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I am eighteen now. This hair growth journey has been started before a year when I was seventeen. I already knew that it might be the side effect but still, I said sorry to my skin and continued the biotin treatment. Egg white is full of protein and it really helps with improving the health and shine of your hair. I am sure that I will follow this egg technique hereafter too but with a little alteration. If you want long hair, then stop using hair dryers, straighteners, blow dryers and curlers very often.
Maintain your hair and scalp clean all the time and at the same time, keep them moisturized. If someone tells you that your hair will grow very long if you trim it, shout that’s a myth!
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It is not that I have done hair straightening (I have virgin hair!) but the good (Read ‘better!’) hair regime made changes to my hair and I am happy for that now!

If you are interested in getting it, go through this POST for product details, price, ingredients, method of payment etc. They don’t affect your hair growth in a direct way, but of course they cause dandruff, root weakness and many other hair problems which result in hair breakage, hair fall and hair thinning. I was sitting at home and blogging the whole year without going to school (Yeah I did my schooling in corres due to full time blogging!) so it was possible for me. Scalp is more prone to dirt, sweat, infections and many more things which can affect our hair growth. So let me finish the post with few little hair care tit bits from my hair growth experience. Your hair grows from the root and how could it affect your hair growth positively if you trim the ends?
From my experience with beauty blogging, I got to know that clearer skin and longer hair are what people wish for! The difference between last year and this year in my hair growth is not that huge but still, I wanted to share my hair growth story, experience, regime and photos with you all as per readers’ request!
I will list now what all I did to my hair and what changes I made to my hair care regime to promote hair growth in this one year. After consulting with my physician, I got a pack of H-Vit biotin and started taking it everyday.
I took biotin supplements for one month and I could notice a lovely change in my hair texture. Though it is just a food supplement, I am in no away recommending you to take biotin pills without asking your doctor! Our oil works best to stop hair fall, eliminate dandruff (if any) and stimulates scalp for newer and thicker hair growth.

If your hair falls more than it grows, then how is it possible for your hair to get longer?
These hair care tips will really be helpful to you if you are person who is wishing to grow long and healthy hair. If you have split ends, trim them and maintain your hair healthy but never ever trim good health hair if you want long hair! I would say, the egg routine really worked for me like a magic to grow out my hair longer and stronger! Better wear a cap, a scarf or a helmet while riding bike to protect your hair from direct sunlight. My interests are blogging, cooking and I love taking care of my skin and my classic length hair! If I had taken them, I am sure my hair would have grown at least an inch more than how long it is now. Good sleep, stress free life and happiness are 3 keys to grow your hair longer in few days! But eggs never helped me gain weight ?? Instead, they all went to my hair as protein and did magic to it. The oil I used (I am still using it!) was our homemade product ??  It contains a unique herbal formula. Hence, even though I experience mild hair fall, due to the speed of my hair growth, my hair grows longer.

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