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Bahauddin Zakariya University BZU Multan has invited applications for admission in different diplomas and short courses under distance learning scheme. Educational certificates, semester result and degree securing 50% marks in last examination. The application form is also available at Mian Jee Photostat, Near Chenab Chowk, Main Gate No.
The students will be taught through Learning Management System 5 days in a week and 2 days under Campus Management System.

Students awaiting result should get admission in any distance learning short course or diploma to improve their qualification. Interested candidates can apply for admission in any of the following BZU distance learning diplomas and short courses.
For further details about BZU admission 2016 in distance learning PGD & short courses see the newspaper ad below this post. University has also invited applications for admission in different BZU distance learning Bachelor and Master level programs.

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