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The International Maritime Organization has amended SOLAS with a requirement for shippers to obtain and communicate the VGM of each packed container as a pre-condition of it being loaded on-board a ship. Along with the aviation and automotive industries, the shipping industry is facing increased scrutiny of its social and environmental impacts.
Small steps can climb the highest mountains, you just need to make the first move out of the box. The fossil fuel lobbyists portray renewable energy as costly and erratic.The eco-lobby extreme wing, would like to turn off all coal-, oil-, and gas-powered plants virtually overnight. The first combined DQS Certificate in the fields of quality, environment, occupational health & safety awarded to GL Group. The GL Group has received a combined certificate of compliance with the BS OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards after successfully passing an integrated management system audit conducted by the German certification body DQS.
GL provides classification, verification and engineering consulting services to the maritime, renewables and oil & gas industries. As one of the largest inland vessel management companies in the United States, Inland Marine Service (IMS) offers services to keep vessels crewed with seasoned, highly skilled mariners.

Inspectors of Lloyd’s Register are optimising inspection regimes thanks to their accredited status using the OVID web based inspection tool to reference inspection reports.
Classification society Lloyd's Register has bestowed the "ECO Notation" designation on the new Carnival Vista, marking the first Carnival Cruise Line ship to achieve this distinction.
Our company is the one of bigest online store of Computer Store, Accessories, Toys, Mini Choppers in Latvia, and we are very interested in your production, to sell it in Latvia. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Description GL Group consists of three major business fields: ship classification, oil and gas, and renewables. GL Industrial Services - Advice and consultancy in assisting energy and water companies improve their performance, operational efficiency, customer service and regulatory compliance. A commercial ship operating entirely without emitting any SOX, NOX, particulate matter or greenhouse gases is a vision that sounds too good to be true. A growing offshore installation market boosts the demand for innovative offshore service vessels.

DNV GL Group will be organized as a Norwegian limited company with headquarters in Høvik, Norway. The Group is the first technical advisor for assurance, consulting, classification and certification to receive such a combined matrix certificate. Germanischer Lloyd AG - Stellt sie GL-Gruppe vor und nformiert uber Dienstleistungen fur Schifffahrt und Industrie. The Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, has finally been ratified, meaning that there are fewer than 12 months until all ships that require a Maritime Labour Certificate must be certified.
But surprisingly, it is entirely possible to build such a ship relying on existing technology.

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