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Prices start rather north of what you might expect, from an eye-opening $214,900, but remember, this is about decadency and indulging.
With the white leather upholstery as fitted to this test vehicle, the interior is simply pristine. In the second row, guests are treated to their own dual-zone climate control with heated seats.
There are a number standard on-board gadgets and electronic conveniences with the flagship GL 63. The screen is operated via a mouse-type rotary controller which sits right where your hand rests from the centre armrest. In terms of build quality and fit and finish, all of the dials and readouts are made like precision instruments, with clear yet fine attention to detail.
If, for some reason, you require more space, the second row can be folded down too – electronically of course. From the moment you fire up the snarling, crackling, and downright sexy V8 engine, the GL 63 AMG exudes all kinds of exciting theatre. Probably the only time where the weight is noticeable, and where you may notice the simple laws of physics coming into play, is with the front end suspension. Tossing it through corners is where you appreciate the engineering that has gone into making sure such a monster handles like a proper AMG sports car. On the highway, the steering can be a bit touchy, requiring lots of minor adjustments to keep the vehicle on track.
Considering its 2560kg weight, the AMG six-piston front brakes do a highly commendable job of pulling the big Benz up time and time again. It’s a just massive get-stuffed SUV (you can use your imagination for a better phrase) that sticks its finger up at all of the sissy low-powered eco machines that are out there at the moment.
Porsche has captured the very essence of motoring with its back-to-basics limited edition machine. To ensure muscles bulge externally, not just under the bonnet, the G63 gets 23-inch twin-spoke black alloy wheels and yellow calipers. Brabus Mercedes C63 AMG G-WagonFancy TuningHere is a brand new kit from the Brabus tuning firm for the Mercedes G63 AMG G-Wagon luxury SUV. A new set of 23-inch twin-spoke alloy rims wrapped in high performance tires were installed on all fours. It’s matched up to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and a constant all-wheel drive system. There’s sports AMG bucket seats up front which can be adjusted electronically in an almost infinite number of ways.
We jumped in the back for a short drive and found them to be just as comfortable as the rear seats found in a regular mid-size sedan.
To name just a few of the highlights that stand out for us, the multimedia LCD interface with its 14-speaker premium stereo is just brillant. Here you can do everything from set up the dual massage seats, adjust the climate, adjust the audio, adjust the vehicle settings, and punch in navigation details for the GPS system. However, some of the plastics used on the instrument cluster seem questionably brittle, almost appearing like they were clipped into place.

With the third row seats upright, you are presented with more space than what is offered in a current Toyota Corolla hatch.
The driver is given three driving mode options to choose from, including comfort, sport, and manual, and two damper modes not including the adjustable air suspension. From the exterior, sure, it looks like a fairly stout SUV, but it reveals nothing on the kind of performance that lies beneath.
The juxtaposition is surreal as it doesn’t seem like a large vehicle like this will accelerate quite so hard. Body roll is minimal, partly thanks to the sports suspension with Active Ride control, which specifically counters body tip, while the dynamics of the steering and chassis seem to mesh harmoniously. There is some pedal drop after repeated abuse, but it’s expected on a large SUV which will probably spend more time on family getaways than out on a race circuit. The huge power reserves mean you can effortlessly chug up steep hills merely nudging 1800rpm, with a full car load.
He's obsessed with driving, having played with Matchbox cars until he was tall enough to drive a real one. I don't think you'll find too many people trading in their Toyota Prius for one of these.What does it say about me?That you had to sell your sports car when you started a family. This is the first time AMG has given the big GL a performance makeover and Australia is getting it at the same time as the rest of the world.What colours does it come in?All up there are 10 hues to choose from. This monster sports some cosmetic touches and a new lump of power under the bonnet, the 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8 used by the rest of the AMG family. The factory 5.5-liter bi-turbo powerplant has been boosted to 620 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque. It’s also the most expensive SUV and the heaviest passenger vehicle the company makes.
They feature electric headrests for those who can’t be bothered to move them manually, side bolsters that can be shifted up and down and in and out to hug you in laterally, as well as four different massage modes for ongoing pampering pulses onto your back as you drive along. The graphics are pin sharp and the usability is fathomable for even the most analogue of users. In the GL, the sensors do a good job of picking up the difference between a stationary object and a vehicle that’s moving slightly faster than you. Figures read 300 litres with all seats up, 1240 litres with the third row down, and a whopping 2300 litres with third and second rows folded down. If, for example, you direct the front end quite abruptly into a tight corner, the outfit remains mostly poised and focused.
After initially working as a mechanic, Brett earned a degree in journalism and entered media as an editorial assistant at Top Gear Australia magazine.
But now you're at that stage in life when you can afford to splash out on something fast but spacious.Who else is buying it?
Seven are metallic paints, which is included in the cost, plus two non-metallics which are no-cost options. Bone stock, these engines produce 544 HP and 760 Nm of torque, so the power difference will be noticeable. Final modifications to the Mercedes G63 AMG consist of the ride control comfort suspension kit and a valve controlled exhaust system.

To put the seats into a furniture context; they are likely to be more comfortable than your living room chairs. Mercedes-Benz has even gone to the length of fitting air-con vents in the ceiling for the second and third rows to ensure maximum comfort no matter where you are sitting. Fold the third row down, done electronically via a simple touch of a button (up and down), and you have an enormous flat bed of room to stow anything from skis to a full family’s worth of luggage. The only paint you've got to pay extra for is a€?Diamond White Bright Metallica€? which adds $1800 to the price.If it were a celebrity, who would it be?Greg Inglis. Big, intimidating but still very, very fast.Why would I buy it?For its breadth of capability.
The best word to describe it is relentless, churning through gear after gear like the tyres are on oil.
There are plenty of fast SUVs on the market these days but almost all of them are five-seaters.Will it let me down?Attention to detail is Mercedes' middle name. But they don't use it because Mercedes-attention-to-detail-Benz looks clumsy on a badge.Does it cost too much?Well it costs more than $200,000, so for most people that's a heck of a lot of money to spend on a car. It also comes with nine airbags, including curtain airbags that extended to cover the third row.Will it get me noticed?Not really, but not through any lack of trying. But the abundance of SUVs, particularly with big wheels, means it doesn't stand out from the crowd.How's the cabin ambience?It's typical Mercedes - which is both good and bad. The good is that it is comfortable and well laid out, and the alcantara wrapped steering wheel gives it a sporty feel.
The bad is that, despite the price, it doesn't feel very different (aside from the wheel) from the rest of the Mercedes range - like the C-Class.
Given the price I expected some more wow factor from the GL.Are the third-row seats fit for adults or just kids?They are capable of accommodating an adult in comfort.
And getting in and out is easy because the seats are electrically operated, so it's just the simple press of a button instead of fighting with handles and levers.What's the stereo like?Pretty special. A TV tuner and digital radio are also standard gear.Does it go?Faster than a car this big should.
On the plus side the brakes bite impressively hard.Can it go off-road?No, this is one of those SUVs that prefers life on sealed roads. Of course you could try taking it off the beaten track but you might scratch the 21-inch chrome alloys or hurt some of the low-hanging body panels.What about service stations?You'll need to make regular - and expensive - visits because it likes to drink premium 98-octane petrol. Given the fact the GL500 is $60,000 cheaper, offers the same practicality and is still very fast thanks to its 320kW V8 - I'd probably opt for it instead. Or one of the options below.What else should I consider?The next fastest true seven-seater is the Audi Q7 V8 TDI. If you don't need seven seats then there's the Range Rover Vogue SE with its supercharged V8.

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