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If non-surgical management is not effective to treat Erectile Dysfunction, there is another very effective option: a penile prosthesis. A penile prosthesis or a penile implant, is a device that can be used to effectively treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and if implanted by an experienced surgeon, can last at least 15 years with regular robust use. The technology and engineering over the last 30 years has come a very long way indeed and have gone under numerous engineering advancements. The three-piece device features a fluid-filled inflatable prosthesis that consists of two inflatable cylinders placed in the penis, a pump implanted in the scrotum and a fluid-filled reservoir placed in the lower abdomen. The entire implant is concealed within the body and it is not visible virtually undetectable to the naked eye.
After a man has recovered from penile implant surgery, which is 4-6 weeks, when an erection is desired, the pump in the scrotal pump which transfers fluid from the reservoir into the cylinders. If penile implants are right for you post diagnosis with an experienced urologist, there are a number of important benefits many other treatments such as pills and injection therapy just don’t feature. Firstly, penile implants are the most reliable form of managing erectile dysfunction which means sexual spontaneity is always possible. Intimacy and growth in a relationship, both sexually and emotionally is heavily reliant on a couple’s ability to enjoy intimate sex whenever the desire arises. Reliability is also a key factor and can have a considerable effect on a man’s confidence knowing a penile implant will work every time. Finally, and likely most importantly for most men, performance anxiety and fear of embarrassment is no longer a factor. You will find most private health insurance providers will cover either partially or completely the cost of the implant.
Penile implants for erectile dysfunction have been been continually improved and refined over the last 40 years. Penile implants provide an erection by serving as a replacement for the spongy tissue (corpora cavernosum) inside the penis that normally fills with blood during an erection.
Penile implant surgery is typically performed at stage 2 or 3 of a multi-stage phalloplasty (a minimum of nine months following stage 1.) Recovery time is typically 6 to 8 weeks.
There are three basic kinds of penile implants used in FTM phalloplasty: the non inflatable or semi-rigid implant (malleable and non-malleable), the 2-piece inflatable implant, and the 3-piece inflatable implant.
Inflatable penile implants have two cylinders in the shaft of the penis, a reservoir that holds salt water, and a hydraulic pump to move the salt water from the reservoir to the cylinders, providing an erection. The release valve on the pump drains the salt water out of the cylinders and back into the reservoir.
A 2-piece inflatable implant has the reservoir at the beginning of the cylinders (at the base of the penis) and the pump and release valve in the scrotum.
Because only a small amount of fluid is transferred into the cylinders to obtain an erection, the penis is not as rigid as with a multi-component 3-piece inflatable penile implant.
A 3-piece inflatable implant has the cylinders in the penis, the reservoir in the belly, and the pump and release valve in the scrotum.
More mechanical parts translates into a higher chance of mechanical failure compared to other implants. Highest complication rate. Most centers in Europe have stopped using this implant because, in some series, 50% of implants needed to be removed.
Penis size: Overall size (including intra-operative measurement), ratio between the length to girth of penile shaft, ratio between penile length and size of scrotum, overall size of scrotum, size of glans penis. While the 3-piece inflatable penile implants are the most commonly used implants today, there are compelling reasons for trans men to consider the semi-rigid non-inflatable devices.
Over the long term, semi-rigid implants provide better rigidity compared to inflatable implants, which can lose rigidity over time.

