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I WAS GIVEN A POT OF EUCOMIS BICOLOR, the so-called pineapple lily (guess how it got that name), by a friend who was moving and couldn’t take it along.
When I was given my pot in May, only some of its purple-spotted foliage was showing; Eucomis bicolor awakens relatively late in spring. You know I love “investment plants” that serve to color up the main gardening season year after year but stash easily indoors—whether as houseplants proper, or dormant in the 45-to-50ish-degree cellar like the Eucomis, or (for the toughest of all) just protected from the ice and wind inside the frigid barn. Eucomis can be propagated by seed, I have since read, but take four years to reach flowering size. I have one in ground that has never bloomed for me :( It just grows foliage, and then thats it!
Leaf cutting work great but I find that they reproduce themselves so willingly by offsets that I stopped propagating them by leaf cuttings. I didn’t now what to do, so I begged my customer to tell me what they were so I could care for them and he pointed me to this page.
Today I moved them to a bigger pot, with better drainage and have moved them out of direct sunlight to see if this helps. I grew them this year in a pot, brought them indoors when the weather started getting cold (zone 6). I decided it was time to pull this Pineapple Sheet Cake from the archives and give it better picture. This challenge is part of a Wild Weeds Series where you will learn about easy to identify medicinal and edible plants.
Now for the big, official warning – unless you are 100% sure of what you are gathering, don’t pick it and definitely don’t eat it. You can actually eat all parts of the dandelion (will cover this in future posts), but the only part I would bother with in July are the bitter leaves (less bitter in spring). Plantain (not to be confused with the banana-like plantain!) has been used for millennium by humans around the world as a food and herbal remedy for all sorts of ailments.
You can eat the young leaves of plantain but to tell you the truth there are so many other delicious wild edibles that I don’t really bother it because the leaves even while young are a bit tough. Lamb’s quarters, also known as goosefoot, tastes best when it is young, but it can be used at any time. The world of wild edible and medicinal plants is huge and I hope this blog has piqued your curiosity. Why had I forgotten how easy this wacky-looking South African character, whose genus name means well-haired because of the tuft of brachts topping the flowerhead, is for overwintering in the basement here?
I set the pot absent-mindedly in the sun on a bench by the front walk, and watered it each week—but that’s it. Plant Delights Nursery sells them potted, like nursery perennials, including ‘Sparkling Burgundy,’ with fantastic wine-colored foliage.
A Pacific Bulb Society member recommends growing them from leaf cuttings, and starting from the Eucomis page on their site you can see a wide range of species and varieties. They spend the winter in the basement (frost free) without any care and they always come back.
It’s supposed to be hardy to Zone 10, and you can see the map for its in-the-ground hardiness range here.
As I didn’t know what they were, I planted them in a pit and put on a sunny windowsill and they started to grow, however, soon after producing some impressive purple spotted leaves, they started to wilt. I’m teasing out the uglies (or the besieged, if we’re talking troubled tomatoes or sickly squash), and planning for fall-planting opportunities as I go. For my non-Canadian readers Canada Day, formerly Dominion Day, is Canada’s national day.
Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to 1) get out there and identify a few of these, and 2) try one (or all) of my suggestions. Now for the bad news – it is July and all the dandelions are tasting pretty bitter right now.
Make hot tea with the fresh or dried plant (everything but the roots)…or better yet make iced tea with it (so just make regular tea, let it steep, then refrigerate).

