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If you would like to make an offer, click Enquire Here and follow the prompts on the displayed page to submit a bid or Buy It Now. If your offer is accepted by both parties or you have completed the Buy It Now process, you will receive a notification advising you of the next steps. The freeze applies to all federal workers, including civilian Defense Department employees, but does not apply to military personnel, government contractors, postal workers, members of Congress, Congressional staffers, or federal court judges and workers.
The pay freeze will not impact bonuses for federal workers or when a federal worker is promoted to a new level of pay, meaning federal workers promoted in the next two years will receive a new level of pay, but not receive any additional annual raises. The long-term savings and budget reduction come from lowering the government’s base compensation over the next two years. The government is projected to spend $457 billion on personnel costs in the 2011 fiscal year, according to the Congressional Research Service. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), whose district is home to thousands of federal workers, said he was pleased Obama instituted only a two-year freeze instead of the three years proposed by the Deficit Commission. Republican lawmakers, who support the pay freeze, have already introduced several proposals to cut federal pay and benefits and curtail the size of the federal workforce, including cuts to the government payroll through attrition or firing federal workers who fail to pay taxes.
I will continue to provide updates and the latest federal pay tables as new information is made available. The proposed 2011 federal pay raise was in line with President Obama’s budget request for 2011 civilian and military pay scale increases. The decision is expected to save the government about $2 billion for the remainder of fiscal year 2011 and $28 billion over the next five years, the White House said. The administration already has ordered a three-year freeze in non-defense and national security programs in Obama’s budget released Feb. The answer to this question directly affects millions of federally employed Americans and their families, who are paid based on the General or Executive Schedule. Current law requires a two-part GS pay adjustment in January each year with pay adjustments based on surveys conducted by the U.S.
101-509), pay for civilian federal employees is adjusted each year to keep the salaries of federal workers competitive with comparable occupations in the private sector. Step one is an annual increase that applies uniformly to all “white collar” federal civil service employees covered by the general schedule (GS) pay system, the foreign service pay system, and certain pay systems for employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs. It would be nice if the government and private companies would investing more, manufacture, build more products in this country.
I wonder why we have all this occupy movement on TV constantly even if six people show up when the Tea Party had limited media coverage and was in the thousands. Maybe we should do this so the goverment officials had to get a real job and see for themselves just how the middle and lower class workers have to live.

She must have a college degree to be an agent, so she is getting paid for her education, just like most jobs. This freeze would affect over two million federal government employees, and with inflation set to rise over the next few years the pay freeze essentially amounts to a pay cut for the next two years in real terms.
Obama made the announcement Monday because Tuesday is the deadline to set federal locality pay, or variations the government makes in pay and benefits based on geographic location. Obama has already frozen the salaries of top White House officials and top political appointees. The more common General schedule (GS) has 15 grades and 10 steps in each grade, and covers more than 400 occupations.
The annual increases in federal employee pay are based on changes in the cash compensation paid to workers in the private sector, as measured by the ECI. The second step comprises 31 locality-based salary adjustments that vary by geographic area. I also wonder why don’t any of these occupy people go to the super rich areas and do their thing in front of overpaid movie starts or Oprah Winfrey’s house, who makes sure she isn’t a full time resident of California to avoid paying taxes in California, maybe GE who paid no taxes but supported Obama. I get up monday through Friday and go to the same job and bust my ass for my pay to take care of the Veterans and active Duty personel, so for all of you who say what about the VETS- Well what about the Workers who take care of the VETS and Active Duty Personel?
I’m not sure of the payscale for Revenue Agents, but I also know they actually can put their life on the line.
What have you got against less government telling us what to do and more responsible spending?
2012 pay freezes will be proposed as part of fiscal 2012 budget proposals to be unveiled early next year. But freezing the salaries of all civilian workers is a much bolder step that will result in a big economic hit to the Washington region, which is home to more than 600,000 federal workers and their families. Earlier this year, the Senate Appropriations Committee passed the Fiscal 2011 Financial Services and General Government spending bill which included a 1.4% 2011 pay raise. See this article for details on the 2011 military basic pay rates, which are likely to increase by the same amount as civilian pay rates.
Under certain circumstances, the President may limit the annual increase in federal pay by executive order.
I am losing my faith in our country that’s suppose to be great especially in education (other countries are superceding us in almost all major areas). This is lower than the 2% raise in 2010, primarily due to the struggling economy and low inflation environment. Federal law also requires Social Security benefits and the pensions paid to retired federal employees to be adjusted for inflation each year.

Oh and by the way, at $6 per diem they would have only had to work 250 days a year to make $1500.
Yes, there are some over the top loonies, as with any group, but the basic concept is something I endorse. Like I said, everyone I know makes half of that and works hard for that money taking alot of abuse. Obama has increased our debt more than anyone and has gotten higher unemployment and our credit rating in the crapper all in just 3 years! There are some very good people in the federal government, but there are some really crappy people too. Yes, some employees do travel for training, but it is easier to train a whole bunch of people at one centralized location than to have, lets say, 15 separate classes all over the contry. I know I work my butt off, but I’ve seen some very lazy ones that give us all a bad name.
As I see it our president is still globetrotting and spending as much as fast as he can, so what good has the pay freeze done. If our leaders would just take some of the foreign aid money we give away and use it wisely in America, we would begin to see some economic growth. Is that what you called the 8 years of bush conservatism, cutting spending, decreasing the budget? Keep taking from the working man and there will be less spending, with less spending there is less growth, with less growth there is less jobs.
The issue with you idiots is that you hide behind idealogy that is tied to seperatism and isolationism. You must first admit the truth, and if anyone calls themselves a conservative, not to mention a so called christain, should be stoned. But folks like you give Bush and his congressional hypocrites a pass in not lowering the debt prior to Obama and not grow it. Take a look at the data and decisions of the republicans when they held the white house, from Reagan to Bush.
Oh, I almost forgot about the surplus after Clinton, but I almost forgot the republicans will take credit for that, right.

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