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Below is a unique image of the Reinforced safety cage body structure with over 62% use of High-Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) Steel with ultra high-strength steel in the B-pillars and rocker panels. BODY STRUCTURE, The unit body of the GL-Class uses advanced technology and robust materials to create a virtual fortress for its seven passengers. ACTIVE HEAD RESTRAINTS, In the case of a rear impact exceeding a preset threshold, the Active Head Restraints spring forward, reducing the distance between the head restraint and the front-seat occupants’ heads. SEAT BELTS, Seat belts are arguably the most important passive safety feature, so the GL incorporates seat belts with Emergency Tensioning Devices (ETDs) and adaptive belt force limiters at all outboard seating positions. Autosun - Car Body covers are mainly used to protect car from weather extremes fading away from sunlight scratching etc. Guidelines for rescue services are available in various languages as downloadable PDF files. For Mercedes Benz GL-Class Car Body Kits B Style GL450 Body Bumper Kit, View GL450 Body Bumper Kit, JCSportline GL450 Body Bumper Kit Product Details from JC Sportline Auto Parts Ltd. It includes dual-stage front air bags, front and 2nd-row side-impact air bags and full-length window curtain air bags.
This action helps limit the rearward travel of their heads, thus reducing the possibility of whiplash-like neck injuries. In the event of a collision exceeding a preset threshold, the ETDs use a pyrotechnic charge to instantly remove slack from the seat belts. Even in the standard version, this vehicle really packs a punch in terms of power and space.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
Therefore, polyurethane has been widely adopted by internationalautomobile factories as the best materials for car body kits.

When combined with properly worn seat belts, they help to protect outboard occupants from head injury and broken glass in certain side impacts or rollovers. Full-width front and rear crossmembers, along with a reinforced floorpan and door sills, combine to provide protection in a variety of impacts.
This helps to more evenly distribute the forces between the seat belts and air bag (for front-seat occupants) and reduce the peak seat-belt forces on the occupant. Features Waterproof body covers are associated with many important features for better protection of the car vehicle. The above great features of polyurethaneautomobile body kits are much more superior to regular materials like PP fiber body kits. Advanced front and rear crumple zones progressively deform to help absorb the energy of an impact, while underhood components are staggered to help prevent them from stacking up in a frontal impact, thereby reducing the likelihood of intrusion into the cabin. An ellipsoidal front bulkhead helps channel some of the forces of a frontal impact under, over and around the passenger cabin. The GL class by Lorinser is a real SUV ? multi-talented with sporty and dynamic features.Top Class.
Our annual total exportation sum exceeds US$5000,000.We sell high quality products at reasonable prices without compromising our customer service. We'd like to introduce a thoroughbred SUV: Equipped with every conceivable comfort, just waiting to conquer the world. Some of it's important functions are: Protect the car against weather scrapes scratches and sun damage. Lorinser's aerodynamics features included in this exclusive vehicle turn the GL-class into a breathtaking automobile. The new Lorinser front fender with its striking air inlets on both sides ensures a visual performance that has no peer.

The package also includes Lorinser's lower suspension setting, which gives the GL class an even sportier look.
The lateral sillboard with its gill-like air inlets and the powerful 10 x 22-inch RS 9 light alloy wheels complete this vehicle's dynamic complexion.Pure Dynamism.
The appearance of the GL class has been improved by the addition of a spoiler with integrated fog turning light, a lateralsillboard and a powerful rear apron that indicates underclearance protection, all giving it an unmistakable look.
The trapezoidal and chromed end panels of the sporty exhaust system are also quite striking. The excellent driving features and spacious interior lend the GL class an air of luxurious comfort and tasteful elegance. The GL class by Lorinser has better performance and a more dynamic look than the standard version. This vehicle seamlessly marries the entirely new concept of a luxury SUV with Lorinser's sporty appeal.GL-orious choice.
Every model in the GL class can be individually equipped and enhanced according to the customer's specifications. In its 30-year history, Lorinser has already lent many models the right charm, both inside and out.
It doesn't matter whether it is leather interiors, carbon facing or added technical equipment ? a Lorinser customer is free to choose. That's because Lorinser's motto is: The satisfaction of each individual customer takes priority.

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