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It has always been the desire of many car enthusiasts to own a professionally designed head unit with the best features that will make it stand out alone in the market. As the aftermarket head unit does not support fiber optic amplifier, so the fiber optic amplifier will not work with the new unit after installation, so what do i have to do?
Firstly, you can splice 8 speaker wires to connect your 8 speaker wires for each car door speaker directly to get sound and by pass the fiber optic amplifier, there’s a long cable with 8 speaker wires included in the pacakge. The other method is by connecting the head unit with another amplifier which is non-fiber optical. It turned out that the harness only powered a few of the speakers so i went to mercedes benzs startekinfo website and got the pin configurarion of the factory harness and i ended up having to cut the wires and rewire them to two 6channel amplifiers that were 600 watts.
About This BlogWe'd like to share with you valuable information about aftermarket head units, car DVD player, navigation system for BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Volkswagen, Suzuki, Mazda, Honda, Hyundai, Great Wall, etc, including installation details, buying guide, frequently asked questions and answers.
Classification society DNV GL said it is establishing an LNG and Gas Consulting unit in Singapore. The unit will support the extensive development plans for a safe, secure and reliable gas and LNG infrastructure in Asia, according to a statement by DNV GL . It is estimated that USD 460 billion will need to be invested in South East Asia’s gas and LNG infrastructure by 2035 to meet energy demand.
The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore will be starting work on an LNG bunkering programme by early 2017.

SLNG is about to receive an LNG cargo from Indonesia for its third tank delivered onboard LNG carrier Wilpride. Singapore started its first LNG power plant in an attempt to curb its reliance on piped natural gas. The device can be voltage controlled via the SOM-5 controller or by RS-485 interface via the SOT-5 controller with the keyboard controller. Different vehicles have different dashboard so the aftermarket DVD GPS head unit is also different. With this solution you will not need to purchase another amplifier, just check a wiring diagram at the rear of the new DVD GPS head unit and then you can find out 8 speaker wires. There’s a lot of work to do for this, so you can try to take it to a professional car stereo shop to install for you. Front center, left front tweeter, left front midrange, right front tweeter, right front midrange, back left tweeter, back left midrange, back right tweeter, back right midrange, rear left tweeter, rear right tweeter, subwoofer. I did have to install a new amp, but it turned out be even better than the original in terms of audio quality.
While installation is also a little different, especially for these cars have fiber optic amplifier. I looked up from the original harness which wires went to which speaker and matched the front speaker wires up to amp1, then the rear speaker wires to amp2.

For example, if your car is 2007 Mercedes-Benz ML350 with harmon kardon sound system and fiber optic amplifier, this Mercedes Benz ML GL DVD GPS can fit your car, there are two different installation methods for you to choose. Elias, who is a professional installer and successfully installed this Mercedes Benz ML GL DVD GPS with another amplifier connected. There were also filters on each channel on the amps so for tweeters i only let the higher frequencies pass, the mids some of both and the subwoofer low frequencies. I luckily also have a mercedes benz star diagnosis unit and was able to reset my seat airbags. The driver and passenger seats both need to be removed to get to the factory amp and battery. The headunit has alot more functionality now though than the original and i can add devices easier and cheaper. I will be installing a rearview nightvision camera soon and it is much cheaper than the mercedes solution.

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