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This is just a note to let you know we are aware of the Facebook connect issues that are on going. Effective immediately if you have an item for sale in the classifieds and are requesting payment via paypal as a gift you must change this. Sending and receiving paypal payments for classifieds transactions as a gift it removes any protection for the buyer or seller offered by paypal.
First, a new user will have to wait two weeks before they will be able to start a classified ad.
Please be aware that it takes a little time for the server to recognize and reset your permissions once you have met those two criteria. Just after the start of the new year, The Butty took a trip across the pond to visit the shining beacon of sandwich goodness that is New York City. Having fallen utterly in love, and based on the fact that transatlantic delivery is normally a ridiculous proposition, a dozen stowaways were hustled back into the UK via hold baggage, and frozen, ready to create today’s homage to the West Village. So, after a couple of years cavorting in the mean streets of the UK’s undisputed food capital, The Butty has upped sticks and moved to the first city of the Scottish empire, Edinburgh.
For this sandwich, the haggis is cooked for a good ninety minutes in the oven, wrapped in foil, and sitting in a pan of water to make sure it stays moist. Once the meat is cooked and you’ve slashed the bugger open to unleash its steamy contents, several big, heaped forkfuls of the innards go onto some well-buttered wholemeal toast. Like the last sandwich on here, this really is great winter fodder - hearty, filling and warm. Having melted the meat and cheese together into a glorious, bubbling mass, supported beneath with the crustiness of a pan-fried slice of a good white loaf, the second slice seals the butty. The steak sandwich an entry that’s been requested of this blog relentlessly over the last year.
Brunch sarnies are no exception to all this - it’s a time when the usual rules can be cast aside, and some truly magnificent brekkie-lunch combinations can come together.
For the filling, some Oscar Mayer bacon is grilled just short of super-crispy, and stacked on liberally. The Reuben is probably the most famous sandwich in US history, and has a history all of its own - no less than three conflicting stories exist around its origins, and it’s been a stalwart in the States for decades. This version subs that corned beef out for ridiculously lush sliverside pastrami, giving a magnificently moist meat, and technically making this into a Rachel. It might be a little bit obscene when you compare it to our gentrified, Anglicised perspective on sandwiches, but its absurdity carries right through to the taste and shameful satisfaction. To go with the cheese, there’s piccolo tomatoes, sliced cucumber and wafer-thin Pink Lady apple, all conspiring to give a fresh fruitiness that goes with the tang of the cheddar and cuts through the creamy Stilton.
There’s a wee Italian deli round the corner from the office that knocks out some cracking sandwiches. This sandwich is inspired by one of the hot, pressed meat and cheese focaccias from the deli - albeit with a few tweaks. Ok, it’s pretty far from the deli original, but it takes the basic idea and builds on it with new ingredients and new flavours.
Hair Highlights: Add Zest to Your Look With Hair HighlightsWhat better way to add pizzazz to your look than with hair highlights? We take no responsibility for the content on any galleries which we link to, please use your own discretion while surfing the links.
This will go for all users, if you have been a user for two years and have 10 posts, you will not be allowed to start a classified thread until your post count is at least 20.
While the ordering process is classic NYC (don’t even think about going near the counter unless you can rattle off your order in under 3 seconds) they make even the best London Bagels look like anaemic pretzels. In addition to heaps of both (the top and bottom slices are smothered with a thick, thick layer of Philly), there’s some chopped capers along with dill, lemon juice and thinly sliced red onion and tomato. But remember, order fast, loosen your belt, and be sure to get another dozen for when you’re back in the country that bagels forgot. To celebrate this joyous relocation, today’s sandwich is spearheaded by one of the most stereotypical and misunderstood foodstuffs in the world - the haggis. Made of the heart, liver, lungs and various other bits of the sheep, a haggis basically takes all the parts of an animal that most people would balk at eating, and shoves them all inside its own stomach with oats, onion and suet.

On top, there’s a few rashers of sweet US streaky bacon, and a handful of parsnip crisps - just use a peeler to shred a parsnip down to wafer-thin strips, coat with oil and bake in the oven until nice and crunchy. If you want a little bit of extra sweetness, you can always add a little cranberry or redcurrant jelly. Replacing the ham inside is roasted pork loin, cut ridiculously thinly on a deli slicer - the taste is a little more savoury than ham, which can be a little sweet.
