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There is number of ways to increase your height.In those methods one of the is Scientific treatment & another is Homeopathic treatment.
Visit us know the proper ways to increase height through increase height pills, height supplements, tips and techniques.
This is not also a procedure that if you just want to get taller you can undergo Limb lengthening.
They must be ready for the painful recovery because they will be given minimal pain reliever.
This factor must be taken consideration before undergoing this procedure.After the patient has undergone physical and psychological evaluations they must be informed of the surgery that they will undergo.

If possible patient must be encouraged to have a positive attitude.During the surgery, the bones of the lower legs are being cut off and then set at a distance according to the desired inches to add.
Then an external fixator device will be place until the bone has generated and filled the gap between the two separated bones.During this period or as others called this the Lengthening period, the fixator will slowly be adjusted, about 1mm a day. This process will be continuously done everyday until desired additional length has been achieved.
Patients are strictly being on a wheel chair of on a bed because it is prohibited for them to bear any weight while on this phase.After the lengthening phase, the bones that has been surgically lengthened, it is time for the bones to strengthen.
Patient are still required to be on a wheel chair however, they are slowly and carefully introduced in to small and short steps.

Patients must undergo physical therapy.Physical therapy will take about one or two years depending how the patients are recovering. This is because anti inflammatory and pain reliever medications are given limitedly for it will disrupts the growth of the new grown bones.This procedure is very delicate and complicated both surgery and the recovery period.
So if you are thinking to undergo Limb Lengthening procedure just to increase your height, think again and be sure that you can endure the whole procedure.If you are unsure of undergoing Limb Lengthening procedure, try Grow Taller 4 Idiots.

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