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Any landlord will tell you that when all is said and done, the primary objective for investing in rental properties is to make money.
If you do decide to raise the rent for such a tenant, give careful thought to the amount of the increase. Get access to bankruptcies, employment history, medical records, past addresses, evictions and more. Automated tools for Twitter and how not to use themThe importance of security – Have you taken this action to rank higher?
As a small business owner, and despite the emergence and rise of social media marketing in recent years, Google is still going to be a powerful and productive source of potential leads for your business. The final burning issue is that faith and trust in these agencies is low; you’ll be glad to hear that I’m not immune from getting five or six emails every day offering to get my own website ranking sky high! My answer is that you probably shouldn’t do either, as I really do believe that I have the actual answer. When I first set up MiHi Digital I wanted to genuinely help local businesses gain more revenue.
It’s written in plain English and it’s written by me; the upshot of this is that every document is completely bespoke and tailored to your business.
Whichever way you go, all of them now know what they need to be doing going forward; whether it’s adding blogs in an SEO friendly way or uploading images.
Trust is built through delivering results, so I thought it would be helpful to share a few of our most recent audit results, now that they’ve had a few months to work their magic! A competitive market but one we’ve delivered in; this business has seen ranking increases of 70 places inside two months.
Not ranking in the top 100 for the three key phrases that matter; they are three months on, and what is more they’re on the first page for all three! If you want more business from Google then I do believe our SEO Audit is an absolute winner for small business owners; it’s worked for other businesses like yours and will work for many more!
About UsMiHi Digital works with businesses of all sizes across Devon and Cornwall to help them achieve more from the internet.

We then deliver the services that are best suited to your needs; the ones that are going to deliver the best return on investment. Whether you’re a novice, new to online marketing or a seasoned pro, we’d like to discuss how we can help take your web presence to a new level.
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Joe constantly made promises to his friends and family and even to his former employer but he never followed through.
As a Life Coach, I asked him to start listing all the things that he did follow through on. As a coach I challenged Joe to not make a commitment or a promise to himself that he could not keep. What one small task can you complete today that you have been putting off or beating yourself up over.
In fact, we generally want to squeeze every last penny out of our properties, and that means increasing the rent from time to time. Renters will do their homework on what is a fair deal, so you better do your homework as well.
For example, if your rental units are in an area that has seen increased property values, other landlords may be charging new tenants much more than some of your current tenants are paying.
If you've weighed the options and concluded that now is the right time, prepare yourself for negative feedback and having to defend your decision. Stay stuck where you are, or perhaps roll the dice on the quality of the company you deal with? Joe’s lack of confidence and follow through encouraged me to look at any areas of my life where I might have integrity glitches such as not following though or keeping my commitments.
If you feel coaching could empower you to achieve your goals, call or email me to set up a free 20 minute consultation.
There are lots of ways to find out what other landlords are charging for properties similar to yours.

If this is the case, you must decide whether or not to raise a current tenant’s rent to match what a new tenant would pay to rent the same unit.
While you might find another tenant to pay the going rate, you run the risk of having the unit empty for a few months.
Communicate with your tenant about the increase in property values, and other understandable reasons, such as increases in taxes, maintenance costs or capital improvements to renovate the living space.
Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.
You can scour the classifieds in the newspaper, or you can check out any one of several websites that allow renters to search for rental properties.
Worse, you could end up with a bad tenant who doesn't pay the rent on time or who takes poor care of the property.
While the tenant will likely be unhappy with the increase, you can ease the tension with clear, professional communication. This is valuable research to do every now and then because it provides useful information about how much money you could be charging your tenants in rent and whether your current rents are too high or too low.
As his list continued to grow as the weeks went by his smile grew. Confidence comes from knowing who you are, what you want and being able to make it happen. It might not be worth the risk of losing that tenant by trying to collect a few hundred extra dollars. He is still the same person on the inside with the same qualities and same likes and dislikes but the way he has chosen to show up in the world has changed Joe is now allowing himself to show up differently in the world.
Most likely he’ll move forward and have setbacks as he exercises his new muscles of confidence and commitment.

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