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Felix Kjellberg is a person who at the age of 25 managed to earn millions of dollars only thanks to his hobby. Video blogger Felix Kjellberg specializes in video games and tells his subscribers how he plays.
In the majority of videos Felix is the main actor but he has people who help him to go through a game. Speaking about the personal life of this universally acclaimed gamer it is necessary to add that he dates Marzia Bisognin. Though at the beginning of its existence it wasn’t so popular but later a young man worked hard in order to attract fans to his channel. At first he just played the game and his offscreen voice shared his experience and emotions with his fans. Because of rapidly growing popularity Felix is forced to visit various events and to take part in some shows. Felix Kjellberg is a unique person who managed to transform his hobby into the way of earning money. He wanted to donate 250 000$ but he managed to gather twice as much thanks to his subscribers.

He wanted to be a video blogger and he started shooting various videos when he was studying at the university. As Felix can be considered a perfect gamer with a great experience, he was offered a good proposition to create his own game.
By the way, PewDiePie channel is more popular than the channels of such celebrities as Rihanna or Taylor Swift. Till nowadays a young man likes this kind of sport and with joy plays it with his girlfriend or friends.
His channel cooperates with the game developers because after his channel publishes video with this or that game the interest to the game arises. Since 2011 he started uploading weekly video blogs where he showed not only going through various games but his travels to various countries too.
It worth to be mentioned that Felix Kjellberg earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records thanks to his channel, which was considered to be the most rapidly developing.

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