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Like many devoted traditional archers and bowhunters, I love the stately beauty and the simple graceful lines of recurves and longbows. This article is solely to let the consumer know about new PSE compound bows that have been introduced for 2008! Mission Statement: The WomenHunters™ Organization is dedicated to the encouragement, education and promotion of women and youth in the hunting traditions. We strive to instill the importance of ethics, responsibility and sportsmanship in hunters.
We will share our knowledge and experience while encouraging participation in the outdoors. Designed to get more youth and women hooked on archery and bowhunting, no technologies were sacrificed with the Kobalt™. The Mini Genesis was given to my little sister, who has taken up archery just like her big sister.
It delivers exactly what shot draw archers have been asking for: adjustable draw length, speed, laminated limbs, a forgiving brace height, and unequaled reliability.

There, carefully nestled in a cradle of bubble wrap and crumbled newspaper was a truly beautiful work of art. The bow was as ordered: 58 inches long and 47 pounds at my draw length with a cocobola riser and yew limbs. The Mini Genesis is just like the Genesis only smaller.  The draw weight is lighter at 6-12 lbs and the draw length is just slightly shorter at 14” to 25”. But as the consummate artist, Ric had added some personal touches to my basic bow choices that served to accentuate the beauty of the natural woods and to make this a particularly unique recurve. The Mini Genesis comes in the wild “flavors” of Red Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Black Licorice & Hardwoods Camo.  The boys were in a large archery competition and won some small prizes!
And we’ve outfitted it with our XT500 Parallel Split Limbs and a whole laundry list of technologies designed to deaden all traces of shot-compromising noise and vibration. According to Ric, these enhancements are not just beautiful, but also add to the functional strength of his bows. On the Thermal that I received from Ric, I was both surprised and delighted to discover that the antler overlay and tips he had chosen for my bow were actually Mammoth ivory.

The bow was easy to put together with the included allen wrench and as expected, limb alignment and fit to the riser were both flawless.
Rather than using the B-50 Dacron string that had been sent with the bow, I replaced it with a custom Mountain Muffler string made of 450+, a low stretch, high performance material.
I set the brace height at seven inches, placed a nock point a quarter inch above center and headed to my archery range with a variety of carbon and cedar arrows to shoot the bow. The size of the group was only three inches, indicating that not only was this bow a cosmetic and artistic masterpiece, but it was perfectly engineered and crafted for accuracy.
The base price of the bow is $595.00 and considering the Thermal’s outstanding performance coupled with the bow’s generous standard features, this price is a bargain.

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