great. Changing Facebook profile picture isn’t a tough job, but anyhow while doing it create some issues.

Step 5:- Then click the Camera Symbol on your profile picture and upload your required photo which you like to make it as your Facebook profile picture. Hope you like this tutorial post and it would be helpful if you’re searching for changing the profile picture without cropping in Facebook. Click on the existing profile picture and Select the picture you want to set it as your Facebook Profile Picture selecting from your Computer.
From a comment made by Joe below we are adding also a new method how to change your Facebook Profile Picture without Cropping.
Click on the Image you want to set as your Profile Picture and a window opens up showing your private photo. The dimensions of the profile picture have been changed, subsequently users will most likely have to remake or re-align their profile pictures to accommodate these new dimensions.
Simply put, Facebook wants to enlarge the profile picture to better display user profile photos and brand pages. Plus the location of the profile picture has also changed and is now located 210 pixels down from the top and 23 pixels from the left of page.
Well for one those users who have already experimented with Timeline Covers and the clever integration of the profile picture you might have to redo them entirely.
For those who spent some time customizing and creating a Timeline Cover with their new profile picture you might be a little bent out of shape having to go back and create or edit them again.
Once you find a free profile picture editor and free template you can create a distinctive user profile picture with these new dimensions. I’ve also added in a few Bonus Pro Tips to help you make the most of your perfectly sized visual social media images. At this time it doesn’t look like the Cover photo dimensions are changing however the profile photo is getting smaller which will affect layouts where the cover photo and the profile are created to work together. Most people will use a photo of themselves or a loved one for their Facebook profile and most Facebook pages will use a logo or graphic identifier of their business or brand. Once you upload an image 180 x 180 pixels or larger Facebook will resize it to 160 x 160 pixels to fit the space. One benefit of creating your logo art at 180 x 180 pixels is that you will have a more accurate preview of how it will appear when it is resized to 160 x 160 pixels. Doing this will also help prevent your primary content from being blocked by your profile photo when viewing on a smart phone. There once was a time when Facebook frowned upon text in the cover photo, even going so far as to disable pages because of violating the then terms of use. This is also a prime spot to add a link to a lead page or to a specific campaign page if you’re running an ad campaign at the time. So try not to experiment too much by uploading a bunch of images in a short amount of time and possibly annoying your fans.
Now, there is a tiny debate going on about the exact size for a Facebook group cover photo. Okay, so you know sharing image posts on Facebook is important to your online marketing strategy.
More specifically, which image size will take up the most screen real-estate in the different views across Facebook (page timeline, personal newsfeed, and lightbox) with the least amount of auto-cropping. What you may not know is that it also happens to be one of the most versatile image sizes you can create your social content at and the fact that it is a popular HD video size is a primary reason it’s so versatile. For the most part a 900 x 900 pixel (or larger) square is a great size to create your Facebook shared images to. On the Facebook mobile App a 900 x 900 (or larger) square image will display as 626 x 626 pixels.
If you are posting the same images on other social networks a square image is very versatile which could save you from recreating and managing images in different sizes. If you or someone else is sharing a link from your website you will probably want to have some control over what image and at which size it will display on Facebook to give your link the most enticing appearance. This is an important step to take because the event cover photo will be used where ever you are trying to promote your event.
It will simply be scaled down proportionally to fit the 784 x 295 pixel event cover photo container.

I help overwhelmed business owners get the strategy and tools they need to quickly create captivating visual content and increase the success of their digital marketing. There’s been a small research saying that Facebook User Interface not only varies for user to user in desktop version , but also while using  Facebook on Various Devices. You’ve just uploaded your desired picture as your Facebook Profile Picture without being cropped. After your new profile picture is complete you can cleverly integrate it into your new Facebook Timeline Cover Photo. And don’t forget to bookmark this post as I will do my best to keep it updated with the latest Facebook image sizes when they decide to change the layout again. Because of this resizing many sources will recommend you create your image at the minimum size of 180 x 180 pixels. I would caution against using group photos or images with a lot of little details as they may get lost at the 160 x 160 pixel size and certainly at the even smaller sizes used throughout Facebook.
If your logo has some details to it that your fans may want to get a better look at you may want to make your image larger to show those details.
One exception to my recommendation is if you intentionally mean for an element in your cover photo to visually interact with an element in your profile photo. However that rule was changed a million years ago in internet time, and there is nothing stopping you from adding text today. Consider making the link trackable so you know how many people are coming from your Facebook cover photo. But, it is a good idea to change your Facebook cover photo every month or so—depending on your post frequency—to keep your page fresh. The confusion stems from that Facebook recommends 800 x 250, but if you were to measure the display dimensions they don’t exactly line up (approx. And with roughly 49% of Facebook’s Daily Active Users accessing Facebook ONLY on a mobile device, you need to consider how your images will look on smartphones and tablets.
Images sized at 1280 x 720 can be used across almost any mainstream social media site with little to no significant cropping or resizing.
That’s 274 pixels taller than how the 1280 x 720 pixel size displays on mobile (626 x 352 pixels).
However, if you are active across multiple social networks, you could save yourself some time by creating an image at 1280 x 720 pixels which will display nicely across almost every social network. It is recommended that you create your Facebook event cover photo to  784 x 295 pixels to eliminate any undesirable resizing or cropping. To adjust for this cropping keep your important artwork at the center of the event cover photo roughly 170 pixels from the right and left edges.
If I am not mistaken the G+ header is still 2120 x 1192, which scales exactly to 1280 x 720. As a gadget freak, SEO analyst, web designer and developer, I love to work with the Burptech team. This type of avatar and cover visual interaction is a lot of fun, but keep in mind how it will appear in mobile or other size screens. Good to know we can start large and reuse the same image at smaller sizes with the same ratio. But while changing your profile picture you will face some issues of making your DP cropped first then it should be uploaded. Unless you are known for intriguing Facebook cover photos, seeing your Facebook cover photo isn’t probably your fans primary reason for visiting your page, so consider their attention span and keep it short and simple. So one would think that if you design to the display size it should match up perfectly, but that’s not the case.
You will notice that you’re able to move both images a little side-to-side which means they are not exact matches to the display dimensions.

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