It is a bit of a harder one to identify (check out this video to help id), but once you do you will be thankful because this plant is super versatile and grows all summer. And it is “all good” containing more iron and protein than spinach and numerous other vitamins and minerals. If this is something that really interests you and you want to learn more check out one of my wild plant walks and wild edible dinners.
From its moptop to the purple-mottled stems and freckled leaves to its long-lasting, trouble-free performance, there’s nothing about Eucomis bicolor that I don’t like—except that I don’t have more. The foliage would have been a satisfying result enough, but then in July the flowers started.
With the Eucomis, topdress with all-natural organic bulb food according to package directions when the bulbs begin to awaken and you are watering again each spring, and keep the bulbs well-watered while in active growth for best display. I was so excited by its picture, I bought one for my gramma, neighbor, aunt, and myself with the cute teacup pots for spring.
My mom was not a pie person, so therefore during the holidays she would make cakes and cookies, but rarely a pie. So in celebration of Canada I ask you, what better way to appreciate this country than going on a hike and learning about the plants that inhabit it?
There is such a short time frame available to eat wild edibles, it is nice to take advantage of it while we can. Take some plantain, chew it up in your mouth so it breaks down a bit and place it on the bite. Because lamb’s quarters contain oxalic acid (like all members of the spinach family) consume it moderately (not every day).
I use lamb’s quarters all year in green smoothies, salad mixes, lasagnas, stir-fries, raw food recipes and more.
I am also available for private plant id and foraging walks if you want to get a few people together and organize it.
To your list of plants to stash easily in the basement I would add Salva patens, the only salvia that I know of that has roots that resemble tubers. Now that I’ve warned you I want to say that none of the featured plants have poisonous look-a-likes. The easiest way to tell them apart- wild lettuce (also edible) is prickly, dandelion has no prickles.
Also known as wild chamomile, this plant grows everywhere – sidewalk cracks, the edges of gardens, and disturbed areas.
Even the first bulb that bloomed, more than a month ago, continues to look good, and is setting handsome green seeds.
As for aftercare, yes, I would deadhead it (taking off the flower stem) but I’d let the leaves wither on their own, before removing them. Now if you really want to get into some rarities that are often grown in greenhouses (such as at botanical gardens) but less so by home gardeners as houseplants, maybe browse here. Now, it is not a miracle cure and my bites still itch after a while, but it will provide you with some relief and I find it especially effective on bee stings.
Even though the cake itself contains no fat, this is a very moist cake as long as you make it several hours before it is to be served. For some passing stools once in two or three days may be normal while for others passing stools every day is normal.
The crushed pineapple in the cake makes it very moist, and it just gets better every day that you have it. Some of the risk factors of constipation include:- Lack or inadequacy of fibres and fluids in diet.
Fibres are included in fruit, vegetables and cereals Avoiding or delaying urge to pass stools Certain medications may lead to constipation as a side effect Mental ailments like anxiety disorders and depression Elderly over the age of 55. This is due to slow bowel movements, use of multiple medications as well as a relatively sedentary life. Treatment for constipation is effective but it may take weeks before there is a regular bowel pattern.

Diagnosis usually involves detailed history of the condition from the patient about the signs and symptoms. Details of ignoring urges to pass stool and inadequacy of time and privacy for passing stools are also asked. Lack of fluids and increased amount of red meats, processed meats and canned foods also leads to increased risk of constipation Details of medications and laxative use Several medications may cause constipation as a side effect. Laxative abuse is also an important cause of constipation and needs to be detected while diagnosing constipation.
If inflammatory bowel disease or bowel cancer is suspected a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy is advised.
Previous history of sexual abuse, violence, trauma, fear or unusual attitude towards bowel motions, depression and eating disorders have to be ruled out or detected. Tests include Manometry for Hirschsprung’s disease and Electromyography for spastic pelvic floor dysfunction.
Fibres are included in fruit, vegetables and cereals Avoiding or delaying urge to pass stools. Having limited privacy for passing stools and using a community toilet (in schools, hostels or dormitories etc.) could be a reason for exacerbation of constipation.
Some of the medications that may cause constipation as a side effect include aluminium containing antacids, antidepressants, antiepileptics, tranquillizers, opioids like codeine, morphine etc., antipsychotics used in schizophrenia and other mental health conditions, calcium and iron supplements, diuretics etc. Psychiatric problems, such as ones that result from sexual abuse, violence or trauma may also lead to constipation in the short as well as long run. Mental retardation, Down’s syndrome and other congenital conditions that lead to mental retardation are also associated with constipation.
Possible causes include lack of fluids in diet, lack of fibres, over feeding, malnutrition etc. Constantly intervening while the child is using the toilet interferes with passing stools and may lead to constipation.
This leads to poor bowel habits when the child ignores the urge to pass stools and withholds the stools for fear of experiencing pain and discomfort.
They include:- Including enough fibres in diet - Fibres are available in fruits, vegetables, whole grain rice, whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, seeds, nuts, oats, pulses etc. Some bulking agents like wheat bran may be added to the diet to increase the bulk of the stools and facilitate passage Including enough fluids in diet - Fluids like water and fruit juices help prevent dehydration and help in softening the stools as well. Certain fluids like caffeine, alcohol and fizzy drinks are not good for bowel motions and excessive coffee or alcohol may precipitate constipation. Ideally around 150 minutes of moderate physical activity is recommended every week Developing good toilet habits - The urge to go to the toilet should not be ignored. They lead to formation of soft formed stools after a couple of days of use and ease the process of passing stools.
Softening the stools help in their passage and prevents stool impaction or fecal impaction. These agents take around 6 to 12 hours to work and should be used on short term basis only.
They are also useful for clearing the bowel in patients who are to undergo surgery (especially abdominal surgery) or radiological investigations and imaging of the abdomen. Gentle movement of the baby’s legs in a bicycle motion also helps the baby pass stools. They may be given fibres in diet in the form of fruits like apples, apricots, pears, peaches, grapes, plums, bananas, raspberries, strawberries etc. Laxatives that are safe to use during pregnancy include the osmotic laxatives lactulose and macrogols.

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