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Biotin can be found in a wide range of foods such as peanuts, egg whites, egg yolk, green leafy vegetables, Swiss chard, etc. One must be careful while consuming Biotin supplements as over usage of Biotin supplements can cause serious health issues and also pose certain side effects. Biotin does not help to make hair soft and smooth but it definitely promotes hair growth and adds volume to your hair. Thankyou so much for this article… I am struggling from hair thinning issue and was thinking to try biotin but was hesitant in trying. To sum it up, he experienced hair regrowth after applying aloe vera gel once a day and washing his hair with 2% ketoconazole shampoo three times a week.
YES on treating general hair loss: In the same thread, another guy shared a separate success story with Aloe Vera.
YES on treating Alopecia Areata: In this forum, he talks about how Aloe Vera has helped him to regrow hair in his bald spots. We all have also tried various methods like oiling our hair regularly, incorporating natural ingredients in hair masks, changing shampoos and conditioners to achieve healthy and thick hair.

Biotin supplements are also available in the market but they should be consumed only on doctor’s prescription. I decided to post this story here, because the treatment he used can be easily found and above all, doesn’t cost much.
Unfortunately, some of the photos he originally posted are no longer available on the forum. It is an FDA-approved medication and depending on the dosage, you can either get it from over the counter or by prescription (if you need stronger dosages).
After applying the Aloe gel to the affected areas for five to six months, he said that fine hairs were filling in those spots.
However, based on reading the rest of the replies posted and their reactions to the photos, I believe the progress of his hair regrowth was very noticeable. If you can’t find it at your local store, you can also buy whole aloe plants from places like Home Depot. They removed harsh chemicals from the formula including SLS (the Nizoral shampoo listed SLS as the third ingredient).

His attempts trying various treatments (Minoxidil, etc.) didn’t do much to control his shedding hair. Cut the leaf into smaller pieces (1-2 inches) using a sharp knife and keep them in the refrigerator. Also, they added other hair growth compounds such as caffeine, saw palmetto extract, niacin, and lecithin. But when he tried the aloe vera gel on his scalp for about two months, he noticed decent hair growth approximating 10-15%. Worse case, you can buy pure aloe gel products, but they may not have the main active ingredient that helped him grow his hair back.

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