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During Sugar's party, she introduces her special guest, Blaine, who makes his first appearance after his injury from Sebastian in Michael and dedicates the song to "all the lovers in the room." The New Directions and everyone else seems to be enjoying themselves during the number. Wonderland Magazine Photoshoot #2 CoryMonteith Wonderland Magazine Photoshoot #1 Naya Rivera Season 3 Promo Lea Michele and Cory Monteith's Teen Vogue Cover Shoot Glee Cast Yearbook Photos!

It is sung by Blaine, Brittany, Kurt, Mercedes, Rachel, and Sugar with the rest of the New Directions providing backing vocals. Rachel & Kurt Kevin on Zoey 101 1x14 Hell-O stills Emma Pillsbury Fantastico Glee's Picutre Glee Wallpaper Matthew Morrison Photoshoot, Parade Glee Cast Wallpaper cute!

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