It’s one of the few hot sandwiches, alongside the cheese toastie and bacon sarnie, that you can guarantee virtually every omnivorous Brit on the planet has eaten at some point in their life.
You could blog about steak all the live long day, and still not even cover half of what makes it such an awesome foodstuff.
Season it with salt and pepper, and chuck it into a screaming-hot dry pan, turning it regularly until it’s cooked to your preferred level.
Allowing you to mash together elements of both morning and afternoon dining, served up at a time when you’re not at risk of dozing off on your plate. This offering is leaning a bit more towards the breakfast side of things, but don’t let that put you off. The rest of the internals come from some fried sausagemeat, salvaged from several bangers with seriously high pork content (you want 90%+ or it won’t work). It is, however, ridiculously tasty… and goes worryingly well with a little hair of the dog. While the withered version in the chill cabinet holds a fairly ambiguous slice, whose cheesy credentials are limited to colour and texture, this doorstop is packed with some of Britain’s best.
As with so much on this blog, the key’s in the quality and interpretation of ingredients rather than meddling with the basic recipe itself. First up, it’s cold, and not pressed… so, quite a big change, straight out of the gate!
It’s also topped with some Milanese salami and a bit of fiery pepperoni for a salty, spicy kick. Amongst the world-famous delis of Katz and Carnegie, the city plays host to more mouthwatering uses of bread and filling than you could fit into a month of lunches, never mind the few days of this visit. The dough has a glorious, glossy sheen and the interior has a smattering of bubbles and a lovely, slightly chewy texture. The classic nature is a problem - there’s certain expectations, and everyone claims their own version as superior.
While that’s resting (vital for a juicy steak), you can knock up a Chimichurri sauce.
You can adjust the amount of olive oil to make it drier or wetter, but try to keep it about the same as a good pesto.
If the mood takes you, there’s even the option of a glass of something a little more potent than your usual Twinings.
The sausages are sliced open and their meat dumped into a hot pan, before being broken up, seasoned with a little crushed chilli and fried until golden. Food fame, pounding through some inordinately large pile of meat and bread, invariably accompanied by a small lake of marinara sauce and more cheese than a small West Country dairy punts out in a week.
In this case, start with some good cheese - British, preferably - and the rest will fall into place. Finally, the cheese is slightly odd - it’s a geuze cheese, from Brussels, that uses a base of a lambic beer as part of the production process, rather than just using it as a wash. This little puppy really is a product of its environment, in that it’s entirely scrounged from the local Waitrose between uni assignments, trips to lectures and periods of despair relating to word counts. This steak was a response - a horrific, gristly, overcooked experience in a central London pub made it clear that it was time for The Butty to tackle this beefy mainstay. The bread (a nice white tin loaf) is left in the mixture for as long as possible, soaking up all the eggy goodness before being gently fried in a mix of butter and oil until golden. Well, if you chuck focaccia in a panini press, it punches all the air out of it and makes it far too dense.
It’s simple - a nice, fresh baguette, with a combination of prosciutto and salami making up the meat selection for the day. It’s filled with a lovely amount of fatty marbling and very little gristle - exactly what you want for a tasty sandwich.

America’s other great contribution to sandwiches, the pickle spear, finishes off a ridiculously loaded butty.
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Just remember that there’s no excuse for a bad sandwich, as long as your cupboards are stocked. Check your local beauty supply store or ask your stylist if they can custom make you some in your favorite color.Chocolate TangerineBlondes don’t get to have all the fun! Adding lush tangerine highlights through warm chocolate brown gives hair serious dimension and richness.
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This keeps the look soft and more delicate.Ribbon HighlightsBright blonde and rich medium brown ribbons of colors intertwine to create an attention-grabbing color like none other! Having your stylist create thick ribbons of color give curls separation, straight hair a more textured look, and updos an edge.
Even though these magenta highlights will need to be prelightened first, they will shine through and give interest and a pop of color to your dark hair. Ask your stylist for their recommendation.Soft EleganceSoft blondes and delicate sandy colored lowlights create an attractive and intricate color that many will think you were born with.
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