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Wikipedia doesn't say which culinary Einstein first slathered toast with fresh avocado, but we do know that restaurant variations on the concept popped up on the West Coast last yeara€”then reached self-actualization in 2014 at The East Pole in New York City. Craft Distillers offers everything from vodka and gin to grape brandy, but it's in the barrel-aged cocktails that the company shines. You have your sexy (environmentally tenuous) fisha€”your tunas, your salmons, your branzinia€”and then you have your trash fish. Thank you for upgrading the workday lunch salad from begrudged obligation to so damn delicious that we don't (completely) mind spending half our break in line. DayTime packs in pounds of dank, resinous West Coast hopsa€”grown fresh in Washington Statea€”but a light body keeps it brisk, not blazing. A pale ale via the South Seas, with tropical-fruit-basket flavors from hip new hops shipped all the way from New Zealand. Filtered through a bed of hops, slow-drip-style, like your favorite lovingly roasted espresso. After decades of being mocked by the West Coast, New York City may actually be having its first real moment with Mexican food. While we plebes graze on the usual greens, great chefs are hunting down unsung vegetablesa€”like these fivea€”to take center stage on our plates this fall.
Boring old cayenne from a plastic shaker is no way to turn up the temp on a home-cooked meal. BjornQorn uses a solar kettle to pop its popcorn, and those slightly crunchy vibes continue when you check the ingredients list: corn, safflower oil, salt, and yeast.
The craving for dried animal flesh is strong in any man, which is why we've all had dark moments surrounded by empty bags and ailing from jerky jaw. Mankind has struggled to formulate the haute hot dog, futilely stuffing casings with foie gras, truffles, Brie, and other far-fetched foods. It starts with the basicsa€”bread, avocadoa€”then gets piled with peekytoe crab, herbs, and a lime mayo. They've existed for decades, but this new generation comes from some of the best minds ever to practice the boozy sciences.

The Brandy Manhattan is a sweet and oaky argument for ditching the usual bourbona€”so good you'll try (and fail) to mix one yourself. Now you can sample the work of its madman bartender, Charles Joly, the guy behind Crafthouse's trifecta of bottled classics. Thank you for seasonal produce, that lime-cilantro-jalapeA±o vinaigrette, and not chopping the salad into some kind of lettuce sluice for the Fixodent set.
For years, brewers out-hopped one another in an arms race of double, triple, and imperial IPAs, all with absurdly high alcohol-by-volume numbers and terrible-pun names. Louis-based Schlafly uses the kind of high-strength hops that give imperial pales their paint-thinning punch, but adds them late in the brew for just a hint of peppy spice.
At The Black Ant, chef Mario Hernandez's alegria de camarones is one of the best dishes we ate all year, its shell-on shrimp perfectly tender.
Especially when Lior Lev Sercarz, owner of New York spice emporium La BoA®te, has two new ways to add both burn and nuanced flavor. Brooklyn Biltong, a tender South African-style beef jerky, is a little lightera€”closer to prosciuttoa€”and less shellacked with salt and pepper. At Blue Hill at Stone Barns, outside New York City, chef Dan Barber has triumphed by emphasizing minimalism. The Southside, all pure cane sugar and fresh lime juice, only needs a few ice cubes before it becomes the perfect boozy-afternoon drink.
But that's not stopping chefs from going crazy with ita€”in a delicious way, but maybe in a fall-of-Rome kind of way, too. And they deserve more respect, because, as chefs realize, they can be just as eye-opening as anything with a fake Italian name. It's only cocoa beans and sugar, but it tastes like a thousand little things, changing from ginger to dark-roasted peanuts, with jasmine tea on your breath afterward.
Welcome to the age of rebooted snacks that use real ingredients to attain Pringles-level addictiveness without leaving you in a sweaty, post-gorge malaise. His hot dogs incorporate pork scraps (from perfect pigs) as well as homegrown beets (from superb soil) that endow the dogs with a reddish hue and chin-dripping juiciness.

Balena, in Chicago, gently melts uni into a sauce for squid-ink pasta, while Aubergine in Carmel, California, sets uni on top of savory, milky panna cotta. Plenty More, the 156-recipe follow-up to Israeli-born chef Yotam Ottolenghi's all-fruits-and-vegetables (but not gratingly vegetarian) cookbook-cum-gospel Plenty, arrives just as the rest of us are finally ready to accept his teachings.
Corey Lee, of San Francisco's Benu, tops delicate celery shavings with a rich peanut puree and chewy caramelized anchovies.
Despite being 90% dark chocolate, there's none of that how-bitter-can-I-handle-it machismo.
Here's a six-pack of beers you can drink all day Sunday and not hate yourself come Monday.
Everything is housemade, including the bun and the pig-blood ketchup, which isn't among the fifty-seven varieties offered by Heinz. Namely, that eating well and eating (burp) well have never been more drool-inducing or doable in your own home.
At Aldea in New York, George Mendes highlights sardines' fattiness with the lightest vinegar marinade and some seasonal extras. No judgment if you curl up on the couch with a bar and a bottle of red to enjoy a little you time. Sometimes, after a year of dining too well and too often, a man can find happiness by taking a big bite from a hot dog. And Chris Shepherd, of Houston's Underbelly, always stocks the menu with a bycatch dish.
We're officially speeding toward the uni-makes-everything-better zone, at which point it will be cast out like cupcakes, bacon, and every other saturation-point food.

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