The semi-rigid implant and implant surgery are less expensive compared to inflatable implants.
Unlike cisgender men, transsexual men do not generally get an increase of girth with inflatable implants.
While improvements over the years have made the penile implant more reliable, no mechanical device is 100% free of malfunction, and that includes penile implants. Less common complications include tissue erosion (particularly in the glans), implant malfunction (such as pump or reservoir failure) or defectiveness, and incorrect positioning or migration or the implant. Penile implantation in Europe: successes and complications with 253 implants in Italy and Germany.
Long-term survival of inflatable penile prostheses: single surgical group experience with 2,384 first-time implants spanning two decades. Long-term revision-free survival, greater than 10 years has never been reported for inflatable penile prostheses. The combination of a neourethra and erection prosthesis in a single neophallus in the female-to-male transsexual remains a challenge. It’s worth noting that the first two articles you have listed are reports of cisgendered men with erectile dysfunction, which is very different from trans men. I would also consider getting rid of the last two or three articles you have listed (from 2000, 1997 and 1993) – the technology and experience has changed so much since then, that I think they are obsolete and unhelpful for someone considering an erectile implant today. The studies that reference cis gender men and not trans men are marked as such, but I appreciate the extra detail you provided regarding the differences between penile implants in cis gender vs trans gender populations. I had a great surgy in the late 80’s no complications at all, I couldburinate from myenis as soon as I was out. A Belgo-German partnership, supported by the European CRAFT programme, has come up with an ingenious system for securing dentures. Vander Kerken, a dental technician from the Antwerp region of Belgium, has devised a simple yet ingenious device which can be adjusted to fit each patient.
The lever effect keeps the lower dentures perfectly secure and there's no risk of foreign bodies getting in between the jaw and the dentures.
With its ultra-slim design, this stabiliser is so comfortable that the wearer soon forgets it is even there. Andre Vander Kerken realised that the product, which was originally made from plastic, would find a bigger market, and would gain in terms of quality, if it were made from stainless steel. The development of these dentures - now christened Affix - was assisted by the CRAFT research programme. General Information: The development of a tooth-prothesis-stabilizer prevents the disadvantages such as bad fit, difficukties for the patient when speaking and eating food. André Vander Kerken realised that the product, which was originally made from plastic, would find a bigger market, and would gain in terms of quality, if it were made from stainless steel. These have made implants an effective permanent solution for the sexual satisfaction for a man and his partner. Essentially two cylinders are inserted side-by-side into the corpora cavernosa in the shaft of the penis.
For instance, randomly in the early hours of a morning when taking a pill take is not immediate would not be ideal.
The rods have an outer coating of silicone and inner stainless steel core or interlocking plastic joints. Compared to 2-piece inflatable implants, the reservoir in this type of implant is larger and separate from the cylinders. Can last as little as 3 years before needing replacement, though research has indicated that they can last 10-15 years.

Curtis Crane is a reconstructive urologist and plastic surgeon who performs penile implant surgery in San Francisco. Hoebeke, Karel Decaestecker, Matthias Beysens, Yasmin Opdenakker, Nicolaas Lumen and Stan M. In this report, experience with 35 patients is described, and 1- and 3-piece hydraulic models are compared. The AMS CX prosthesis is used in a 45 year old transsexual, who had a large bulky neophallus constructed from the anterior abdominal subcutaneous fat 9 years previous.
The most recent study, which has the highest number of FTMs with erectile implants ever reported (129), was published in 2010 by Hoebeke et al.
The first article you have listed has a reported complication rate of 20%, compared to a rate of 41% in the 2010 article by Hoebeke et al.
There are various systems for holding them in place: simple gluing, the expensive and more sophisticated implant method, or the traditional, spring-based method. The system, which is hinged rather like the jaws themselves, comprises two parts - one for each side of the dentures - each consisting of an upper and lower arm connected by a spring-loaded hinge, and screwed to the upper and lower dentures. Also, the fixing screws have sufficient play to enable lateral movements to be made without any trouble whatsoever.
Specially designed for SMEs, this programme provides one-off grants to help firms complete a particular product. Fourteen different inflatables were examined including Mentor Alpha 1, Mentor Alpha NB, AMS 700 CX, and AMS 700 Ultrex.
It was this last method which gave Andre Vander Kerken the idea for a particularly reliable prosthesis stabiliser. Metal arms are holding thereby the upper and lower part of the complete prothesis together. It was this last method which gave André Vander Kerken the idea for a particularly reliable prosthesis stabiliser. Researchers estimated that 60% of these virgin implants would survive 15 or more years without revision or extraction. Deflating the cylinders transfers the fluid back to the reservoir and the penis becomes flaccid. Newer enhanced models are currently available, and even better long-term survival for these devices is predicted. It also won the gold medal for the best invention in the field of biomedicine at the 23rd Salon des Inventions in Geneva, in 1995. Such a development can lead only to success by extensive human-tests with various groups of weares, as well as through steady optimization and adjustement.
The aim of these FTE-works is to make it possible for the weares of dentures to speak and eat without restrictions. Through the stabilizer the protesis fulfils the demands of the wearers for functionality, phonetic and esthetic.
This is an important contribution to increase the enjoyment of life and the self-confidence of these people.

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